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Best Knives for Raw Dog Food


We broke 3 meat cleavers before we finally decided that we needed to invest in a quality meat cleaver.  We thought we'd save money at the outlet mall; their meat cleaver was $180.  We got a better deal at Costco.

There was a Gunter Wilhelm representative doing a presentation and we walked away with a quality meat cleaver for $45.  Less than a year later, I also had a 7″ Santoku and 6″ boning/fillet knife.  Together, I spent about $150 0n knives; still less than the meat cleaver at the outlet mall.

Why so much for knives?

Once we started preparing meals for our dogs, we realized that the knife collection we purchased from Fred Meyers was not going to work on raw meat.  Cutting through meat, carving meat from bone, and chopping meat and bone isn't easy.  After spending hours carving up lamb, I decided that the investment might be worth it.

And I was right.

Use of the Gunter Wilhelm meat cleaver…

  • chopping turkey necks in half; they're huge and easier for our dogs to manage when they're chopped in half
  • chopping duck necks into small pieces; then I mix with The Honest Kitchen and duck hearts
  • chopping duck wings and turkey wings into sections making them easier to grind
  • click to see this knife

Use of the Gunter Wilhelm 7″ Santuko…

  • cutting up large pieces of meat (lamb, venison, elk) into sizes that are easy to grind
  • cutting up vegetables quickly (greens, sweet potatoes, yams, etc)
  • click to see this knife

Use of Gunter Wilhelm 6″ boning/paring knife…

  • carving meat from bone; buying meat that's still on the bone is more affordable than boneless pieces
  • boning fish, mostly sardines, before sautéing them for the dogs meals (they won't eat raw sardines)
  • click to see this knife

Do raw feeders need a set of knives?

No.  If you feed pre-made raw then you don't need to go overboard with knives unless you're going to be using them for your meals.  If you feed your dog whole pieces of meat, then you don't need a set of knives unless you need to chop the meat into manageable pieces for a small dog.

If you're preparing raw meals like we do, then a nice set of knives can be a great investment, because they'll last for a long time if you take care of them.

Care for our knives…

  • Never put in the dishwasher
  • Sharpen regularly (we take ours back to the Gunter Wilhelm rep when they're at Costco)

I wanted to share our experience, because (1) I was shocked by how much knives cost – and these are cheap when compared to what restaurant chefs are using – and (2) I was pleased by how often I use the knives I purchased for preparing raw meals (weekly).

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