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A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils and I became hooked simply because I love smelling pretty things. 

I primarily use essential oils to elevate my mood, ward off anxiety and depression, and make the house smell nice.

As a dog mom, I also use essential oils with my dogs.  I make products and I use one brand (formulated by a veterinarian) therapeutically with my dogs.

So, am I alone?  Are you obsessed with EOs too?

A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils years ago and I immediately became hooked. I love things that smell pretty and I primarily use essential oils to make the house smell nice, to ward off anxiety and depression, and improve my mood.

When it comes to essential oils and my dogs and cat, I have no idea what I'm doing and, to be honest, I'm not really interested in learning a lot at this time because I only use essential oils in the diffusers and to make products (personal roller balls, cleaning products, paw balm, coat freshener, and dog shampoo). I'm nervous about using essential oils on my dogs because they can be dangerous and cause injury if you don't know what you're doing, so before I start putting them directly on my dogs, undiluted, I need to take a course and I haven't found one that I trust yet. Which leaves one option for this pet parent – animalEO.

When it's just for me and a few diluted products I make for my dogs, I have found two essential oil brands that I trust. After using Young Living for a few years and getting royally screwed by that company (I still love their Thieves household cleaner), I now use oils from Plant Therapy and Simply Earth. There are loads of quality brands out there, I'm sure, but these two brands have never let me down and I trust their quality and love their customer service. And because I love them so much, I kind of have an addiction and I thought it would be fun to go through my oils and share a list of all that I have. I knew I had a lot, but damn.

I use the Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals by Dr. Melissa Shelton to learn more about oils and to confirm that an essential oil is pet safe before adding it to a product that I'm creating for them.

My Essential Oil Collection

  1. The 70s
  2. A+ Attention
  3. Ajowain Fruit CO2
  4. Amyris
  5. Anise
  6. Anti Age
  7. Appreciation
  8. Aroma Boost RTU (animalEO)
  9. Away RTU (animalEO)
  10. Balance
  11. Balsam Fir
  12. Beauty Within (Simply Earth)
  13. Bergamot
  14. Organic Black Pepper
  15. Blues Buster
  16. Bouquet
  17. Breath Easy (Simply Earth)
  18. Buddha Wood
  19. Bug Fighter (Simply Earth)
  20. Bumps & Boo-Boos (Simply Earth)
  21. Butterfly Lily
  22. Candy Cane (Simply Earth)
  23. Carrot Seed
  24. Cassia
  25. Cedarwood
  26. Celebrate Collection (Excite, Jubilation, Revere)
  27. Chamomille Roman
  28. Cherry Cordial
  29. Chocolate Truffle
  30. Cinnamon
  31. Cinnamon Bark
  32. Cistus
  33. Citronella
  34. Citrus Burst
  35. Clarity
  36. Clary Sage
  37. Clear Skin (Simply Earth)
  38. Clove
  39. Confident K9
  40. Copaiba
  41. Coriander
  42. Cypress
  43. Cypress (Simply Earth)
  44. Dai Dai Flower
  45. Damiana
  46. Decalepis Hamiltonii Absolute
  47. Deodorizing
  48. Delight
  49. Digest (Simply Earth)
  50. Digize
  51. Douglas Fir
  52. Elemi
  53. Endoflex
  54. Energy
  55. Energy (Simply Earth)
  56. Eucalyptus Blue
  57. Eucalyptus Globulus
  58. Eucalyptus Radiata
  59. Evict RTU (animalEO)
  60. Evoke Collection (Fresh, Lively)
  61. Fall Season Collection (Harvest Moon, Fall Rain, Maple Leaf)
  62. Fantastic Franks
  63. Fennel
  64. Fitness
  65. Focus (Simply Earth)
  66. Frankincense
  67. Frankincense Carteri
  68. Frankincense Frereana
  69. Geranium
  70. Germ Fighter
  71. Ginger Lily
  72. Grapefruit
  73. Green Cardamom
  74. Happy Joy (Simply Earth)
  75. Head Soothing (Simply Earth)
  76. Ho Wood
  77. Holy Basil
  78. Honeybell
  79. Horse Whisperer
  80. Organic Immune Aid
  81. Inner Peace Collection (Cool, Calm, and Collected)
  82. Invigor Aid
  83. Island Sunset
  84. Ishpingo
  85. Juniper Berry
  86. Key Lime
  87. Kumquat
  88. Laurel Leaf
  89. Lavender
  90. Lavender Infused Frankincense (SMELLS AMAZING)
  91. Lavandin
  92. Ledum
  93. Let it Go
  94. Lemon
  95. Lemon Eucalyptus
  96. Lemon Myrtle
  97. Lemon Verbena
  98. Lemongrass
  99. Lime
  100. Love Vanilla
  101. Magnolia Flower
  102. Mandarin (Simply Earth)
  103. Mandarin Green
  104. Marjoram
  105. May Chang
  106. Mercury Retrograde
  107. Moldavian Dragonhead
  108. Oakwood Chip
  109. Orange
  110. Organic Lemon Eucalyptus
  111. Spiced Orange
  112. Orange Sweet
  113. Orange, Sweet (Simply Earth)
  114. Organic Palmarosa
  115. Patchouli
  116. Dark Patchouli (Simply Earth)
  117. Peach Artemisia
  118. Persian Lime
  119. Peru Balsam (A FAVORITE)
  120. Petitgrain
  121. Organic Pink Grapefruit
  122. Palmarosa
  123. Peace & Quiet (Simply Earth)
  124. Peppermint
  125. Pine Scotch
  126. Pink Berries CO2
  127. Relief (Simply Earth)
  128. Relax
  129. Ripple Reducer
  130. Rosalina
  131. Rosemary
  132. Sea Fennel
  133. Sichuan Pepper CO2
  134. Organic Silver Fir
  135. Surrender (Young Living)
  136. Sleep Tight
  137. Sleepy (Simply Earth)
  138. Spearmint
  139. Spiced Cider
  140. Spirit
  141. Summer Season Collection (Sun Kissed, Endless Summer, Mountain Fun)
  142. Tangerine (Simply Earth)
  143. Tea Tree
  144. Thyme
  145. Timber (Simply Earth)
  146. Tranquility (Simply Earth)
  147. Tropical Passion
  148. Turmeric Fresh Tex
  149. Tutti Fruitti
  150. Vetiver
  151. Wood Spice
  152. Wintergreen
  153. Organic Ylang Ylang Complete
These are the storage boxes for my essential oil collection.  I ordered them online and each one carries 75 bottles of various sizes.

Storing My Essential Oils

I found some wooden storage boxes on Amazon; they hold 75 bottles each of various sizes. I have four of them and my oils are organized alphabetically. I once tried organizing my oils by type (citrus, woodsy, spice, etc.) but this became complicated and I couldn't find an oil that I needed. So now, it's alphabetical. And when I find an oil that is my favorite, I buy it in a 30 ml bottle; especially if it's a blend and part of the Oil of the Month club because it may not be available forever. I store my 30 ml bottles in a separate box since I'm reaching for them all the time.

Can you see that I have a problem yet?

An AromaBoost by animalEO is one of the most well-rounded and complete essential oil treatments you can give or receive.  It consists of a series of specifically selected oil blends, generally applied in a specific order (but don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect!), and massaged in.  It really can be a very simple, but effective and powerful treatment for an animal.


Essential Oils that are Safe to be Used with Dogs

I have over 150 different oils in our home, but are they all safe for use around our pets? I'm sure that folks will disagree, but, yes, these oils are safe to use around my pets. I use them on myself, I diffuse the oils, and there are a few oils that I'm comfortable using to make products for my dogs. Before I use ANY only in a product for my dogs, I check the Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals by Dr. Melissa Shelton.

In 2020, I began using Dr. Shelton's line of essential oils and these are the only oils that I will use directly on my dogs. At the moment, I use the following animalEO oils:

  • Aroma Boost RTU (ready to use) collection
  • Away RTU drops
  • Evict RTU drops
  • Cistus to control bleeding
  • Calm-a-Mile

Away and Evict keep the bugs away. Aroma Boost and Cistus will be used to help Sydney. And Calm-a-Mile is used on Rodrigo and Apollo.

Essential Oil Subscription Boxes

Did you know that there are monthly and quarterly essential oil subscription boxes? Yeah, I have two, one that arrives monthly (Plant Therapy) and one that arrives quarterly (Simply Earth). Plant Therapy's service is an essential oil of the month program that introduces members to new oils. I receive a bottle (or a set) with a detailed insert explaining all about the oil (origins, uses, etc.). Simply Earth allows you to choose how often you get a box, I chose quarterly, and their subscription comes with FOUR oils, recipes on how to use the oils, and additional ingredients and supplies to make products for yourself. And every now and then, you receive a Bonus Box that comes with full sizes supplies (coconut oil, carrier oils, etc).

Essential Oil Blends to Freshen the Home

Although we clean our home regularly, having five dogs and a cat does come with some pet odors and I love to diffuse oils to freshen the house. While it's easy to choose a citrus scent, you can do a little Googling and find a blend of oils that freshen the house while improving the atmosphere. And with five active dogs, I love a blend that calms everyone down.

I found this blend on the site Loving Essential Oils. This blend promotes an emotionally balanced home, something that is needed during this pandemic.

  • 2 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Bergamot
  • 1 drop Juniper Berry

Diffuser Essentials shares several essential oil mixes and I'm going to try this one:

  • 2 drops citronella
  • 2 drops rosemary
  • 1 drop tea tree

And this one:

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Juniper
  • 1 drop Patchouli

Other cool essential oil blends that I found on the blog What Mommy Does include:

  • Orange + Grapefruit + Bergamot
  • Orange + Peppermint
  • Ylang-ylang + Jasmine

Isn't Tea Tree Unsafe to Use Around Pets?

This is a common misconception which Dr. Melissa Shelton discusses on her website and in her book. While you won't find me putting tea tree oil on any of my pets, it is safe to diffuse in a room. If I were to add it to a blend that I was using on my pets, I would first consult with a veterinarian educated in the proper use of essential oils.

So, are you an essential oils addict?

A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils and I became hooked simply because I love smelling pretty things. 

I primarily use essential oils to elevate my mood, ward off anxiety and depression, and make the house smell nice.

As a dog mom, I also use essential oils with my dogs.  I make products and I use one brand (formulated by a veterinarian) therapeutically with my dogs.

So, am I alone?  Are you obsessed with EOs too?

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