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How I Determined the Right Fish Oil for My Dogs and Why I Prefer Bonnie & Clyde.


There was a delay in the production process for Bonnie & Clyde fish oil and I won't be able to place an order until March.  So I ordered a different brand and although it's not terrible, I'm not happy.  Not happy at all.

I don't want to call out the other brand, because I don't want to leave the impression that they don't make a good product – they do; there is nothing wrong with the product.  I simply need more.

Finding the Right Fish Oil for My Dogs

Bonnie & Clyde Fish OilSalmon OilPollock OilCamelina Oil*
What Does it Cost?$29.99/16 oz$24.99/16 oz$10.89/16 oz$18.99/16 oz
Color?Pale YellowBright OrangeBright OrangePale Yellow
Human Grade?YesNoNoNo
Smell?Faint Fish SmellSTRONG Fish SmellSTRONG Fish SmellFaint
Vitamin E Source?SunflowersSalmonI Don't KnowCamelina

* Camelina oil is high in ALA (α-linolenic acid), which needs to be converted to EPA/DHA in a dog's system.  While this isn't an efficient way to add the right Omega 3 fatty acids (aka EPA and DHA) to our dog's diet, it is an option.


Our dogs love all of the oils, which makes meal time easy.  Looking at the above chart, it would make sense that I'd save money and regularly buy pollock oil instead of Bonnie & Clyde fish oil.  The reason I won't make the switch is because of what I have learned about EPA and DHA.

Benefits of EPA in Fish Oil

“EPA is the most important of the omega-3 fatty acids to reduce cellular inflammation.” Source: The Zone Diet

  • helps the body reduce stress
  • boosts the immune system
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • lowers bad cholesterol


Benefits of DHA in Fish Oil

DHA is a great partner to the EPA in fish oil and offers our dogs:

  • cognitive development
  • reduces inflammation
  • cancer protection
  • slows aging process

Ratio of EPA to DHA for Joint Health

Rodrigo and Sydney have arthritis; so when I'm looking for a fish oil, price is no longer most important.  I thought I was looking for the proper ratio of EPA to DHA.  Turns out that I'm looking for the highest concentration of EPA and DHA in a fish oil.

Bonnie & Clyde*Salmon OilPollock OilKrill OilCamelina OilCod Liver Oil

*Bonnie & Clyde fish oil includes a blend of sardine, herring, mackerel, and anchovy.

Based on my math, the best alternative to Bonnie & Clyde fish oil is camelina oil.  I've been advised to avoid cod liver oil with our dogs, because it usually includes vitamins A and D, and too much can lead to hypervitaminosis (say that three times fast) in dogs.  Read more about Hypervitaminosis on

I'll continue using the replacement fish oil I purchased, because I'm not about throwing money away.  Plus, it isn't bad for our dogs.  It's just not the best.  Going forward, I plan to order camelina oil to alternate with Bonnie & Clyde fish oil (along with coconut oil; which has other benefits).

Bonnie & Clyde fish oil will be available the first week of March 2016. CLICK TO BOOKMARK their page to place your order.

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