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4 Examples of Craigslists Ads for Raw Feeders

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Raw feeding isn't cheap for everyone and people have become creative.  If you don't have access to an affordable raw food co-op, you can try and cut a deal with a local butcher, connect with hunters, or place Craigslist ads.

The following are ads that I've seen posted locally to give you ideas on what your ad can say.  I cannot confirm if these ads do and don't work.  I can't assure you that the meat you get is safe for your dogs.  I can only say that there are plenty of people who do this without trouble; it's up to you to vet everyone you meet.  Hopefully, you'll gain a reputation as someone looking for freezer dumps and people will begin getting in touch with you.

Wouldn't that be ideal?

In Search of Raw, Frozen Meat

In search of RAW, FROZEN MEAT that you'd like to clear out of your freezer.  The food MUST be frozen and cannot be going bad.  However, it can be old, freezer burned, refrozen – as long as it's frozen.

Food that I'm looking for:

  • Raw and unseasoned pork, rabbit, quail, duck, venison, elk, moose (whole or ground is okay).

Food that I cannot take:

  • Sausage, seasoned meat, cooked meat, or anything my dogs cannot eat (chicken, turkey, guinea hen, and pheasant).

I am located in ___________, and I'm happy to travel to __________ counties for my dogs.

ISO Freezer Meat Being Discarded

If you're cleaning out your freezer and you find older meat you don't plan to eat, if you're a hunter or process livestock and have parts you don't plan to use – please don't throw it out, I will take it. Am not partial to any particular protein and a freezer burn is okay within reason. I also don't mind if it's old, just as long as it's been frozen the entire time. I feed my dogs a homemade diet due to health reasons, so this meat will be going to them.

Please, nothing that's going bad. 

Raw, unseasoned, chicken, cow, beef, lamb, bison, sheep, emu, pork, turkey, goat, rabbit, venison, deer, bones, tripe, liver, heart, lungs, organ, brain, offal. fat, lean, sardines, fish, pork, ribs, roast

ISO Raw Meat/Bones/Organs for Natural, Raw Dog Food

If you are cleaning out your freezer to make room for this year's haul, I'll take most freezer burned meat you have to offer. Don't just throw it away. This way, it doesn't go to waste!

Farmers, I would be very interested in taking still born's from any type of animal! I am also looking for good prices for buying bulk meat half or whole butchered animals. Please let me know what you have.

Animals dead of natural causes fed no veterinary medications, steroids wormers etc near death. I'll take basically any species of animal. Turkey, chicken, sheep, deer, cow, squirrel, rabbit, pork, elk, moose, etc. Bones are welcome in the meat, so don't think that because you have turkey legs, I don't want them. I WILL! If you have ground up meat; that's fine. Have weird organs like lung, heart, liver, kidney, etc? I'll take it.

I'm also looking for freezer burned meat or meat that you are just looking to throw out because you'll never eat it or you're in the process of making room for more meat (hunters… I'm looking at you). 

Things I don't really want include ham, sausage, overly processed meats. The dogs can't handle the spices and such that we pesky humans like to add to our food for flavor. I suppose they'd WANT it, but it isn't good for them, and so, they don't get to have it.

So if you are cleaning out a freezer and don't want all the meat to go to waste, here's your way to get around that. We would love to have it. Just shoot me an email with a general idea of what you have, how much (weight), etc. and we can hopefully arrange a time where I could come pick it up.


Cleaning Out Your Freezer? Going to the Butcher?

If anyone happens to be cleaning out their freezers or has leftover scrap from hunting/butchering, my Labradors would love to take any extra raw meat and bones off your hands! 

I have been feeding my four Labs a raw diet for the past three years and they are thriving. To add some variety to their diets and in an effort to save a bit on food expenses, we are looking to help clean out some freezers of any uncooked, unseasoned meat, organ, and bone from any noncarnivorous animals. Proteins we are looking for include but are not limited to beef, pork, chicken, venison, pheasant, quail, lamb, goat, elk, duck, rabbit, fish, etc. Whole small prey and small/large carcasses welcome! Free would be great but I am willing and able to pay. In ______ county would be great but I am willing to travel within about an hour or so from home. 

I am also interested in finding a reliable source for chicken, duck, and/or quail eggs. Located in __________.

Hunters butchers hunt prey pelt organ muscle meat bones pancreas liver spleen trachea lungs pelt antlers.

Questioning the Safety of Raw Meat for Dogs

Some people who have posted ads on Craigslist or in the Facebook marketplace have received responses from people convinced they were dog fighters.  Some people have had their posts flagged and taken down.  If you have this experience, here are a few articles and books that you can share with them about raw feeding.

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