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I've been watching bloggers review subscription box services for years.  I've reviewed a few myself.  Although these are a great idea, these companies are all the same and many don't stick around.  As a blogger, it's fun receiving free stuff – I'm not too good for Free – but what's the point when I can't feed my dogs the treats (due to ingredients) and I give away the dog toys, because that'll last 3 minutes with my dogs.  I can't afford these subscription box services unless they are free; and since I can't afford them, I won't promote them anymore.

Rodrigo is checking out what we received in our bi-monthly Real Pet Food subscription box: all real food, single ingredients, unprocessed, varied proteins, and perfect for raw fed dogs.

Real Pet Food Subscription Boxes

And that's why I'm so excited that I stumbled across Real Pet Food.  I don't remember how I discovered this site, maybe a Facebook ad – I don't know.  It's a subscription service with real food.  Three things that turned me from a looky-loo to a customer were…

  1. this subscription box service offers an Every-Other-Month option, which is perfect for my budget.
  2. the food is Real Food – no treats with wonky ingredients, no toys the dogs can't have, no feeling cheated.
  3. I can exclude proteins to account for Rodrigo's allergies.

After signing up for my subscription, I learned that their customer service is amazing! I had a few questions, they responded quickly.  Love it!  Because I'm a bit high maintanenace when it comes to my dogs.  Sorry, not sorry.

And when I received the first box, I was stunned by how much was included in a small box!  I could sign up for a box for each of my dogs, but that's not in my budget at the moment.  But after receiving two Real Pet Food boxes, I'm happy with receiving one box and our dogs can share it perfectly.

When I open each box I set aside the goodies and read the detailed flash cards that tell me what we're going to enjoy.  All of the items are single ingredient, unprocessed, and healthy for our dogs.

Real Pet Food Box #1

In our first subscription box, we received…

  1. pure lamb liver
  2. pure turkey breast
  3. real duck feet
  4. real salmon skin & chunks
  5. real bull pizzle
  6. real lamb gullet

Real Pet Food Box #2

In our second subscription box, we received…

  1. real lamb weasand (the meat surrounding the esophagus)
  2. real turkey neck
  3. real pig ear
  4. whole lake smelt
  5. pure beef spleen
  6. real elk game meat

As you can see, we're not getting a subscription box full of chicken treats that contain wheat and other common allergens.  The protein selection is varied, which is perfect when you're raising dogs with protein allergies.

In my opinion, this is the best subscription box service for dogs on the market.  I got tired of receiving boxes and giving away most of the products, because none were a good fit for our dogs.  With Real Pet Food, I don't plan on giving anything away.

This subscription box service isn't just for raw feeders, but raw feeders will appreciate the freshness, quality, variety in each box.  We're a picky, control freaky bunch and Real Pet Food is right up our alley.

You can place your order at  I won't earn a commission for promoting this subscription box, but I'm hoping for a free box or SEVEN – I'm not to good for Free.

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