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Last week, I ran into my veterinarian at the grocery store. I've known this woman for nearly 10 years and never knew that we both live in the same city (her practice is 2 cities south of us). It's a small world. Anyway, we got to gabbing and our conversation went to fake supplements on Amazon and she filled me in on a supplement that I give to my dogs!

Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) Plus MSM Chewable Tablets Joint Health Supplement for Dogs

I haven't purchased this supplement from Amazon in over a year because I found it locally at Costco – ON SALE! I purchased 9 bottles and Scout and Zoey are still working their way through those (Rodrigo and Sydney get WINPRO Mobility).

Why I Like of Cosequin DS Plus MSM

My veterinarian recommended Cosequin to me when she first saw Rodrigo and Sydney over a year ago. This is a stronger supplement than most, it's fast acting, and because it's a tablet, the dogs think it's a treat (so it must taste okay too). Sydney and Rodrigo were on this supplement, but I moved them up to WINPRO Mobility after trying it on Sydney last September.

Cosequin is also available at an affordable price. I've tried many joint supplements over the years and Cosequin and WINPRO Mobility have been my favorites for my dogs because of their effectiveness.

How to Tell if a Cosequin Supplement is Fake

The only way to tell if a supplement is fake is to call the manufacturer and ask if they sell on Amazon took down many listings of Cosequin, however, several listings remain so I suggest avoiding buying Cosequin (and other products sold by Nutramax) on Amazon.

In my research, I found posts where pet parents complained that the supplement stopped working for their dog and in one article, a dog became critically ill. According to Nutramax, the counterfeit supplements are made of a “starchy filler compound that is often used in pills, capsules, and other ingestible products.” The ingredients in the fake tablets vary from bottle to bottle.

The following is a list of UNAUTHORIZED sellers of Nutramax supplements:

  • Jiaxin doing business as Pegato Big Save LLC
  • Kaptan LLC doing business as Pets Care Center
  • Yuhua Yuan doing business as Pet Health Shop
  • Teng Rongting doing business as HUCrety
  • Liao Liangfa doing business as MNishanfk
  • Keke Ding doing business as Valentine-Goods
  • Kang Du doing business as Pet-healthline
  • HongJian Zhou

It's not easy to tell if a product is real or fake and if you suspect that you purchased a fake supplement, contact the
Customer Service Center of Nutramax at 1-888-886-6442 or

Where to Buy Cosequin DS Plus MSM

Many veterinarians carry Cosequin (that's how I was introduced to this supplement). You can also order it at the following physical and online stores.

From this experience, I've learned to be wary of supplements and other products sold on Amazon; especially anything that high a price point. Take the time to contact a company direction (through their website or social media page) to confirm that they sell through Amazon. Doing so will save you money and possibly a vet visit.

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