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I'm a proud Crazy Dog Mom first and a dog nutrition blogger second.  While I do occasionally provide sponsored content on this blog, I only work with brands that I buy products from regularly or I can see myself purchasing products from for my dogs.  Please do not take offense if I pass on an opportunity to write about your product.  I know my dogs, I know my audience, and I know what works for Keep the Tail Wagging®.

Keep the Tail Wagging® is a business, not a hobby, and like your business, I have overhead.  Please keep this in mind when you contact me about sponsored posts.  Thank you for respecting this important distinction.

Keep the Tail Wagging® is a personal blog, I do not accept guest blog posts or exchange links (paid or otherwise).


Sponsored Posts

All of my blog posts are optimized to improve my reach on social media and I continually update old content to keep it relevant for future searches.

Social Media

Blog posts are shared repeatedly on social media over 365 days to take advantage of my growing audience and improve my chance of getting new eyes on my content.

Recorded Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine and a valuable way to deliver content to your target audience. Check out my channel.

Advertising Space

CLICK HERE to select the details of the campaign they want to create, such as the length of the campaign, the target audience, and your budget.

I Do Not Accept Guest Posts

Due to the number of emails I receive daily asking me if I accept guest post opportunities, I feel the need to repeat that Keep the Tail Wagging® is a personal blog, therefore, I do not accept guest content; paid or otherwise.  In bold, y'all, so you know it's true.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Promotional opportunities include a 6-month sponsorship and 12-month sponsorship.  Blog posts are optimized for the longest search engine reach, using keywords and phrases that attract clicks.  They include professional images and will be promoted on all major social media channels.

Below are unique sponsorship opportunities that allow you to travel with me to events in the pet industry and include a series of blog posts about your brand, social promotion, and live social updates including sponsor thank you.

I support rescue and attend related events throughout the year and I'm looking for brands that would like to donate a product for Fresh Food gift baskets to encourage the winner to improve their dog's diet.  Contact me at kimberly@keepthetailwagging.com to learn more.

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About Keep the Tail Wagging®…

 Keep the Tail Wagging® became an authority in a rapidly growing niche in the pet industry by being one of the first to write consistently about raw feeding.  I used my platform to speak around the country, write books, host local workshops on blogging and raw feeding, and launch the annual event National Raw Feeding Week (the first week of April).

If you have an all natural product for dogs and you're interested in working with me or have any questions, please contact me to discuss opportunities.

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