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As a blogger, I've been introduced to several subscription boxes. I love the idea of filling out an online form and having cool products curated for me. Yeah, it's a great theory, but these companies are working with what they have, which lead to me being disappointed in most of them because most of the items in the subscription box weren't things I'd buy for my dogs (or myself).

Pros and Cons of Subscription Boxes for Dogs

Subscription boxes are fantastic because they introduce us to products we may have passed by or never known about for a small monthly fee. A lot of small pet businesses will add a product in their line to a subscription box service for exposure. If you get something you don't want, no problem, you can gift or trade with a friend or donate to rescue.

But what if you don't like anything in the box, what if your dog is allergic to all the treats, and what if this happens every month. That's the downside to subscription boxes, you end up paying a monthly fee for things you don't want or can't use. I got tired of donating subscription boxes so I canceled the service and gave the money directly to rescue.

Best Subscription Box for Dogs

Today, I subscribe to one subscription box for my dogs. I was introduced to Real Dog Box years ago and I've been a happy customer for years because…

1 – the owners are devoted to delivering a quality product – I don't worry about sourcing, processing, or ingredients when I give my dogs chews and treats from Real Dog Box. The information I need is in the box (they print the details of each treat on a postcard) and the company is fully transparent about their products – so much so that they've helped other small companies get started.

2 – the treats and chews are air-dried – this means that the nutrients that we want for our dogs are still there. The treats we get from Real Dog Box can be rehydrated!!! Can you believe that??? That's just how fresh these treats are and why I love when that brown box lands on our porch each month. You can read more about Air Dried Treats and Chews in THIS blog post.

3 – my dogs love love love their treats and chews – well, this is a no brainer. My dogs would eat just about anything because I don't have a picky pack. But one reason Real Dog Box holds a warm spot in my heart is that during Sydney's last month when she was refusing food, she enjoyed the Real Dog Box treats. She needed to eat to keep up her strength and these treats were enjoyable for her and when she stopped enjoying crunchy treats, I could rehydrate the treats to change the consistency, which she enjoyed.

4 – we can customize our boxes – I nearly canceled my subscription because I was getting a lot of chicken items, but all I needed to do was ask that the chicken be left off the menu for my dogs and now we get duck (which my dogs do well on and enjoy). And now I won't dare cancel our subscription because Real Dog Box is constantly adding new treats and chews and I don't want my dogs to miss out.

5 – Real Dog Box is affordable – when I began feeding raw, it didn't take long for me to take a deeper look at the treats and chews I added to my dogs' diet. What I learned was that when we're picky about sourcing and quality, the price goes up and up, but with Real Dog Box, I'm able to feed quality treats to my dogs without breaking the bank. One box is great for four dogs.

Subscription Box: March 2021 Real Dog Box

Pretty impressive, right? This box will last a couple of months and in the meantime, I'll receive more boxes to add to the treat cupboard.

The Real Dog Box Secret Shop

And how many subscription box services have a Secret Shop for members? That's one of the coolest things about Real Dog Box because if there is a treat or chew that my dogs LOVE, I'll buy more in the Secret Shop (if the treat/chew is available). Even better, I can try new things before they land in our boxes. SCORE!!!!

I recently ordered five bags of the Real Dog Box wild boar meatballs and four bags of organ mix, which I'm so excited about trying. The meatballs are so cool because I can feed them as a treat OR I can rehydrate them and feed them as a meal. This is great for when I forget to thaw, I'm behind on meal prep, I'm between co-op orders, or I just want to shake things up at mealtime. The organ mix will also serve as a back up when I'm between orders or a meal booster when I want to add more nutrients to the bowl.

During National Raw Feeding Week (April 1 – 7), Real Dog Box is offering free shipping for members who shop in the Secret Shop and daily giveaways over on Instagram.

So, if you're looking for an affordable subscription box that delivers quality products – check out Real Dog Box.

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