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In 2014, I decided to start sharing my journey as a raw feeder.  I had been feeding my dogs a raw food diet for a year and wrote about what I had learned as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Looking back, I cringe at how little I knew about raw feeding and decided to update each of those blog posts in 2018-19.


Raw Feeding A to Z - Top Raw Feeding Resources for Pet Parents

When it comes to feeding raw, I can't stress enough how much homework and research I did before I switched our dogs over.  Despite the books I read, the leaders I followed, and the questions I asked, I still made raw feeding mistakes.

With the growth of the raw feeding / fresh food community, we're seeing more resources come to light and I have an updated list of books, podcasts, bloggers, vloggers, and online courses to help you learn how to feed your dog (and cat) a species appropriate diet.  CLICK HERE to visit my resources page.

A Novice's Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs

Four years after transitioning my dogs to a raw food diet, I wrote a book that shares my experience as a raw feeder – A Novice's Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs.  As with my blog, the purpose of my book is to forward the assistance folks have given to me by shedding some light on raw feeding and showing pet parents that it's not as hard as they may think.


More Raw Feeding Books

Pet Nutrition Courses

In 2016, I completed my certification in Pet Food Nutrition by Dogs Naturally Magazine.  This was a comprehensive course that taught me more than I expected about the pet food industry.  Next on my list of courses is one on raw feeding and one to help me better understand the role of herbs in a dog's diet and health.



Best Facebook Groups for Raw Feeders

I used to belong to several Facebook groups; I even had two of my own.  This is a great place to start learning about raw feeding and connect with other raw feeders.  Three groups I recommend are:



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