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2015 has been a learning year for me, because each of our dogs has challenged me to learn more and do more to benefit their health.  Even our cats (rest in piece Jaffrey) challenged me to improve their diet (Cosmo is doing great).

5 Reasons Why Our Dogs Should Eat Raw Green Tripe Daily



I was told by well-meaning raw feeders in Facebook groups that I had to start adding green tripe to our dogs' diet.  Many people in the group fed their dogs green tripe daily, but I had no idea what it was and started doing my homework.  Today, I have several sources for raw green tripe.  Our dogs don't eat green tripe daily because it smells atrocious.  They do eat it 2-3 days each week.

I've gotten used to the smell of green tripe over the past year, but yesterday morning I was adding it to our dogs' meals and the smell was horrible.  I dealt with it because it's a Super Food for dogs.

1. Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids for Dogs

Green tripe has the perfect ratio of fatty acids, which…

  • promotes skin and coat health (including helping the body deal with skin allergies)
  • promotes the body's natural anti-inflammatory response to help ease canine arthritis pain
  • helps dogs with inflammatory bowel disease
  • helps dogs with chronic yeast infections
  • improves eye health
  • slows the development of certain cancers


2. Natural Calcium Source for Dogs

As someone who is making my dogs' meals, I worry about our dogs receiving enough calcium.  I feed our dogs ground raw based on the BARF model of raw feeding.  Although they do get duck bones, most of the bones they eat are during the summer so they can devour them outside, under supervision.  I've tried to feed them on a tarp inside, but the dogs don't understand, so I need calcium from another source.

Half of the raw I purchase has ground bone included in the mix.  Not all of the raw meat has bone mixed in and this is when green tripe comes in handy.  I thaw a 5-pound chub and mix a hefty amount into our dogs' meals until the chub is gone.

It smells atrocious.


3. Natural Stool Softener for Dogs

If your dog is constipated, give him or her green tripe.  Of course, this may not work for all dogs, but it works for our dogs.  I've had to learn how much is enough for each dog.

  • Rodrigo can only eat a small amount of green beef tripe, so he eats more meals that contain bone in them: rabbit, premade raw from trusted brands.  Because he has a beef intolerance, too much green tripe isn't good for him.  So I now feed him a green tripe/trachea blend from (purchased through our raw food co-op) and bison tripe from Darwin's Pet.
  • Sydney can eat green tripe for days and not have an issue.
  • While Sydney can enjoy a full meal of green tripe, Scout and Zoey are better able to digest a meal with green tripe mixed in (half or less of what Sydney will eat) with their regular meals.

If you add raw green tripe to your dog's diet, go easy and build up to learn your dog's tolerance level.


The Natural Way is the Only Way - Feed your dogs a natural diet to raise healthier dogs.


4. Green Tripe is Fantastic for Picky Dogs

Syndey and Scout will occasionally turn away from a meal.  Sydney is looking for something green (she loves her veggies) and Scout sometimes decides that he's not hungry (even though I know he is).  As long as they're not sick and require veterinarian care, I open a can of green tripe to mix into their meals.  The food becomes all shiny and new.   This has been a lifesaver on mornings when I need to get to work, but one of our dogs has decided that he'd rather go outside to play or try and communicate with the cat.

Another option to tempt a picky eater with green tripe is to sprinkle freeze dried tripe over their food.


5. Digestive Enzymes for Dogs

“Healthy Gut, Healthy Dog.”

I don't remember where I first read that, but it's so true.  There is some disagreement in the raw community about the viability of the digestive enzymes in green tripe.  Some people say that they are dormant or ineffective.  Others swear that green tripe has healed their dog's gut.  I sit in the middle of the aisle because Rodrigo can only tolerate green beef tripe in small doses, so I can't say that he's truly benefited (in the long run) from green tripe.  Our other dogs, on the other hand, have benefited from green tripe.

Scout was second to Rodrigo when it came to digestive issues.  Today, he rarely has loose stool or diarrhea, because I add a daily digestive enzyme and raw green beef tripe 2-3 days a week.

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Where to Buy Green Beef Tripe

It took me forever to figure out where to buy green beef tripe, but now I have tons of sources:



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