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I love dog beds. I truly do. Whenever I'm in a pet store, I will eventually find my way to a wall of dog beds. When I'm at Costco, I find myself trying to reason why we need another dog bed. And when I'm at home, I have to listen to my better half tell me that we have too many dog beds.

At last count, we have about 15 dog beds. Yeah, you read that right. FIFTEEN!

  • There are four in my office; three from Costco and one of those anti-anxiety beds that you may be wondering “do those work?” We stack the Costco beds on top of each other (two beds and then one bed with the anxiety bed on top) to provide more support as our dogs age.
  • Years ago, I received a couple of dog beds from a company that are currently stacked up on top of each other – again, to provide support.
  • There is one in the family room that Scout has claimed, it offers decent support. We have four raised dog beds in the garage.
  • There are two dog beds in the back of my car.
  • And we have two Big Barker Dog Beds.

Yes, I know it's ridiculous to have so many beds, but the dogs (yes, we only have four) use all of them. When they're not chilling on the furniture. But this post isn't about my crazy desire to own every dog bed in the city. It's about my favorite dog beds…Big Barker.

Why a Good Dog Bed is Important

When I'm shopping for a dog bed, my first priority is comfort and support. Rodrigo has arthritis in his front elbows and along his spine. After ten years, he's finally starting to slow down, but there are days when he tries to keep up with Apollo (two years old) and I know that he's going to feel that effort later. So having comfortable dog beds for him to rest on serves to support his joints, reduce pain, and help him rest comfortably.

Once that requirement is met, I need a dog bed that…

  • is a good size for our dogs
  • is easy to clean

Introducing Big Barker Dog Beds!!!

Big Barker dog beds are orthopedic dog beds that offer, in my opinion, the best support for dogs with joint pain, arthritis, and mobility issues. A study by Penn State showed that large dogs experienced less joint pain and improved mobility when resting/sleeping on Big Barker dog beds and I'm not surprised.

With proprietary, triple-layer foam support, dogs can rest comfortably without sinking to the floor. I can attest that these beds are soft, comfortable, and firm because I slept on them with Sydney during her last weeks before cancer took her away.

5 Reasons Why Big Barker Dog Beds Are Worth the Money

We've had Big Barker dog beds for close to four years. I received one in 2017 in exchange for my honest review and purchased a second the following year. I knew about Big Barker for years but didn't want to spend hundreds on a dog bed; I didn't think they were worth the price. I was wrong.

I wanted to write an update about the beds and share my experience with Sydney and our Big Barker dog beds, but I couldn't make it past the title. The idea of adding images of my girl was too heartbreaking until now. But I want to share how special these beds are to me in case someone is reading this who has a dog with mobility issues and is wondering “are Big Barker dog beds worth the money?”

1 – Big Barker Dog Beds are Comfortable

As I shared above, I slept on the dog beds many nights in Sydney's final weeks. We'd cuddle up together and I'd sleep peacefully through the night with her. I live with a back injury, so sleeping low to the floor shouldn't be comfortable – it was with these beds. Sydney, who had mobility issues, was able to stand quickly and easily when she slept on one of her Big Barker beds.

2 – Big Barker Dog Beds Come with a Warranty

This is cool! Big Barker guarantees that their beds won't flatten out in 10 years. How many brands offer a 10-year warranty? Our dogs lay on our beds daily and they are in the same condition that they were in when we received them. I can't imagine needing this warranty, but it's nice to have just in case.

3 – Big Barker Dog Bed Covers Match the Decor

Our Big Barker beds are in the living room, which is decorated in earth tones and the beds look gorgeous in here. I love having four big dogs and I'd love more – I don't love having a house that looks like we have four big dogs. Big Barker dog beds blend well into our home and the company offers covers in various colors if we'd like to change it up.

4 – Big Barker's Large Dog Beds are HUGE

We purchased two extra large dog beds thinking that this was the size we needed (it's what we'd need if I purchased dog beds at the pet store). Nope! An extra-large dog bed has plenty of room for me and a dog or two dogs. But, mostly, the dogs stretch out comfortably on their beds and I love it.

5 – Big Barker Beds are Easy to Clean

We purchased a waterproof cover for both of our beds, which keeps the foam dry and clean. We vacuum the cover a couple of times a week and I wash the beds every other month (or when needed). The covers are easy to clean; just toss the cover in the wash. Our covers haven't changed in color over the years of usage and washing.

Plus, you can order a liner to protect the interior from wet dogs or accidents.

Would I Buy a Third Big Barker Bed?

In my dream of dreams, I'd replace the rest of the beds with Big Barker dog beds, but that's way too expensive for us, but I think we'll invest in a third bed someday. My experience with Sydney showed me how important comfort is for our dogs and I'd like to add a Big Barker bed in my office, which is where I work and the dogs like to hang out. Although Sydney is no longer with us, we still have a senior dog in the house with arthritis – Rodrigo. So I think I'll get a large dog bed for him.

If you've been looking at the Big Barker dog beds and wondering if you should make the investment, I say “go for it!” All of our dogs sleep on the beds and find them comfortable, I find them comfortable. They were a great investment for us.

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