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I used to post raw food recipes every Friday and then I stopped. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to making dog food, so I eventually ran out of recipes. LOL

But I'm back now because I've been playing around with the Animal Diet Formulator. I'm unable to check my recipes because ADF doesn't have Dr. Harvey's bases mixes in their ingredients database (I asked, and they don't plan to add brands) so I take my recipe and see what it takes to getting close to balance using whole foods.

This will be fun.

Recipe Disclaimer

This is a recipe for a raw food diet. I do not suggest cooking this recipe, because it does contain bone. The following recipe was “formulated” for my dogs specifically. Although I am meeting my dogs nutritional requirements, I cannot promise that this is a balanced recipe. So copy it if you'd like, but please do your research if you're looking for balanced recipes.

Raw Food Recipe Ingredients

I buy ingredients through a local raw food co-op, local farms, ethnic markets, and the grocery store. The ingredients in today's recipe include:

  • 18 pounds of ground quail
  • 2.5 pounds of green tripe
  • 5 pounds of beef organ and liver
  • 3 cups of Dr. Harvey's Paradigm
  • 3 oz hemp seeds
  • 3 oz chia seeds
  • 4 oz green lipped mussel
  • 3 oz kelp
  • 3 cans of boiled oysters

I add raw eggs and sardines to my dogs' individual bowls at mealtime. They eat raw eggs 3-4 days a week. I add canned sardines twice weekly or raw/ground sardines, mackerel, or white fish/salmon daily until I empty the container.

Tools I Use during Raw Food Meal Prep

This recipe is easy. I only needed the following:

  • 3 8-quart stainless steel mixing bowls
  • 1 sturdy mixing spoon
  • 1 potato masher
  • measuring cup or large spoon
  • scale (optional)
  • freeze-safe storage containers
  • post-its to label the containers

A Few Tips on Mixing Up Raw Food

I've been feeding my dogs a raw food diet for eight years and have learned the following hacks to save time and make meal prep easier:

  • a potato masher helps to break down chubs of food, making it easier to mix.
  • wooden mixing spoons seem to be the most sturdy.
  • adding water to the food makes mixing easier.
  • mix the powders/seeds in water first, then add to the meat

Or, if you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, use it! It blends the food thoroughly and effortlessly.

Is This a Balanced Raw Food Recipe?

I balance over time and this is a balanced raw dog food recipe for my dogs. I have my dogs nutrient tested every other year to make sure we're on track.

I do like to run recipes through the Animal Diet Formulator, making tweaks here and there. These updated recipes are available over on Patreon.

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