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Happy Halloween! This blog post was originally published in 2014. It has been brought out of obscurity, dusted off, updated and re-published for your Halloween pleasure!

What to do when your dog alerts to a ghost.  Happy Halloween - here is a booootiful post sharing my experience when one of my dogs froze and started growling at a spot in the room, hackles up.  SCARY!!!!

I love this time of year because it’s suddenly okay to talk about our real experiences with the paranormal. Mostly, I roll my eyes at the ghost hunter shows or get excited about the latest Paranormal Activity movie. But I rarely admit that I believe in ghosts.  So I'm stepping away from my normal chatter about raw feeding and dog nutrition to chat about ghosts.  

Happy Halloween!

Do Dogs See Ghosts?

Last year, Sydney and I walked into the kitchen, and she stopped, her hackles raised, and she started a low growl while looking towards the sink/dishwasher area, stepped forward to block me and leaned into me, to push me back.

She was seeing a ghost. I didn't get freaked out because I'm no stranger to the paranormal.

I’ve always been told to ignore ghosts because to acknowledge them is to give them power. But what do you do when your dog sees a ghost? It’s hard to ignore Sydney when she’s snarling, growling and barking.

What I Did When My Dog Saw a Ghost

Relax – I took a deep breath and faced where I thought the ghost was standing based on Sydney’s reaction.

Address the ghost – I said “thanks for stopping by, but because of Sydney’s reaction, I need you to move on, you can’t hang out with us here.”

Pray – Years ago, I read a scary article about a woman who was attacked by an entity in a hospital room. She said “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and the attacked stopped. So I did the same.

Hope for the best – Sydney immediately calmed down and was acting like nothing happened. It was like I had woken up from a dream; it was hard to believe that anything was wrong. So I hope that I did the right thing.

What to Do if Your Dog Sees a Ghost

I reached out to Nicole Guillaume, psychic medium and tarot card reader of Guiding Echoes, to see what advice she’d have to offer…

Seeing a ghost can be just as terrifying for a dog as it can be for a human. Sometimes, the ghost might be someone your dog recognizes, or it could be a new energy that he is not familiar with.

How you respond to the ghost should be determined by how your dog is behaving towards it.

A few years ago, there was a ghost roaming my home. I was the first one to see him, and then my dogs began to see him too. This ghost was a lovely energy, and the dogs loved him. He seemed to enjoy their company too!

If the ghost in your home doesn't present a threat, and if the dogs seem to enjoy him, then let him stick around. Sometimes our dogs enjoy the presence of their unearthly friends. However, if having a ghost in your home bothers you, you can ask it to leave. Most ghosts (the friendly ones) don't mean you any harm, and they will move on if you ask them too.

However, if your dog begins to bark, growl, snarl or tries to hide from something invisible, then it is clear that you have a potentially dangerous entity in your home.

If this is the case, it is best to sage your home and ask a priest to do a house cleansing. If this doesn't work, you can look into different alternatives. (You can view my article “How To Get Rid Of Ghosts” for more information on this topic.)

~ Nicolle Guillaume, Guiding Echoes

You can order a sage kit online at; the following are the top products available at this time:

If your dog sees something in your home that terrifies him, then you may want to:

  • Let him outside in the backyard. This allows him to have his space and gets him away from the scary energy.
  • Take him for a walk. A breath of fresh air and a leisurely stroll throughout the neighborhood might help to lift his spirits.
  • Cuddle with him and give him treats. Reassure your dog that everything is okay and that he is safe with you. Let him know that he can depend on you to protect him.
  • Rehome him. I know this seems extreme, but if you are living in a haunted home in which you have chosen to stay, then that is a choice that may not be suitable for your dog.

Animals are extremely sensitive to energy. They can detect it easily than we can, and they can absorb it in stronger doses. If your dog is stressed out by the spirits in your home, then it is a good idea to find him a new safe home. One where he doesn't have to worry about things that go bump in the night.

What to do when your dog alerts to a ghost.  Happy Halloween - here is a booootiful post sharing my experience when one of my dogs froze and started growling at a spot in the room, hackles up.  SCARY!!!!

More Ways to Calm a Dog's Anxiety in the Home

  • Give your dog CBD oil. There are a lot of brands that people recommend and over the years, I've found that not everything that works for one dog works for another. Every dog is unique. Personally, I like IrieCBD, Canna-Pet Advanced, and CBD Distillery (I purchase the bottle for humans).
  • Add Ewegurt food topper to your dog's meals.  Ewegurt is a natural supplement made from sheep's milk that calms anxiety and fears in dogs. CLICK HERE to order Ewegurt for your dog.
  • Diffuse essential oils in the home.  To calm my dogs, I diffuse the following essential oils in our home because they offer a natural way to improve an environment and a mood by adding beautiful scents to the air.
  • Go for long walks.  An exercised dog is a happy and relaxed dog in my experience. Starting the day with a long walk (or a short walk in a new area) does wonders for my dogs. When I'm being very ambitious, I'll wrap up the day with a walk too. We sleep great whenever we have multiple exercise breaks in a day.

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