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This month, I received my first Real.Dog Treats/Chews subscription box. I've been a customer for several years, excitedly opening the monthly Chews Only box for my dogs. This is truly one of the best investments I've made in my dogs and I thought it would be fun to share what I receive each month here on my blog.

Who is Real.Dog?

Real.Dog is a pet treat company that provides healthy protein dog treats and chews through a monthly subscription model. It was started by dog lovers who were drawn to the natural movement in an effort to learn how to improve their dog's health and diet, which is something I can understand given my raw feeding origin story.

Click here to read more about Real.Dog origins.

Real.Dog offers several subscription box options:

  • treat and chew box
  • treat box
  • chew box (this is what I order for my dogs)
  • mini treat and chew box

And occasionally with my dogs' chews only box, a “super chew” is included as a surprise for the strong chewers out there. Or Real.Dog customers can choose the “super chew” as a monthly add-on.

Why I Order their Monthly Chews Only Box

There are so many subscription boxes for pets available today and I've tried several and was disappointed by each one because most of the products in the box aren't a good fit for my dogs. When I heard about Real.Dog, I was excited to see something that my dogs could enjoy but worried that it would be too expensive – we have a lot of dogs and chews (bully sticks and such) are spendy. So I set up an account and started our monthly subscription. For less than $25/month, I'm able to get plenty of chews for all of our dogs (we have five). We don't give chews daily, so they collect in the pantry making it possible for us to always have chews on hand.

There are six reasons why Real.Dog is the only subscription box that I order for my dogs:

  1. Real.Dog is within my budget at less than $25/month.
  2. Real.Dog allows me to give my dogs high-quality protein treats.
  3. Real.Dog includes cards that explain what we need to know about the treats, including ingredients, sourcing, and processing.
  4. Real.Dog offers three types of chews – light, medium, and heavy chews, which allows me to match a chew to the right dog.
  5. Real.Dog will take into account protein sensitivities (our boxes never have chicken) and individual preferences.
  6. Real.Dog is a small business that understands why I'm so nuts about my dogs' health and diet.

And it's my belief in this company that makes me excited to bring you this new monthly post sharing what I receive in each box while also writing about the benefits of chews for our dogs, what types of chews work for my dogs, and more.

Benefits of Chews for Dogs

As a raw feeder, I give my dogs raw meaty bones and recreational bones to satisfy their chew drive, to clean and floss their teeth naturally, and to help them work out their jaw and neck muscles. Another benefit of raw bones is that they mellow out my dogs. Have you ever watched a dog gnawing down on a bone? They completely zone out.

But, giving my dogs raw bones isn't something I can do year around because they eat them outside under supervision. So on rainy days and during the winter, I lean heavily on protein chews. They don't last as long as raw bones, but they do the job.

Our dogs enjoy chews or raw bones every weekend. Check out my blog post that shares how long various chews last with my dogs.

June 2020 Treats and Chews Box

As a partner and customer of Real.Dog who has a blog and social media following, I am provided with one Treat and Chew box monthly in exchange for sharing my thoughts on what we received. I'm still paying for our monthly Chew Box, which I will also describe in these posts.

June Treats/ChewsJune ChewsPrior Month Chews
turkey breaststeer pizzle (light chew)duck feet (light chew)
pork kidneyduck heads (medium chew)duck wings (medium chew)
salmon chunksbeef backstrap (heavy chew)beef tendons (medium chew)
steer pizzle (light chew)beef trachea (heavy chew)
duck heads (medium chew)
beef backstrap (heavy chew)
pig trotter (super chew)

About the Treats

The dog treats and chews are all single-ingredient items, which is a relief because I get tired of combing over ingredient panels for something that's problematic. The treats and chews are also air-dried, making them nutritious and safe for my dogs to enjoy. I use the treats as training treats – they fall in the high-value category for my dogs. The organ and seafood treats aren't enough to replace vital nutrients in my dogs' diet but they are a healthy addition to my dogs' diet.

About the Chews

The chews are fantastic because there's something for every dog. Real.Dog labels the chews as light, medium, and heavy to give us an idea of how long it'll take our dogs to finish the chew. We have three heavy chewers, one medium chewer, and one lightweight. When the dogs are going to have a chew session, I pass out the chews based on how fast I think each dog will go through them based on past experience. My goal is to have them all wrap up chewing around the same time. If you have light chewers, you can have your monthly box changed to only include light chews.

Pretty cool, right?

Glossary of Dog Chews

Real.Dog has sent me a few things that I had to Google. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who has asked, “What's a pig trotter?”

Pig Trotters – pig trotters refers to the foot of a pig and they contain very little meat and fat but are high in collagen. Collagen is great for skin and coat health, joint health, and digestive health.

Steer Pizzle – these are made from the penis of cows. The ones in the Real.Dog boxes are lightweight and can be finished in less than five minutes. I knew what part of the cow the bully sticks come from, but you'd be surprised who doesn't know this – so I added it to the list.

Beef Backstrap – this refers to the length of loin along the back of a cow and we can find it in the store as ribeye steak.

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I receive a box of treats and chews for free each month in exchange for an honest review of the items in the box. All of the opinions shared are true and based on my experience with my dogs. Links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you sign up for a Real.Dog subscription; this does not cost you extra.

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