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Last year I realized that I'm the worst cat owner on the planet.  I love my cats.  They've been with me through thick and thin.

  • They forgave me when we moved from our adorable bachelorette pad to J's place.
  • They forgave me when we brought home 2 puppies.
  • They forgave me when we moved again.
  • And they've continued to forgive me as my love of dogs has grown into an obsession.

I had a session with a pet communicator, and she told me that my cats knew that I'm a dog person, and they love me anyway.  And that's why I love them.  Only our animals accept us for who we are.

So why was I feeding our cats crappy food while the dogs were eating raw?

Why Not All Canned Cat Foods are Created Equal


What Our Cats Should Be Eating

I knew that canned cat food was important for our cats, but our cats hated some of the foods, I brought home.  What's the deal?

Rachel, who is the resident cat expert at Julz Animal Houz, introduced me to Weruva.  She taught me to shake the cans and buy the ones with the most moisture (you can hear the food sloshing around) for my cats.  I bought several cans and our cats went nuts for them.

I reached out to Weruva to schedule a call with them to chat cat nutrition.  They sent me a box of food (FOR FREE!!!!) and Jennifer coordinated a call with Chris, who is as passionate about Weruva as I am about raw feeding and it was an amazing call.

By the time I was finished with the call, I was convinced that our cats should be eating Weruva canned cat food.

I know I don't usually write about cats, but Chris spoke to the Nutrition Nerd in me, so I have to share what I learned.

Why Cats are Picky About Food

I've spent this past year trying to improve our cats' diet.  They refused raw food.  They loved Stella & Chewy's and Petcurean NOW, but I knew they needed more moisture and I wasn't able to find a food that they liked (or liked for long).

Chris explained what the problem was…

  • our cats tongues are sensitive to texture so if it isn't right, they won't eat the food
  • our cats prefer the texture of shredded meat to pate

I went through the box of food sent by Weruva and I picked up a lot more at BlogPaws in Nashville.  I'll be ordering it regularly through our local raw food co-op, because our cats are HUGE FANS.

The food is all shredded (Weruva hand butchers meat for quality), there is one that seems a little on the pate side, but once you break it up, it's not pate at all.  You can see the chunks of fish and other meat in the food.  The only time our cats turned down a meal was when I was away at Nashville and they went on a hunger strike.  The moment I got home, they were ready to devour their Weruva.

Why Not All Canned Cat Foods are Created Equal

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What I've Noticed Since Adding Weruva

Our cats were getting healthier when I improved their dry food to Stella & Chewys + Petcurean after I attended BlogPaws in 2014.  Adding Weruva gave them the proteins and moisture they needed while reducing carbs (used to bind kibble, holding it together) that cats have trouble processing, because they're obligate carnivores.

  • Our cats have more energy.
  • They drink less water (each can is 75-85% moisture).
  • They seem less on edge making them very pleasant to live with.

Another benefit (that I won't see) is a boost to their urinary tract health.  Feeding Weruva will help correct their PH, making it slightly acidic (as nature intended), which will prevent urinary tract problems and kill bad bacteria in their mouth.

Speaking of mouths…

Don't Cats Need Kibble to Clean Their Teeth?

Nope! I was told (eons ago) that cats needed dry food for teeth cleaning.  But whenever our cats threw up, the kibble would come up whole.  So how much teeth cleaning is happening?  Wet and dry food wash over the teeth; they don't clean the teeth.

What We Feed Our Cats

Our cats share a small can of Weruva twice daily.  They still get Petcurean NOW, a small amount, that's mixed with Stella & Chewy's freeze dried raw for cats.  The dry and freeze-dried foods are split between our 2 cats and they graise on it through the day.  Because they like to graze, I only give them a small amount of food to prevent over-eating and vomiting.

We order all of their food through our local raw food co-op, which offers discounts on Weruva, Stella & Chewy's, and Petcurean NOW.

And here's a piece of trivia for you.  David and Stacie, owners of Weruva, used their pets' names to come up with their business name:  Webster, Rudy and Vanessa.  WeRuVa.

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