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This is a personal blog sharing my experiences feeding my dogs a raw food diet; I am not an animal nutritionist or veterinarian. Please do not use content on this blog to diagnose your dog.  Blog posts may contain affiliate links; please read my disclosure for more information.

7 Foods for Nearly Odorless Dog Poop

This is a sponsored post.   One of the benefits of raw feeding is smaller, less smelly dog poop.  Scout and Zoey's poop is the size of a cat.  Sydney's poop is bigger than Cosmo's poop, but it's still half the size of her poop when she was eating kibble.  Rodrigo...

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Top 3 CBD Oil Products for My Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is a hot topic.  I receive at least 3 emails weekly from brands who would like me to promote their CBD oils and treats for dogs and I've said "no thank you" each time because I have three products that work for my dogs and I don't need to try anything...

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Is My Cat Drinking Enough Water?

  Nearly every morning, Cosmo (my cat) jumps on the counter in the bathroom, walks to his sink and meows.  He's asking me to turn on the faucet.  I turn it on, he looks at it, sometimes he gets a closer look, he then jumps down and leaves the room. Whatever, Cosmo....

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Is it Fat Shaming if Your Dog is Fat?

  A couple of months ago, I attended an event with a friend, and we spent the day commenting on the number of overweight dogs walking by our booth. After six hours, I remember five healthy dogs, the rest were overweight, and most were obese. It was painful watching...

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