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Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe with Ground Duck, Pork Uterus, and Duck Feet

Raw Foodie Friday

Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday where I try to remember to share a recipe that I fed to my dogs recently. Please note that these recipes are not 100% balanced on their own. I choose to balance over time, which means that my goal is to meet my dogs' nutritional needs on a weekly basis, not daily or in each meal.

Last year, Raw Feeding Miami sent us a box full of food and it opened my eyes to so many other foods that I could feed to my dogs, including pork uterus. I've been adding it to my dogs' meals lately and they love it. In this meal, I mixed the uterus with ground duck from Wild Coast Raw, a Washington brand. This was one of the last premade raw meals that I fed as I move towards my goal of feeding 99% DIY and reducing my monthly budget to below $200.

Ground Duck, Pork Uterus, Duck Feet

Because I was using a premade raw, the recipe was simple:

  • 12 lbs Wild Coast Raw Duck
  • 3 lbs Pork Uterus
  • 2 Duck Feet per dogs once daily

For every 1 pound of Wild Coast Raw duck, I mixed in 1/4 pound of pork uterus. And I added the duck feet as a topper to each dog's dish.

Is Uterus Muscle Meat or Offal?

As you know, the uterus is the reproductive “organ” of female animals. When I started looking into feeding the uterus, my first question is if it's muscle meat or offal. It's pretty messy/liquidy, especially once you grind it up, so it's easy to make the assumption that this is a secreting organ, but it's classified as muscle meat and a quality, yet inexpensive protein, but I wouldn't make uterus the main protein in my dogs' diet.

I source pork uterus through a local raw food co-op. You may also find it at ethnic markets.

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe with Ground Duck, Pork Uterus, and Raw Egg

Don't have duck feet? No worries. I also fed the same meal with a raw chicken egg.

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