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Looking for natural chews for your dog? Tired of buying chews only to see them last for 5 minutes and then nothing? This is the ULTIMATE list of natural chews for dogs that'll tell you what to buy, how long it'll last, and you'll receive a special discount when you order!

Recently, a friend asked me what long-lasting chews I’d recommend.  I laughed, then sighed because I completely get it.  We live with four dogs and I’ve become an expert at chews and I have a wide range of chews from ones that my dogs can devour in under a minute to chews that will last for 20 minutes.  If you stumbled upon this blog post looking for an option for your dogs, then I keep reading.

My Dogs

Before I tell you the chews that I recommend, I should tell you about my dogs. 

We have four dogs that weigh between 60 pounds and 70 pounds.  Our smallest dog, Rodrigo (a border collie mix) is our strongest chewer and destroyer of toys.  The rest of our dogs are what I would call normal/average chewers, they take their time with their chew treats.

I share this because what works for my dogs may or may not work for your dogs.  If you have a dog that can destroy an extra-tough Kong in a few seconds, then all of the treats I recommend here may be short snacks for your pup.  On the other hand, if you have a gentle chewer, then my “short snacks,” may turn into a 20-minute chewing session for your dog.  Only you can determine what will or will not work.

One more thing.  I’m very particular about the treats that I will give to my dogs.  If a treat or chew isn’t listed here, then it’s because I won’t give it to my dogs.

Natural Chews that Last Under 5 Minutes

If you want to give your dogs a quick, healthy treat, these are great chews to add to the pantry.

Natural Chews that Last Between 5 to 10 Minutes

Need to occupy your dog's time for a little longer? Add the following to your shopping list:

Natural Chews that Last for more than 10 Minutes

The following chews are great when I'm working or on days when the dogs need a big distraction (like the Fourth of July):

Natural Chews for Dogs with No Teeth

I don’t have experience feeding a dog with no teeth, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that bully sticks or any chew that requires tearing and ripping may not be ideal.  So I did a little research and found that the following soft chews are best for dogs with no teeth.

And Raw Paws Pet Food has 17 different soft dog treat options available for dogs with no teeth, including green tripe treats.

Natural Chews for Dogs with Allergies

If you have a dog with protein sensitivities, sometimes having a chew treat every now and then won’t be a problem.  And for other dogs, it may become important to avoid the protein at all cost.  Rodrigo has several protein sensitivities and I’ve found that buying from trusted sources is best for him.  Although he has trouble with chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef, he doesn’t have issues with treats made from these proteins.  The following are chews made from alternative proteins that may work for your dog.

Natural Chews for Dogs with Pancreatitis

The pancreas is an organ near the stomach that helps digest food, absorb nutrients, and controls blood sugar.  Despite the things we’ve heard about fat leading to pancreatitis, it’s actually not clear what causes pancreatitis.  The pancreas can become inflamed due to medication, unhealthy cooked fats like bacon grease or turkey skin, or excess weight/obesity.

That being said, I haven’t had experience with pancreatitis in my dogs, but from what I understand, cooked fat or fatty treats may lead to a flare-up in the dog.  I have heard from other pet parents that pork ears are a no-go for their dog with pancreatitis.

Instead, I’d lead towards chews derived from lean meat:

If my dog suffered from pancreatitis, I'd double check with my vet before feeding green tripe treats due to the higher fat content. These may be perfectly safe, but better safe than sorry.

Natural Chews for Dogs with Kidney Disease

Often we’ll read that dogs with kidney disease cannot handle protein treats, but this isn’t the case.  It’s important to feed QUALITY proteins, which means shopping with sources that you trust.  Also, fattier meats reduce phosphorus levels.

Of course, I'm not a veterinarian so if you are raising a dog with kidney disease, please speak with your veterinarian about which of the above chews would be a good fit for your dog.

Natural Chews I WILL NOT Give to My Dogs

Deer Antlers – naturally shed deer antlers seemed like the answer for my tough chewing dog, but Rodrigo chewed through an antler in minutes, leaving sharp pieces everywhere and it freaked me out.  I’ve tried whole and split and neither is a good fit for my dog.

Cow Hooves – these smell awful and I don’t like that they break up into sharp pieces. I like the idea of stuffing these with green tripe or another yummy filling, but I'd rather stuff a Kong.

I think both of these chews, the naturally shed deer antlers plus the cow hooves, would be great for my other dogs, but because of Rodrigo’s experiences, I avoid them because it’s easier to choose treats and chews that are a good fit for all of my dogs.

Don't Feel Like Shopping for Chews?

If you are a busy person or you're not sure what your dog would like I have two options for you.

Real Dog Box Subscription Service – Real Dog Box is a company that provides high-quality chews and treats on a subscription basis. I've been a customer for a couple of years and I love our monthly box. We get enough chews to satisfy four big dogs and each box contains light chews, medium chews, and chews that are perfect for Rodrigo.

Real Dog Box is available in the US and it will start arriving to doorsteps in Canada in May 2021.

Pawstruck Ultimate Bully Stick Variety Pack – years ago, I received the variety pack as an introduction to Pawstruck and I've been a fan ever since. This is a fantastic opportunity to see which chews work best for your dogs. It comes with 17 pieces, including bully sticks of various sizes and shapes, great for multi-dog homes.

Pawstruck Pack Subscription Box – has joined the subscription services by offering a monthly box for your chews. And Keep the Tail Wagging followers can save 15% on their first subscription by using the code TAILWAGGING at check out.

Looking for natural chews for your dog? Tired of buying chews only to see them last for 5 minutes and then nothing? This is the ULTIMATE list of natural chews for dogs that'll tell you what to buy, how long it'll last, and you'll receive a special discount when you order!

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