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The more I learn, the better I am at raising dogs naturally. I originally published this blog post in October, 2018. Since then, I've learned more about CBD and found products that are better than the ones I've used in the past. So I'm updating this blog post with the products. Of course, every dog is different and what works for one dog may not work for another. The reason I want to update this list is that ALL of these brands work with my dogs (cancer, arthritis, anxiety, pain), which was a pleasant surprise and I hope others have this experience as well.

Top 3 CBD Oil Products for My Dogs - I'm sharing this list because I found products that work for ALL of our dogs - supporting gut health, alleviating joint and arthritis pain, pain from injuries, fear and anxiety, and cancer.

CBD oil for dogs is a hot topic.  I receive at least three emails weekly from brands who would like me to promote their CBD oils and treats for dogs and I've said “no thank you” each time because I have three products that work for my dogs and I don't need to try anything new.  Some people may be surprised that I'm not jumping at an opportunity to receive free CBD oil products (they aren't cheap), but I don't like using my dogs as test subjects, especially when we're in the midst of a trend explosion.  And CBD oil for dogs is blowing up with new products and brands hitting stores on the regular!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil (or cannabinoids oil) is an oil derived from the whole hemp plant (or at least it should be if it's quality and effective).  Despite some misinformation flying around the HR department of many companies, CBD oil doesn't get you high.  There is less than a drop of THC in CBD oil, making it safe for humans, dogs, and cats.

The reason I'm a fan of CBD oil for my dogs is that it helps to alleviate anxiety, pain, neurological issues (seizures), and cancer symptoms.  CBD oil also promotes heart health and it helps to prevent the spread of certain tumors.  So, yeah, I love CBD oil!

How I Use CBD Oil with My Dogs

I give my dogs CBD oil for several reason:

With a combination of a diet of fresh food, the right supplements, and a healthy active lifestyle, I think the addition of CBD oil in my dogs' diet/life will help them live longer, healthier lives.

I purchase CBD oil in three forms: oil with a dropper, treats, and capsules (more details below). All of the dogs love the treats. In fact, during Sydney's last days, all she'd eat were the CBD treats, which I hope helped make those days easier for her.

When it comes to the oil, Rodrigo, Zoey, and Apollo will take it directly from the dropper. Scout, however, will only lick it from my hand, but that works too. I prefer to deliver the oil these ways because the CBD is immediately absorbed through their gums and into their system. When we add the drops to their meal, the oil needs to go through the digestive system and the dogs get a fraction of the benefit.

CBD Oil Brands that Work with My Dogs

Over the years, I've tried several CBD oil brands and I learned that while some may work for some dogs, they don't work with all dogs.  I'm not sure if it's because of the plant, the processing, or the dog.  It may be all three. I've learned that quality is key, but it's not always easy to know which products are high quality and which are not because everyone says that they have the best CBD oil and I can promise you that this isn't true.

Whatever the case, I've learned not to throw my money at any ‘ole bottle that says “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” on it.  Thanks to past opportunities to try CBD oil products with my dogs, I now have three brands that work for my dogs.

I'm not going to pretend to understand the ins and outs of creating a quality CBD oil product.  What I have learned is to look for products that use the full hemp plant (full spectrum) made by companies trying to create the highest quality product for pets with the least amount of toxins.  So far, the following brands have nailed it for my dogs:

Top 3 CBD Oil Products for Dogs (and my Cat)

This is a personal list of products that work for my dogs (and cat) with a brief explanation sharing my experience giving each product to my dogs.

1 – CBD Dog Health

I've been seeing ads for CBD Dog Health for a while but didn't pay much attention until a friend recommended that I reach out to the company to learn more about their products. She believed that this brand could help Scout.

CBD Dog Health is doing something different than other brands that I've tried. The offer three CBD oil formulas:

  • Heal (autoimmune, cancer, seizures)
  • Ease (aches, arthritis, allergies)
  • Calm (anxiety, stress, fear)

I decided to give Heal and Calm a try. Scout and Rodrigo are doing great on Heal and they like the taste. Calm, on the other hand, was NOT a the house due to the added lavender essential oil and I don't blame them. Essential oils are NOT tasty. The only dog that will accept it is Rodrigo, which is a good thing because he is who I had in mind when I chose this product.

CBD Dog Health also offers treats, which the dogs love. They're training treat size and I give them to Scout before his veterinarian appointments.

2 – CannaPet CBD Oil

I was introduced to CannaPet in 2019 when Apollo joined our family. He came to us with a happy, affectionate demeanor, no training, and intense separation anxiety. Our veterinarian suggested CannaPet to help with his anxiety and it worked. I order their CBD capsules because they can last several hours. I was told up to twelve hours but this doesn't seem the case for my dogs.

Thanks to the pandemic, Apollo's separation anxiety has calmed down a lot because he's rarely separated from me for longer than a few hours. Although I look forward to the pandemic being in or rearview, I hope that I can continue working from home because I love being with my dogs all day.

I add one or two capsules to my dogs' meals when…

  • we're expecting a windstorm or thunderstorm
  • folks start practicing for the Fourth of July
  • when one of my dogs is in pain (arthritis, an injury)

CannaPet also offers CBD oil too. However, I usually watch for their BOGO sales and order the capsules and treats because we use these regularly.

King Kalm CBD Oil

3 – King Kalm by King Kanine

I gave King Kalm a try a couple of years ago for a review and loved it. In fact, they have a lot of products that I recommend – CBD oil, treats, furniture spray, and an undercoat brush. There are four reasons I stock up on King Kalm CBD oil (when it goes on sale):

  • it works for my dogs
  • it comes with a detailed dosage chart that is easy to follow
  • it comes with an oral syringe, making it easier to deliver the right dose to each dog
  • my dogs like the taste – a lot

Shopping for the Right CBD Oil for Dogs

Having four dogs, I can't afford to stick with one CBD oil brand. With many things, I like to have variety because every dog is different. I use all of these brands with all of my dogs.

So, you may be asking why I don't just give one CBD oil, CBD Dog Health for example, to all of my dogs all of the time. I can't afford it. These three brands are fantastic and when one goes on sale, I stock up and it becomes my main brand until another offers a sale and I can stock up again. Because of this, I've had to assign a brand to a dog (or two).

  • CBD Dog Health is fantastic for dogs with cancer, senior/geriatric dogs, dogs with autoimmune disorders, and dogs with intense anxiety. This being the case, I use CBD Dog Health HEAL primarily with Rodrigo (geriatric) and Scout (cancer). CBD Dog Health CALM is for unanticipated storms (didn't have time to prep Rodrigo) or fireworks. It works quickly and effectively.
  • CannaPet has similar benefits, however, I use it for separation anxiety, fireworks, thunderstorms, and other events that freak my dogs out. When Apollo joined our family, I added CannaPet to his meals daily for more than six months. Now that I'm a weirdo who checks the weather weekly for storms. By having a heads up, I can start adding the CannaPet capsules to Rodrigo's meals (he's terrified of thunder and windstorms) twice daily until we're past the scary weather. And I stock up on their treats – if my dogs are going to have cookies, then they can at least have CBD oil. They don't work as well as oil, but they do work.
  • Kanine Kalm also has similar benefits as the oils above, however, I use this one primarily with Zoey and Apollo. After having two cancer diagnosis in six months, I've graduated from Crazy Dog Mom to an insane woman when it comes to my dogs. I'm not proactive and I believe that CBD oil will give my dogs a better chance against cancer – sooooo, Zoey and Apollo get CBD oil nearly every day.

CBD oil is a big piece of the puzzle in our home and I think our dogs are benefiting from this addition to their lives.

Top 3 CBD Oil Products for My Dogs - I'm sharing this list because I found products that work for ALL of our dogs - supporting gut health, alleviating joint and arthritis pain, pain from injuries, fear and anxiety, and cancer.

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