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Scout and Zoey started on a raw food diet at 6 weeks old.  They were eating a kibble made by Purina in the morning and when we got home 8+ hours later, they enjoyed their first raw meal by Darwin's Pet.  I was completely comfortable feeding our new puppies a raw diet because I had such an amazing experience feeding Darwin's Natural Pet Food to our other dogs.

I'm convinced that Scout and Zoey have been such healthy dogs because they started off on a quality, species appropriate diet.

Although I make most of my raw meals today, I still have a monthly order with Darwin's Pet.  Every dog that joins our family will start off with Darwin's Pet because it's the perfect bridge to transition a dog to a species appropriate diet..

To be frank (or harry or sally), I would feed 100% Darwin's if I could afford it for four big dogs.  That's how much I believe in their food.

Many of my readers know of my love of Darwin's and I recently realized that although I've told you about how well my dogs do on their food, I never shared why Darwin's Pet is an amazing company and one that we can all respect and trust.

Darwin's Pet Green Tripe Meal for My Dogs

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27 Amazing Things About Darwin's Natural Pet Food

One of my friends happens to work for Darwin's Pet – lucky me – and I asked her to help me create a list that shares how amazing Darwin's Pet is for the pet lover and raw feeding communities.  I learned a lot, because I didn't know half this stuff and I'm even more proud to see those Darwin's Pet boxes land on my porch.

Thanks, A.

Darwin's Pet Only Uses High-quality Ingredients

  1. Never sourced, manufactured, or packaged in/from China
  2. Never use 3d or 4d meats
  3. No factory farms
  4. Sourcing manager personally visits farms to ensure farming practices are to their standards
  5. Formulated with Steve Brown (regular line), Dr. Karen Becker (RX line), and Dr. Barb Royal (RX line)
  6. Specialized premix for every meat source to ensure meals are complete and balanced (like the magnesium levels for example)
  7. Meals are a single meat source
  8. Species appropriate
  9. Darwin's Pet follows Steve Brown’s Ancestral Diet ex. B.A.R.F or Prey Model diets – Darwin’s is The Ancestral Diet by Steve Brown
  10. Darwin's Pet meets AFFCO standards and take into consideration NRC and FEDIAF as well
  11. Use Steve Brown’s proprietary formulation software to create our recipes
  12. Have never had a recall
  13. Small batch production
  14. We follow all GMPs

Darwin's Pet is Direct to Customer

  1. Insured cold chain
  2. Convenient delivery to your front door
  3. Ability to adjust your order to meet your household needs
  4. Cost effective due to lack of distributor costs
  5. Darwin's Pet is small company; under 50 people

Darwin's Pet is Working to End Animal Homelessness and More

  1. Darwin's Pet has their own foster dog program
  2. Darwin's Pet donates to Wolf Haven
  3. Darwin's Pet donates fruits and vegetables three times a month to the Chimpanzee Project
  4. Darwin's Pet donates artwork and other auction items to many rescue and animal organizations such as NOAH (Northwest Organization for Animal Help)

Darwin's Works to Raise Awareness of the Value of a Species Appropriate Diet

  1. Conferences and lectures at AHMVA
  2. Veterinary scholarships through AHVMA foundation

Darwin's is Recommended by Veterinarians

  1. Darwin's Pet has received over 300 individual vet referrals
  2. Click here to read published recommendations for Darwin's Pet
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