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CBD oil for dogs is a hot topic.  I receive at least 3 emails weekly from brands who would like me to promote their CBD oils and treats for dogs and I've said “no thank you” each time because I have three products that work for my dogs and I don't need to try anything new.  Some people may be surprised that I'm not jumping at an opportunity to receive free CBD oil products (they aren't cheap), but I don't like using my dogs as test subjects, especially when we're in the midst of a trend explosion.  And CBD oil for dogs is blowing up!

Top 3 CBD Oil Products for My Dogs

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil (or cannabinoids oil) is an oil derived from the whole hemp plant (or at least it should be if it's quality and effective).  Despite some misinformation flying around the HR department of many companies, CBD oil doesn't get you high.  There is less than a drop of THC in CBD oil, making it safe for humans, dogs, and cats.

The reason I'm a fan of CBD oil for my dogs is that it helps to alleviate anxiety, pain, neurological issues (seizures), and cancer symptoms.  CBD oil also promotes heart health and it helps to prevent the spread of certain tumors.  So, yeah, I love CBD oil!

How I Use CBD Oil with My Dogs

I give my dogs CBD oil for two reasons – anxiety and pain relief.  Sydney partially tore her cruciate several years ago and has had a rough go in the recovery, including several setbacks thanks to the excess weight she was carrying.  She also has arthritis in her spine, ribs, and hips.  Today, she's down nearly 10 pounds and her mobility has improved by leaps thanks to diet, regular exercise, and Canine System Saver.  However, she still has days when she overdoes it and needs additional support and that's when I give her CBD oil.

Rodrigo has a touch of arthritis too, in his front elbows and CBD oil does help, however, I mostly give it to him to help with anxiety.  I add Ewegurt to his diet to help with small triggers and I add CBD oil for bigger triggers.  For instance, Ewegurt helps him on the days leading up to the Fourth of July while adding CBD oil helps him get through the evening of the Fourth when everyone around me is intent on outdoing each other with each BOOM.

  • Rodrigo and Zoey will take the oil from the dropper or from my hand.
  • Scout will only lick it out of my hand; sometimes he'll take it from the dropper, but not often.
  • Sydney isn't a fan of CBD oil, so I lift up a side of her cheek and squirt it in, then give her a treat for being a good girl (aka to apologize for the affront).
  • Although I don't think adding CBD oil to food is the most effective way, I do add it to Cosmo's food and it provides him with some calm as well.

CBD Oil Brands that Work with My Dogs

Over the years, I've tried several CBD oil brands and I learned that while some may work for some dogs, they don't work with all dogs.  I'm not sure if it's because of the plant, the processing, or the dog.  Whatever the case, I've learned not to throw my money at any ‘ole bottle that says “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” on it.  Thanks to past opportunities to try CBD oil products with my dogs, I now have three brands that work for my dogs.

I'm not going to pretend to understand the ins and outs of creating a quality CBD oil product.  What I have learned is to look for products that use the full hemp plant (full spectrum) made by companies trying to create the highest quality product for pets with the least amount of toxins.  So far, the following brands have nailed it for my dogs:

Top 3 CBD Oil Products for Dogs (and my Cat)

This is a personal list of products that work for my dogs (and cat) with a brief explanation sharing my experience giving each product to my dogs.  Please understand that the following may not be your dog's experience, however, I hope that with the growing number of CBD oil products flooding the market, I'm able to shed some light on a few products that are working.

Irie CBD Hemp Oil for Pets

1 – IrieCBD Oil

IrieCBD oil is a family run company that creates quality CBD oils.  They landed in the #1 slot of my list because this was the first CBD oil that worked for my dogs.  When they contacted me and offered me an oil to try, I wasn't enthusiastic because I didn't think it would work.  I was stunned to see a difference in Rodrigo and Sydney on Day 1.  Within 20-30 minutes of giving my dogs CBD oil, I could see a difference in their gate and their behavior.  Sydney was moving a lot easier and Rodrigo was visibly calm.

Sign up for the newsletter on the IrieCBD website (<– click to sign up) to receive notification of product discounts.  The following is the product I order most:

  • IrieCBD Pet 250 Tincture – this is 250 mg CBD oil.  The taste is mild and the dogs take it with no trouble.  I have to add it to Sydney's month (I put it inside her cheek) then she gets a treat.
Natural Pet Organics Organic Hemp CBD Oil

2 – Natural Pet Organics Hemp Oil for Dogs

One thing that concerns me about the rising tide of CBD oil products for dogs is the number of companies selling products that don't work.  When I see a product that says “hemp oil,” and it claims all of the benefits of CBD oil, I'm suspicious and will look carefully at the ingredients, sourcing, and processing.  I may even contact the company.  I'm looking to see if the oil is made using the entire plant or just a part of the plant – that will tell me if it's CBD oil or just hemp oil (which is a dietary supplement and not cannabidiol).

Natural Pet Organic's hemp oil for dogs is a CBD oil and after years of trying various products, it's my favorite.  The taste is mild (yes, I tried it before giving it to my dogs) and it's effective with two full droppers.

And Natural Pet Organics – Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs is available on (<– click to order), so it's easy to order, ships quickly for Prime members, and it's affordable.  Order quickly, because it's popular and may go out of stock.

3 – Healthy Hemp Company

I don't remember when I was introduced to the Healthy Hemp Company, but I order their products through our local raw food co-op, my favorites being the CannaBalm, which I've used successfully on sore tummies, paws, and other bits, and the CannaDrops. Their products are all natural (truly), made in the USA, non-GMO, and produced by a company dedicated to the health and welfare of our pets.

Healthy Hemp's CBD Oil

Healthy Hemp's CBD oil, the CannaDrops, is more palatable for my dogs, especially Sydney because they offer a coconut oil blend and a salmon oil blend (which I order for Sydney). I've learned to avoid brands that use a flavoring unless it's truly natural, which is why I will only recommend CannaDrops for dogs that aren't fans of the taste of CBD oil. Of course, CBD oil can be mixed in with food, but I feel that my dogs get faster and more benefits when I put the drops directly in their mouth (between the cheek and gums or on the tongue).

Healthy Hemp's Canna Crush

I'm currently using the CannaCrush with my senior dogs, Rodrigo and Sydney, and I'm really excited to see the benefits and report back in a later blog post.

You can order Healthy Hemp Products on their website (<– click to order).

Do CBD Dog Treats Really Work?

BONUS CBD Oil Product

cbdMD CBD Oil Products for Pets

I would be remiss if I forgot a true treat that I was introduced to in 2018. I received a generous box of cbdMD products, including their CBD oil and treats.  I was excited about this oil because it contains peanut butter extract.  Sydney doesn't like CBD oil, but I thought the peanut butter would tempt her taste buds.  Nope.  She still wasn't interested.  My other dogs liked it at first, but now they aren't fans either – I believe that the peanut butter is too strong to give them the oil directly, so I put it on a treat or a small piece of bread instead.  All of the dogs love it then.

While the CBD oil by cbdMD may not be a big hit in our house, cbdMD CBD dog treats have earned a parade!!!  I have tested out many CBD oil treats on my dogs and became convinced that they're pointless.  When you look at many of the serving recommendations, you have to give a big dog a lot of treats to get a fraction of the impact of the oil – at least in my experience.  So I had given up on the treats until I received a bag of 750 mg cbdMD dog treats.

The bag says that I should give Rodrigo three treats, but two does the trick just fine.  Earlier this summer, people were STILL shooting off fireworks, two treats calmed Rodrigo down and allowed him to relax while I was working in my home office.  I'd call that a win!  At first, I was turned off by the price, but when I saw them work (and they worked consistently), I became a convert and I recently ordered two more bags.

You can order cbdMD oil and treats for dogs on their website (<– click to order).  The following is what I order for my dogs:

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