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Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging, was featured in the 10/31/16 issue of First for Women Magazine


92% of my readers are women

14% are 25-34, 18% are 35-44, 23% are 45-54, 22% are 55-64, and 14% is over 64

82% of my readers reside in the United States

Top 5 Cities: California, Texas, Florida, UK, and New York (Seattle is in the top 10)

More than 50% of my readers have more than 1 dog


Newsletter subscribers: 2,607 (started new mailing list 1/1/2017)

Average monthly page views: 260,000

Average monthly users (# of unique visitors): 204,000

Top referring social media site: Facebook and Pinterest

Source: Clicky.com, August 2017

Facebook Analytics

Average post reach: 16,000

Average # posts clicked: 2,400

Source: Facebook.com, August 2017

Pinterest Analytics

Average daily impressions: 6,800

Average daily viewers: 4,200

Average monthly viewers: 203,700

Average monthly engaged: 14,100

The views pins from Keep the Tail Wagging get on Pinterest:

Average daily impressions: 8,300

Average daily viewers: 4,500

Source: Pinterest.com, August 2017


Facebook Page: 15,300

Facebook Group: 3,200

Pinterest: 4,200

Instagram: 1,700

Mailing List Subscribers: 2,600


Keep the Tail Wagging six-month and annual sponsorship packages that will allow me to consistently promote brands that I believe in and give top priority to my sponsors.  I do not accept unsolicited requests for product reviews.  Below is an example of a current package.

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Not ready for an annual sponsorship?  Sponsored posts on Keep the Tail Wagging reach an audience of over 100,000 visitors monthly and a growing mailing list.

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Limited availability. Contact me for details at kimberly@keepthetailwagging.com.  Please note, I do not accept guest posts.



Need a Professional Speaker?

I began public speaking to get over my fear of public speaking.  Before I addressed my first audience at Bloggy Boot Camp (hosted by SITS Girls in Las Vegas in 2012), I was visibly shaking.  And then I stood there and started talking and forgot to be nervous.  I had a blast.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of many groups, successfully bringing my joy and passion to every presentation, culminating in being invited to give the Keynote Address at WordCamp Seattle Beginner’s Edition in 2015.

CLICK HERE to learn more.


Coming Soon!

In April and May 2017, I will be hosting local workshops on raw feeding for dogs and blogging.  Stay tuned for announcements for dates and curriculum for:

  • Homemade Dog Food, April 1st and May 27th, 10 am – 1 pm, Rotary Ranch at Jennings Park 6915 Armar Rd.
  • Extra! Extra! Blog All About It, April 29th, 10 am – 1 pm, Rotary Ranch at Jennings Park 6915 Armar Rd.

I am a dog nutrition blogger with a healthy following of dog lovers who trust Keep the Tail Wagging. Dog lovers don’t base our dog’s health and diet on what a store claims because we think a store will say anything to attract business. My followers will, however, listen to my recommendations, because I only promote products that I believe in and use with my dogs.

If you’re interested in my service, what you need to know first is that I only partner with and recommend products that I believe will benefit my readers. If I deny your request, it doesn’t speak to the quality of your business, it simply means that I’m not a good fit for what you need.

If we are a good fit, a small fee will get you exposure and my trusted readers excited about what you have to offer.

Let’s create something amazing! Contact me today. I look forward to your email.

If you have an all natural product for dogs and you're interested in working with me or have any questions, please contact me at kimberlymgauthier@gmail.com or call me at (425) 320-6980.


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Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging in First for Women Magazine

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