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About Keep the Tail Wagging

I became a dog mom in May 2010 when we brought home two puppies, Rodrigo and Sydney.

Kimberly Gauthier, Blogger, Author, Keep the Tail Wagging®
Kimberly Gauthier, Blogger, Author, Keep the Tail Wagging®

My interest in raw feeding began with a sick dog. Rodrigo had a list of health issues that lead his veterinarian to tell me that he’d live a short life. I wasn’t willing to give up on my dog and I spent my free time looking for a solution. I scoured the web, read books, connected with other dog owners, and even reached out to some holistic veterinarians. I found the community I didn’t know I needed. 

With Rodrigo’s health issues in mind – allergies, chronic ear infections, and digestive problems – I was searching for the answers. And my dog was counting on me to find them.

As I continued to learn more and more about the pet food industry and began implementing raw food at home, I joined a few raw feeding groups. The community I once felt I had, I no longer did. People were pushy, judgmental, and angry. I even got kicked out of a few groups for asking banned questions and sharing recipes that were deemed ‘dangerous.’ I loved what I was doing and better yet, my dogs loved what I was doing, so I thought…

…to hell with it and started Keep the Tail Wagging.

Through my own studies and personal experiences, I want to believe that raw feeding is the best option for all dogs. I continuously remind myself that reality isn’t perfect:

  • Raw feeding isn’t for every dog or human
  • I am not a holistic veterinarian or nutritionist
  • I only know my own dogs. I cannot assess other dogs.

So Keep the Tail Wagging is just what it should be. It’s my journey, my experiences, and my beliefs. I hope that my stories help others as they navigate raw feeding and the world of dog nutrition. Beyond my knowledge and experience, I hope to provide an aspiring raw feeder with the sense of community I so desired when I was first starting out. Your questions, comments, and concerns are safe here.

Playing with Scout - Keep the Tail Wagging - DIY Raw Feeding in Seattle
One of Scout's favorite games is tug-o-war with Puller rings.

The Dogs Behind the Blog

With the steady help of my better half, I’m raising 4 dogs – 2 sets of littermates, believe it or not. That is a whole other story. 

There are plenty of resources that will tell you that bringing home 2 puppies at once is a bad idea. Almost anyone can tell you that you’re in for a world of trouble. But, that’s me. I go into things wholeheartedly and fully prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I couldn’t have done it without my partner and without the help of an experienced, positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Even now, I continue to use some amazing local dog trainers on a daily basis. If I’m nourishing my dogs on the inside, why not provide them with healthy mental stimulation as well?

Life is all about balance after-all, and I think that I have a pack of well-behaved (most of the time), fun (all of the time), happy, and healthy dogs!

Kimberly Gauthier of Keep the Tail Wagging and her four dogs
From left to right: Scout, Sydney, Rodrigo, and Zoey

DIY Raw Feeding for Dogs

My adventure with raw feeding has been just that. I’ve experimented with different foods, new methods, and learned more about my dogs along the way.

Our dogs started off with Darwin's Pet in 2013. Since then, I have developed my own method of feeding that seems to fit my dogs best. I source the bulk of ingredients from a local raw feeding co-op.

My Raw Feeding Regimen:

  • 80% muscle meat
  • 10% bone
  • 5% offal (aka secreting organs like kidney, spleen, pancreas, brain, and testicles)
  • 5% liver
  • fermented vegetables
  • raw eggs
  • raw goat's milk
  • kefir

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Natural, Whole Food Supplements

Are you a supplement believer or non-believer?

I believe in supplements. Through the guidance of several holistic veterinarians and my own research, I’ve found a supplement regimen that helps to resolve my dogs’ various ailments. Some favorites include:

You can see a current list of the supplements I add to my dogs' raw diet on my Supplements Page.

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10 Random Facts About Kimberly Gauthier

I’m here to be a resource, a guide, a confidant, and a raw feeding friend. 

  1. I love Marvel comics, Star Wars, and other SciFi movies and television programs.
  2. I wanted to be a journalist when I was a kid.
  3. I once ran for 3 blocks to get away from a clown.
  4. Allergies sometimes conflict with my love of gardening.
  5. I believe in the Law of Attraction and Counting My Blessings.
  6. I am always reading (or listening) to a book or podcast.
  7. I find it impossible to remember names.
  8. My favorite food is fried catfish.
  9. I believe that we can learn a lot by watching The Real Housewives.
  10. I have daily dance parties with my dogs.

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