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Banned rubber stamp

The other day, I read an article about warning letters being sent to CBD oil brands because of unsubstantiated claims being made by the brands that CBD oil cures cancer, epilepsy, and more.

So, we all know that there are many natural cures for many scary health issues and diseases and it's not hard to believe that Big Pharma and the government agencies that are trying too hard to shut down raw food brands would start targeting CBD oil brands. But are these letters legit?

Warning Letters to CBD Oil Brands

Well, I'm not going to knock the FDA and the FTC for sending out the letters. I've seen a lot of natural brands making all kinds of claims about their products – essential oils come to mind – and this can be dangerous. My concern is that people will skip a trip to their veterinarian, choosing to give their dog CBD oil instead.

I've seen the videos on Facebook that show patients being given CBD oil and their epilepsy symptoms vanish in minutes. But is this proof that CBD oil works? Well, to me, “YES!!!” But the scientific world prefers a sample size greater than one or two YouTube videos and they run their studies under controlled environments that don't include random people taking cell phone videos. This is not to say that those videos aren't legit, I'm just saying that I can understand the concern.

But, many articles I've read said that there HAVE been studies.

Is the FDA Looking Out for Us and Our Dogs?

So, with these warning letters, is the FDA looking out for us and our dogs? I'd like to think so, but I'm not so positive. I'm not usually a foil-tin hat wearing, conspiracy theorist, but I don't trust the FDA or BigPharma when it comes to natural cures and fresh food. As Chris Rock said in one of his stand-up specials, “the money is in the comeback.” BigPharma gets rich by keeping us (and our pets) sick.

But it's not all doom and gloom. I love my dogs' team of veterinarians and I know that they support my goal of raising my dogs naturally, so if they recommend a drug or warn me from the latest “natural” trend, I'll listen. The same goes for my personal physician.

So, What CBD Oil Brands Can We Trust?

Thankfully, the three brands that I trust are still providing quality products for dogs and cats.

Why three brands?

Because (1) it took me a while to find CBD oils that worked for ALL of my dogs and (2) it's nice to have multiple brands in my back pocket because at least one is going to be offering a special a few times a year and when you're raising four big dogs, every penny counts.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

That being said, you may be wondering “should I be giving my dog CBD oil?” Instead of making claims that might have the FDA and FTC trolling me, I'll stick with why I give my dogs CBD oil.

  • Soothes anxiety – CBD oil is a must-have on the Fourth of July and during storms. I also give Zoey a couple of droppers-full of CBD oil before walks away from our property. What's interesting is that she gets so nervous when we walk in places where there are cyclists, joggers, and other walkers, but she does great when I take her to a Sniff Spot when it's just her, her siblings.
  • Relieves pain – I give CBD oil to Sydney and Rodrigo to help with joint pain and it works! They both have arthritis, but Sydney's is a bit more advanced. I add 2-3 full droppers of CBD oil to Sydney's meals (she won't take it directly in her mouth) daily and it helps with her mobility. I combine the CBD oil with Canine System Saver and WINPRO Mobility and now my girl has her strut back.

Other benefits of CBD oil for dogs includes:

  • CBD oil soothes gut issues.
  • CBD oil has been said to reduce the size of cells.
  • CBD oil helps dogs with diabetes.
  • CBD oil has been said to reduce symptoms of epilepsy.

How Much CBD Oil to Give to Dogs

You can find dosage recommendations online, but I recommend starting with the brand that you choose and adjusting based on your dog's needs. As I stated above, my dogs, which weigh between 57 lbs – 75 lbs, receive up to 3 full droppers of CBD oil without any negative side effects.

What, but Isn't CBD Oil Illegal?

CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC; not enough to get them (or you) high, so you can get CBD oil. The only caveat to this state is if you live outside of the United States.

Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?

Nope! Wait, Yes. Ummmm, Maybe?

Hemp oil is nutritional supplement. I often see it as something to give to dogs or add to our diet as a substitute for fish oil. However, there are a lot of hemp oils on that are touting the same benefits of CBD oil. Okay, so keep it on the down low, but Amazon won't sell CBD oil, so these companies label their products hemp oil.

There is another oil floating around called cannabis oil; this IS NOT something you want to buy for your dog unless you are doing so under the supervision of a veterinarian because unlike CBD oil, cannabis oil contains CBD and THC. Not every product is the same, so the amounts vary, but since it's there, I'd be careful.

Do We Need to Stock Up on CBD Oil?

I'm not worried about the availability of CBD oil for my dogs, but that doesn't mean that I won't be keeping my ear to the ground and ready to grab my debit card should I need to stock up.

I wonder how long those bottles last if I keep them in a dark place.

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