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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Rodrigo rarely had a solid poop and always had gas, but I thought this was normal. He also had recurring ear infections and itchy paws; our vet said this was seasonal.  Rodrigo developed joint pain before he was two years old; our vet said his leg might need to be amputated.  And then his skin changed colors and he developed a righteous rash on his bag and I said, “enough is enough.”  I made one change to his diet and most of his health issues cleared up in a week.  ONE WEEK.  CLICK HERE to read more about my experience.

Resources for Dog Parents and New Raw Feeders

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Kibble Brand Launches a Raw Revolution

  This morning, a friend sent me a link to a blog post that is promoting Wellness CORE RawRev, a new food that I wrote about in March when I first learned that it would be hitting store shelves.  CLICK HERE to read my thoughts. "Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ is a brand...

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Random Question Wednesday

Random Question Wednesday is a feature in my Facebook group, the Raw Feeder's “Kicked Out” Club. Because the group guidelines state that we discuss raw feeding (and raw adjacent) topics only, Wednesday is a day when the floor is opened to everything.   We get...

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5 DIY Natural Cleaning Products for Raw Feeders

This is a sponsored post.   We have hardwood and tiled floors throughout our home that requires sweeping and mopping every other day.  Not long ago, I began adding hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to warm water and cleaning the floors and freshening up...

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My Response to the BBC Anti-Raw Video

BBC Radio Scotland recently shared poorly researched video about raw feeding created to frighten people away from feeding a species appropriate diet and sticking with the kibble food that is making our dogs sick.  CLICK HERE to read my response to Trust Me, I'm a Vet.


My Response to the Psychology Today Article

An article written by a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia has lit the raw community on fire, and we've all be participating in a collective eye roll all week.  What does psychology have to do with raw feeding?  I don't have a clue.  CLICK HERE to read my response to Dog Owners Are Wrong About the Health Benefits of Raw Diets.


A Reboot of Raw Feeding from A to Z

April 2017 marks four years feeding my dogs a raw food diet.  I've learned a lot over that time and will be re-writing my book, Raw Feeding from A to Z.  Like before, the book starts as a series of blog post during the month of April that will be edited and converted to an e-book (with loads of extras) available for purchase in June 2017.  CLICK HERE to follow along with A Reboot of Raw Feeding from A to Z.

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