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This post has been updated with new information that I've learned since it was originally published.


Sydney used to get irritated skin that had a yeasty smell.  This would mainly occur in her armpit areas and once, she dragged herself across the carpet and irritated her vajayjay area.  Home treatments that I used prior to switching my dogs to a raw food diet in April 2013 occasionally worked, but the irritated skin always returned.  I didn't realize in January 2013, when this post was originally published, that diet was to blame.

Since switching my dogs to a raw food diet, I have only had to deal with irritated skin a couple of times.  The following is for minor irritation.  If your dog is suffering from severe irritation, including bleeding and cracked skin, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

How I Treat My Dog's Irritated and/or Yeasty Skin

I use the following recipe for irritated and yeasty skin and it has cleared up overnight when caught early.

Supplies / Ingredients


Mix 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar in the spray bottle.  Before bedtime, when my dog won't be going outside again, I mist the areas that are irritated (this is for minor irritations).  I spray enough to cover the area; I'm not trying to bathe the area in liquid.  Once the irritated area is covered, I allow the skin to dry.

Once the skin is dry, I massage coconut oil on the irritated skin.  Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.  Don't worry if your dog licks the coconut oil; it's good for them.  However, if they're licking because the area is itchy, then you may need to put a cone on them.  With Sydney, she felt such relief from the mist and coconut oil that she never licked the area.

I repeated this every evening until the irritated skin cleared up.  I usually took a couple of days.

Healthy Hemp CannaBalm

I ordered CannaBalm through my local raw food co-op to massage into Sydney's muscles when she was achy, but I found that it's actually better on my dogs' itchy paws and irritated skin.  There's something about the CBD oil in the product that helped to clear up itchy skin, which is why I added it to this post as an optional item.  Not everyone has access to CannaBalm and that's okay, extra virgin coconut oil is great.


I am not a veterinarian.  If your dog has a severe rash, please contact your veterinarian. If you want to know what “severe” would look like, please contact your veterinarian.

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