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Benefits of Bee Pollen for Dogs



I’ve had terrible hay fever most of my life.  Three things helped me.

  1. We chopped down the dead and dying trees on our property (Alder and Cottonwood are my kryptonite), replacing them with various fir trees.
  2. I started putting local raw honey into my tea each day, which allowed me to decrease the amount of medication I took.

I never thought of dogs having allergies until I became a pet blogger and learned about environmental and food allergies in dogs: proteins, grains, soy, dairy, and grass – to name a few.

When someone recommended bee pollen for my allergies, I immediately thought of Rodrigo’s itchy paws.  Would bee pollen help?

Benefits of Bee Pollen for Dogs

When I did my Google search, I was blown away by the list of benefits of bee pollen.  It’s not just for allergy relief.

  • Boosts healing.
  • Boosts the digestive system.
  • Corrects the deficiencies in a dog’s diet.
  • Helps a dog maintain a healthy weight.
  • Helps to heal skin conditions.
  • Increases energy and vitality.
  • It’s said to aid in the prevention of cancer.
  • Relieves aches and pain.

Bee Power by Wholistic Pet Organics

If you’re looking for the benefits shared above, check out Wholistic Bee Power, a premium bee pollen that is all natural and collected from pesticide and chemical-free wildflowers.  This supplement by Wholistic Pet Organics is also full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein.

A few years ago, I gave Bee Power to Sydney for 30 days and the difference in Sydney was amazing.  Her energy level went up and Sydney became playful, more active, and it was fun to see her enjoying herself again after her long recovery from a partial cruciate tear.  I can't believe I forgot about this amazing supplement.

At the time, I was a fan of the Wholistic Bee Power because it increased Sydney's energy level which was needed on our daily walks.  Discovering this blog post again (I go back and update old posts) reminded me of the benefits and I placed an order on immediately.


Benefits of Raw Honey for Dogs


Benefits of Raw Honey for Dogs

  • Honey is a natural energy booster
  • Honey aids in digestion
  • Honey offers allergy relief
  • Honey reduces symptoms of kennel cough
  • Prevents infections from viruses
  • Prevents ear infections
  • Offers beneficial antioxidants

Raw honey is NOT recommended for puppies because it’s raw and unfiltered and a puppy’s immune system isn’t fully developed, there could be a conflict.  To be on the safe side, DO NOT feed honey to puppies.

Shout out to my friend, dog mom to D'Art and Teddy, who gave me a jar of raw honey that she harvested for my birthday back in 2015.  I loved it and added it to my tea as well and saw a drastic decrease in hay fever symptoms.

If you don't have a source for raw honey in your area, consider K9 Honey.  This is a product that I came across on a trip to SuperZoo, an annual tradeshow in Las Vegas.  K9 Honey is the first raw and unfiltered honey that is made for dogs, supporting their overall wellness.  I was skeptical about this product because I've always been told that we need LOCAL raw honey, however, K9 Honey blends bee pollen from nine regions across the country, covering seasonal allergies for dogs no matter where they live.

I tasted K9 Honey and it was delicious – like, really really good – so I ordered a container and used it as a treat topper on my dogs' meals, sneaking a taste here and there.

You can order K9 Honey for your dog on

How Much Honey Do You Give Dogs

My dogs weigh between 65-85 pounds and I don't exceed 1tablespoon of honey per day.  I give my dogs honey a few days a week during the spring and fall months.  More often if I have a bigger supply.

Smaller dogs do well on 1 teaspoon per day.

When it comes to bee pollen, I buy Bee Power from Wholistic Pet Organics and it comes with a 1 teaspoon scoop; each of my dogs gets 2 teaspoons 5 days a week split between two meals:

  • Dogs 2-30 lbs…………………1 teaspoon
  • Dogs 31-60 lbs……….1 1/2 teaspoons
  • Dogs 61 lbs and over……2 teaspoons


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