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Why Raw is Better for Dogs!

There is a worrisome pattern I have noticed with many people who have dogs. They know that healthy foods are better for us (the humans), and yet they feed their dogs processed food. And though many people point to the obvious difference between a dog and a human, the fact remains that healthy is healthy.  Something that could clog your veins because it’s processed and full of hidden ingredients has the potential to do the same to your pet.

Do not be fooled by dog food and treat labels that say something is all-natural.

If it’s processed, it can’t be all-natural. In other words, if it comes in a bag and has been pressed into cute, dog-friendly shapes, it cannot be considered a healthy option. And it’s a sad thing that it is marketed as such.

Call me crazy or not! But, do you ever get the feeling our dogs, who we consider family, are treated like lab rats?  At times, it seems like the ingredients in some pet foods are shots in the dark and the side effects are something brands decide are worth the risk.  I even question some of the bags of dog food that are greatly overpriced and claim to be truly healthy.  Are these brands telling the whole truth?

This may be discouraging and cause you to wonder if there are any options available. I know how you feel. When everything claims to be all-natural and isn’t, how can you ever be sure that your dog is getting the best?

The answer lies in an entirely different approach: raw feeding. Although raw feeding is still considered a new alternative, it shouldn’t be an alternative at all. It should be the very first option with everything else being the alternative.

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Raw feeding is not only all-natural, it is greatly beneficial for dogs. This is the beginning of a new food regimen. And it is the very best option available.

If you’re at a point where every other dog food option has failed you and are willing to take a chance on the ‘best and reliable option’ I would love to help you by sharing my experience as a raw feeder.

I am very passionate about the health and happiness of dogs everywhere. And my blog is available to you as a guide and a safe place to come if you decide to make the transition from processed foods. I would love for you to take this very important step for your wonderful canine. I know it won’t always be easy, but I guarantee it will always be worth it.

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Raw Feeding Chat with Fernando Camacho of The Great Dog Adventure

  My Interview with Fernando Camacho about raw feeding on The Great Dog Adventure, Episode 76.   Please note that during the section where we discuss feeding raw bones, I failed to mention that cooked bones are dangerous for dogs.  Please DO NOT feed your dogs cooked bones of any kind.  If you're interested in learning more about raw feeding, subscribe to my new weekly newsletter.

Raw Feeding Chat with Sam “The Queen of Rock ‘n' Roll Dogs” and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio

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