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What’s New in Raw Feeding This Week?

Interest in Raw Feeding is Growing

This isn't surprising to me, but I'm excited to see that pet stores are seeing this as well.  CLICK to Read More.

What I'm not excited about is the price point of new raw brands.  I couldn't afford to feed raw even if I fed our dogs these brands part of the time.  My concern is that these high prices are going to frighten people away from the diet, especially if they are made to feel that they don't prioritize their dogs when they balk at the sticker price of many raw brands.

When I started looking into raw feeding, I nearly passed on the diet, because it cost too much.  But connecting with other local raw feeders was a game changer as I discovered new sources that are helping me save money.

21 Ways to Save Money on Raw Feeding - As raw feeding is becoming more popular with dog owners, but premade raw is too expensive for many of us. Here is a list of ways to save money while still feeding your dog a species appropriate diet.

21 Ways to Save Money on Raw Dog Food

If you're interested in feeding raw, but freaked out by the cost, there are plenty of ways to save money.  However, you'll have to be willing to make raw dog food yourself.

1 – Join a local raw food co-op.

2 – Start your own raw food co-op.

3 – Reach out to brands to see if they offer a discount on bulk orders.

4 – Contact distributors and local pet stores about a discount on bulk orders.

5 – Connect with other raw feeders in your area to see how they save on raw.

6 – Connect with other raw feeders to see if they'll go in on a discounted bulk order.

7 – Shop sales at the grocery store, Walmart, or discounted grocery stores.

8 – Contact your local butcher to see if they sell trim or parts that they'd otherwise throw away.

9 – Search online forums and Craigslist for hunters who may be willing to sell meat or the trim; be sure to check local laws to make sure that they can sell you their excess meat.

10 – Join the mailing list of Raw Paws Pet Food to be the first to learn about discounts and sales.

11 – Go hunting.

12 – Learn about the roadkill laws in your state; can you take a dead deer to be butchered? It's important to note that not all roadkill is fit for consumption.

13 – Raise your own meat; chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc.

14 – Post an add to Craigslist or the FB Marketplace for old meat that people would otherwise throw out. Keep in mind that you will have to add more taurine and other nutrients because it does degrade in old meat.

15 – Search Craigslist for “freezer dumps:” this is when someone posts free or inexpensive meat that they plan to throw away. Keep in mind that you will have to add more taurine and other nutrients because it does degrade in old meat.

16 – Contact a local rendering plant to see if you can buy meat from them. Make sure that this is a USDA approved plant and not diseased meat.

17 – Contact local restaurants to see what they do with old meat.

18 – Contact local farms to ask about their butchering schedules and if the meat is available.

19 – Look for less expensive cuts of meat; for instance, pork organ meat is most affordable where I live.

20 – Feed a partial dry dog food and partial raw diet; some raw is better than no raw. I started my dogs this way by feeding raw in the morning and kibble in the evening.

21 – Become a dog nutrition blogger and use the revenue to offset your raw budget.

Raw feeding doesn't have to be expensive.  I encourage you to join friendly raw feeding groups to get ideas on how to feed your dogs a better diet without breaking the bank.  CLICK HERE for a list of my favorite raw feeding (and raw-adjacent) Facebook groups.

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