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Gut Instinct Nutrition & Intuitive Healing

Source: Gut Instinct Nutrition & Intuitive Healing

When it comes to our dogs, I don't take their health lightly.  I wish that raw feeding was a cure all, but it's not, so we do the best we can with the resources at our fingertips.  What sucks is that many of those resources are expensive; especially when you multiply the cost by 4 dogs.

Learning that Rodrigo was beef and chicken intolerant through an elimination diet made me want to figure out what's going on with each of our dogs.  I connected with Krizten Breidenich of Gut Instinct Nutrition and Intuitive Healing to help me and our dogs.

Similar to Reiki, Krizten tunes into each of our dogs, spending 30 minutes with each one to identify protein intolerances, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies.  This is what she shared with me about each of our dogs…

Intuitive Diagnosis of our Dogs

Rodrigo Sydney Scout Zoey
Age 4 y 10 m 4 y 10 m 1 y 2 m 1 y 2 m
Food Beef, Chicken, Chicken Chicken
Sensitivities Pea Protein
    *rotational only *Lamb, Turkey, *Salmon *Chicken, Salmon
*Shrimp, Prawns
Salmon oil is okay
Recommended Zinc Liver Chelate Wachters Sea Vitamin D Wachters Sea
Daily Supplement(s) Canine Dermal Meal (liquid) Meal
Coconut Oil Chlorophyll
Apple Cider Vinegar Goat Milk
Wachters Sea Meal
Possibly Daily Canine Enteric
Other add fermented Chiropractic
Recommendations foods to diet Adjustment
(sauerkraut – raw)

Food Sensitivities for the Dogs

Chicken and Beef:  we already knew about the beef and chicken with Rodrigo.  Removing chicken from our dogs' diet was a no brainer.

Pea Protein: this is an ingredient that we often see in kibble, explaining why Rodrigo always had such a tough time with kibble.  Pea protein is what is left behind after removing the starchy part of the peas.  What's left behind adds to the protein percentage in the food.  Many quality kibbles have this ingredient.  It's not bad; our dog just can't eat it.

Salmon:  our dogs don't get salmon in their diet with the exception of salmon oil (which isn't included in the sensitivities listed above).  Canned salmon is $3-$4 per can and out of our budget.  We give our dogs canned sardines in water for fish.

Recommended Dog Supplements

This one was surprising, because I would have expected all of our dogs to need more, but it looks like only Rodrigo really needs more supplementation.  But Krizten explained that not seeing a supplement listed doesn't mean that the dogs don't need it – it means that they're not deficient.

Krizten's written report for each dog comes with specific dog supplement recommendations and the daily dosage.

Visit THIS PAGE to read our current list of dog supplements.  I didn't add Vitamin D to Scout's diet, because I'm still researching this supplement, because he's not showing signs of vitamin D deficiency.

Dog Supplements I Substituted

Wachter's sea meal –  provides for any nutrients lacking in our dogs' diet.  I received a sample of the Watchter's, but now give our dogs ground sea kelp from our local supplement store.  Similar sea kelp dog supplements are:

Standard Process Canine Dermal – boosts skin health, immune system, digestion system, and the adrenal gland.  I substituted this supplement with Olewo carrots and red beets.  We were already giving this to Rodrigo so I increased the daily dosage.  The carrots help boost digestive health; the red beets help with allergies.

Chlorophyll – I'll be adding leafy greens to his diet (purchased in bulk at Costco).  I've also started adding HerbSmith SuperFood to his diet in the mean time.

Other Recommendations

I haven't incorporated the “other recommendations” noted above.  I do plan to look into fermented foods for Rodrigo and I've found a chiropractor in Lake Stevens who can give Sydney an adjustment.  Stay tuned for posts with more details.

One Month Later

The combination of the supplements I've added to our dogs diet over the past few months and the intuitive diagnosis from Krizten, I am seeing improvements in each dog…

Rodrigo: still gets diarrhea if he has certain foods.  I've taken smoked treats and Red Rock Raw off the menu for him.  Before my consultation, Rodrigo was very clingy and I was starting to wonder if he wasn't feeling well.  He's still my baby, but not so clingy so I think he's feeling a lot better.

Sydney and Zoey: we're seeing more activity and both of our ladies are losing weight.  Sydney's arthritis isn't bothering her as much.

Scout:  Scout's digestive system is healing.

My Disclaimer

I'm very happy with the diagnosis and reports I received from Gut Instinct Nutrition and Intuitive Healing.  I would never replace our annual veterinarian visit with an intuitive healing; instead, I would incorporate this into or dogs' health care regime.

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