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Sydney is relaxing on her Big Barker Dog Bed

Sydney is relaxing on her Big Barker Dog Bed


I first learned about Big Barker dog beds a few years ago and laughed at the price.  $300 for an orthopedic dog bed?  Please.  I can make a memory foam dog bed for less than $100 and I set out to do just that!  I made two large dog beds for Scout and Zoey for $80 each.

  • 2-3 inches of high quality memory foam ordered from a local mattress store
  • waterproof liner by Molly Mutt
  • dog bed cover by Molly Mutt

It was easy and those dog beds are still in great shape today.  However, when you set one next to a Big Barker dog bed, it's easy to see the difference.

Comparing the Big Barker Dog Bed with My DIY Dog Bed

Comparing the Big Barker Dog Bed with My DIY Dog Bed


  • the Big Barker dog bed is more than 2x the size of my DIY dog bed.
  • the Big Barker dog bed has memory foam that is 2x as thick as my DIY dog bed.
  • the Big Barker dog bed holds its shape even when Sydney and I are laying on it together.
  • the Big Barker dog bed comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • the Big Barker dog bed comes with a headrest (optional).

The only thing my DIY dog bed has in common with the Big Barker dog bed is that they're both Made in the USA.

If I were to attempt to make a DIY version of the Big Barker dog bed that Sydney enjoys, it would cost me more than $500 because I'd have to buy twice the amount of memory foam and have the cover and waterproof liner custom made.  Yikes!

Why This is a Biased Review

I will be honest and say that although I poo-poo'd Big Barker dog beds as over priced, I secretedly wanted one.  I really really wanted one.  And lately, I've been seeing their Facebook ads daily so when I received an email offering us a free dog bed for Sydney, I was over the moon.  And when it arrived, I immediately fell in love with it and Sydney hadn't checked it out yet.  So, yes, this review is biased.  But it's also honest.

Pros of a Big Barker Dog Bed

The reason I have attitude about expensive dog beds is because I've been suckered into making the investment only to come home to a dog bed in shreds because it couldn't stand up to playful dogs or the “memory foam” lost shape in less than a couple months.  So whenever I see an expensive dog bed, I roll my eyes and say “yeah, right.”

But Big Barker is the real deal.

6 weeks ago, I was in a car accident.  Traffic on the freeway had come to a stop and the person behind me didn't notice until right before he slammed into the back of my car.  I received whiplash and I'm still in pain daily despite pain medication, muscle relaxers, and weekly therapy.  Laying on Sydney's  Big Barker Bed while watching TV, reading a book, or just cuddling with one of my dogs is my new favorite hobby.  This bed is more comfortable than our sofas and we have nice furniture.

I love our Big Barker dog bed because…

  • It's huge and there's plenty of room for me and Sydney (or one of the other dogs).
  • It's comfortable and doesn't lose shape no matter how many of us pile onto the bed.
  • You can't feel the floor when you're laying on it.
  • Sydney has better mobility after a nap on this bed.
  • The cover hides the drool and does a fantastic job of hiding dark dog hair.
  • It's stylish and looks great in our living room.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Big Barker offers a payment plan.

Sydney's Mobility and How Big Barker Helps

Sydney has joint, back, and hip issues that were caused by a year of compensating after a partial cruciate tear.  Although her leg has healed (thanks to acupuncture and laser therapy), she still has bad days.  I put her on a diet, created a joint supplement regimen that works for her, and I feed her a raw diet that has fewer inflammatories to aggravate her joints.

She was sleeping on a bed from Costco and she loves her bed.  It took some coaxing to get her used to the Big Barker bed.

  • I removed her old bed and donated it to rescue (it was still in great condition).
  • I placed the Big Barker bed in the space where her old bed lived.
  • I would lay on the bed (she loves to cuddle).

It didn't take long and by the end of the first day with the bed, she was growling at Scout who DARED lay on her bed.  Then she humped the air around him and walked off – I guess she told him.  Each night, I began noticing her move to her bed to lay bedtimebed time.  And each morning, I noticed that she'd get up and walk on all four legs to greet me and walk outside for a potty.  Before the Big Barker, it took her a bit to become comfortable putting weight on her leg.

So I'm in love with this dog bed.



Cons of the Big Barker Dog Bed

The only con that I had with the Big Barker dog bed was that it didn't come with a waterproof liner, something that is necessary.  We live in the Pacific Northwest where we're having record rainy days – yes, us and it sucks.  And we live on a property with several ponds and a dog that loves to swim and come inside for a nap – where?  On Sydney's Big Barker dog bed.  Her NEW Big Barker Dog Bed!!!

But I was going through the paperwork and found that there are waterproof liners.  They're $80 and I ordered one immediately!  So SCORE!!! My “con” was resolved with a few clicks of the mouse.

Big Barker dog beds are the only therapeutic dog beds that hold their shape, are stylish and comfortable, and truly support dogs with arthritis.  I feel that this dog bed will help Sydney heal more quickly than diet and supplements alone.


A Collage of Our Dogs Laying on Sydney's New Big Barker Dog Bed

Although this is Sydney's bed, Scout likes it too.


Choosing the Right Big Barker Dog Bed

Visit today to see the options available to you.  When choosing your dog bed, you'll want to consider what your dog needs, your dog's habits, and your budget.

What My Dog Needs

Although I could have gone with a smaller dog bed, I know that Sydney loves to stretch out on her bed and I love to cuddle with her so I purchased a bed that would be big enough for both of us.  Also, Sydney loves to cuddle with pillows.  We have throw pillows on our sectional that we bunch up at the end because she loves to sleep on them – it didn't take her long to figure out the use of the headrest – like 5 minutes.

  • Choice: an extra-large bed with a headrest

My Dog's Habits

When Sydney drools at treat time.  And there are new dribble spots on her bed daily.  I love the burgundy, but it doesn't work with our decor.  The chocolate would have blended well with our decor and hid the dark dog hairs, but the khaki would hide the drool spots.  Now that we've had the bed for a couple weeks, I'm happy to say that the khaki also hides the dog hairs too.  We vacuum it when we vacuum the area rugs so it stays clean.

  • Choice: khaki

My Budget

We received our bed for free in exchange for an honest review.  However, I purchased a waterproof liner with my money.  When compared with other therapeutic dog beds that I would need to replace every 6 months, I have thrown away the price of one of these dog beds at least twice in the past two years.  It can be tough parting with $200 – $300 on a dog bed, which is why I like that Big Barker offers a payment plan.


A Collage of Our Dogs Laying on Sydney's New Big Barker Dog Bed

A different dog is on Sydney's Big Barker dog bed every day.


Why Big Barker Dog Beds

Eric Shannon, the genius behind Big Barker, created this bed for his dog, Hank, after a diagnosis of early hip dysplasia.  The options were surgery or…

“Do everything possible to keep stress off his hips. BE VERY careful with exercise. Keep his weight down. And keep him from sleeping on hard surfaces.”

This is exactly what Sydney's vet told me.  Sydney is on a diet and slowly losing weight. She has daily light exercise to keep from re-injuring her leg, and although she loves her Costco dog bed, it didn't provide the support she needed to help her recover.  Reading the story of Hank and how Big Barker came to be made me value these beds even more.

Within days, I saw a difference in Sydney's mobility and others have remarked on the difference as well.  She's more playful, we have to slow her down when she decides to run or chase her siblings, and she's walking a lot farther.  She still sleeps on the floor and on other beds from time to time and I notice a big difference when she stands – so I'm encouraging her to choose her Big Barker bed, and the longer we have it, the more it has become her first choice.

I wish I would have invested in one of these beds two years ago.

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