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3 Reasons Why I Recommend Darwin’s Pet on My Blog



Strangest thing has been happening recently.  I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from people who are curious why I promote Darwin’s Pet so much.  The theories floating around include:

  • I work for Darwin's Natural Pet Products – Nope! I work as an accountant for a local company in DT Seattle.  The company is not Darwin's Natural Pet Products.
  • Darwin’s sponsors my blog – Nope! In 2015, I made a choice not to have a raw brand sponsor my blog because I want to be able to write about all the raw brands I feed to my dogs.  And Darwin's has never offered.
  • This blog is owned by Darwin's Pet, not me.  Not only do I own the domain, I have also trademarked it.
Kimberly Gauthier Owns the Domain

Kimberly Gauthier Owns the Domain


I Love Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

I am a nut for Darwin’s Pet.  If you’re new to my blog, then you should know that I mention Darwin’s all the time.  It’s bordering on ridiculous – but I swear I'm not a crazy stalker.  I have mentioned a couple of other local raw brands, but they aren’t regularly featured on my blog because I find it easier to write about what I'm feeding my four dogs.

“Write what you know, and what do you know better than your own secrets?”~ Raymond Carver.


Raw Brands I Currently Feed to My Dogs

  • Darwin's Natural Pet Products – beef, turkey, and bison tripe
  • Raw Paws Pet Food – quail, lamb, goat, and freeze-dried green tripe
  • Steve's Real Food – pork
  • OC Raw – raw sardines, fish and vegetables
  • Answer's Pet Food – kefir, fermented fish stock
  • NRG Dehydrated Dog Food – this is my back up for when I forget to thaw raw meals

I ordered Columbia River this month because I want them to try their Guinea Hen.

Our Kitchen the Morning of My King 5 Interview on Raw Feeding with Dan Cassuto

Click Image to See the Interview


Why I Promote Darwin's Natural Pets

1 – Not Everyone Wants to Make Raw Meals

99% of the raw meals my four dogs enjoy are made by my hands.  I spend a couple of Saturdays a month mixing up raw meals for the dogs.   I have a new 3/4 HP meat grinder – a gift for myself from Cabella’s – that has cut down my work from 8 hours to 2 hours.  It’s amazing.  This past weekend, I spent 2 hours mixing up 70 pounds of raw meals for my dogs – all 100% balanced and ready to serve.

I LOVE making my dogs' meals from start to finish.  I don’t have a problem with premade raw; I just like learning what works for my dogs.  Plus, it’s less expensive to make the food myself.

Yes, there’s an initial investment for some of us:

  • Extra freezers
  • Meat grinder
  • Storage containers and mixing bowls
  • Chef’s knives
  • Professional mixer
  • Food Saver vacuum sealer
  • Crock pot (for bone broth)

Now that I have the gear, I'm just having a ton of fun.

But not everyone wants to mix up weeks of raw meals.  And for them, I want to share an option that worked great for me.  I started with Darwin's Pet and thought other dog parents who are new to raw feeding will have great success if they start with Darwin's too.

“My dogs have been eating 100% Darwin's for about 6 weeks and are doing fantastic. I give Rogue the Full Bucket and they both get Olewo Carrots daily and raw green tripe on the weekend.  Thanks again for the advice!” ~ Briana

“Kimberly, Both Airedales were started on B & C fish oil about 4 months ago after reading your recommendations.  It seems like very high quality sourcing too.  His fur is so much improved but has the scaly flakie scabs… smelly too.  We added the digestive supplement when he gets the Darwin‘s beef and the chicken for the last month-  thank you again- for both dogs.  I really appreciate the assistance- it means a lot!” ~ T Oliver

2 – Most of My Readers Are Outside of Washington State

I use a program called Clicky to keep an eye on who comes to my site and why.  I don't see names and addresses – I told you earlier, I'm not a stalker – but I do see cities and states.  It's nice to be able to see how people are finding my blog.  Clicky is a tool that I use in planning useful content that will be helpful to my readers.

If you look at the below image, which is a screen shot of the last 60 days of my blog's activity, you'll see that Seattle, WA is 7th on the list.  People who come to my blog visit from all across the country (and all around the world).

Promoting a local raw brand doesn't help them if they want to transition to raw.  However, promoting brands that can ship across the country, like Darwin's Pet and Raw Paws Pet Food, another national brand that I buy food from, helps my readers.


Top Cities that Visit Keep the Tail Wagging



The goal of my blog is two-fold:

  • To share my experience with raw feeding in a down to earth way that makes feeding the raw diet feel less intimidating to people who are interested in transitioning their dog to raw.
  • To raise awareness of raw feeding because – believe it or not – there are people who have never heard of raw feeding or they believe the myths that are floating around about the dangers of raw feeding.

3 – Darwin's Pet Has Been Good to Me

I still remember the afternoon that I was standing on the platform, about to board the Sounder Train home and my phone rang.  It was a customer service representative from Darwin's Pet who was ready to answer my laundry list of questions and help me set up my account.

Her patience was astounding.

I recommend Darwin's because I want others to have the same experience.  There is a ton of information about raw feeding and a lot of passionate (aka pushy) people and switching a dog to raw food can be overwhelming.  The folks of Darwin's Pet understand this and my experience with them made an impression.

Not only that, but Darwin's has come through for me many times.

  • There are the weeks when I realize that I'm going to run out of raw before my next co-op order comes arrives.
  • Darwin's Pet sent me an emergency order of food when I learned that I was going to be interviewed by Dan Cassuto of King 5 News.

Darwin's goes above and beyond for their customers, and I love that about the company.


So, no, Darwin's Pet doesn't pay me to write about them.  They don't own my blog or my domain.  And they don't sponsor Keep the Tail Wagging.  They're just an amazing brand that cares about their customers and because they can ship nationwide, many of my readers can share my experience with Darwin's Pet.

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