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Naturally Treating My Dog's Phobias - An Adorable Puppy Hiding Beneath Blankets on a Bed



A couple months ago, a coyote came trotting up to us as the dogs were enjoying their raw meaty bones.  I don't know if the coyote smelled the blood and ventured closer or if the ones in our area are no longer afraid of humans.  I wasn't frightened; the coyote didn't seem frightened either.  I slowly gathered the dogs and brought them inside before they noticed our guest and thanked God that the wind was in our favor that day and my pack didn't catch the coyote's scent.

I warned my stepson about taking the dogs out because we had adolescent coyotes hanging out on the property and he laughed.  “That's okay, Rodrigo will kill them.”  That's when I laughed.  Yes, Rodrigo had a run-in with a coyote, but he's no murderer.  He's a dog that is afraid of broomsticks, windstorms, baby gates, and a re-arranged garage.

In this post, I'm going to share a list of Rodrigo's phobias and how I have been using Ewegurt to treat them naturally.

1 – My Dog is Afraid of Baby Gates

Rodrigo's fear of baby gates is his own fault, but he couldn't know that.  When he and Sydney were puppies, we used baby gates to keep them in the dining room area.  One day I was home sick and sleeping on the sofa and they wanted to be with me so they started jumping against the baby gate – they saw it shift and figured out how to knock it down.  But when it hit the ground, the noise scared Rodrigo.

The best way to deal with this is to ignore his fears.  I don't chase him around the house with the baby gate to desensitize him to them, instead, I just act as if everything is fine and over the years, he's calmed down.  He's still not a fan, but he'll happily walk past the baby gate when he's allowed upstairs.  That's progress!

2 – My Dog is Afraid of Brooms

When Rodrigo was a puppy, he was chasing his sister around the kitchen, he brushed against a broom leaning against the wall and it hit the ground next to him.  He's gotten better over the years; he no longer runs from the room when I'm sweeping or mopping, but if has to walk past a broom, he won't take his eyes off of it just in case.

We've reached a point, finally, when Rodrigo doesn't go racing out of the room when I'm cleaning the house. He'll never be a fan of brooms and mops, but at least I don't have to put him outside because I plan to sweep.

3 – My Dog is Afraid of Clean Garages

He's not a fan of the garage, but he'll tolerate the area as long as nothing changes.  I love it when J gets the “spring cleaning” bug and decides to organize and re-arrange his stuff (lots and lots of stuff) in the garage – by the time he's finished, the garage looks fantastic.  Still crowded, but better.  Rodrigo peaks out the door and backs away.  The dogs go through the garage to their fenced yard and I have to walk with Rodrigo that first time as he scurries out of the garage, looking around as if he's waiting for a baby gate or broom to fall.

There isn't a whole lot I can do other than walk outside with him.  After J finishes cleaning the garage, I take Rodrigo through the garage to his yard to show him that nothing is going to happen.

4 – My Dog is Afraid of Windstorms

A couple of years ago our fall windstorms were insane and we lost power for 3 days the first time and nearly 5 days the second time.  During the first storm, the fence to the dog yard fell down (remember, my dog's fear of baby gates) and Rodrigo and Zoey panicked and ran out of the yard to get away from the wind.  Scout and Sydney ran inside the house (smart).  Rodrigo and Zoey didn't leave the property, thank heavens, but they were freaked and Rodrigo panics whenever we have high winds.

Thank heavens for meteorologists – sort of. I love that they give us a heads up on storms.  It drives me bonkers when the storm decides to take a little longer to hit our area – I'm trying to plan!!!

When I know that we're going to have a storm, I add Ewegurt to Rodrigo's meals for a few days.  Ewegurt is an all-natural supplement made from sheep's milk that promotes calming in dogs.  It's a lot cheaper than prescription medication, it doesn't have negative side effects, and it works!!!

5 – My Dog is Afraid of the Loud Noises

Like many dogs, Rodrigo is afraid of thunder and fireworks.  But those have nothing on the air compressor.  My boyfriend likes to rebuild and flip big equipment – excavators, tractors, etc. – and he has a garage full of equipment to help, including an air compressor.  That damn air compressor drives me bonkers because sometimes it starts making this loud noise out of the blue, freaking Rodrigo out.  Even the low hiss of released air will send Rodrigo running into the room and jumping into my lap.

Just like with windstorms, I can plan around thunderstorms and add Ewegurt to Rodrigo's meals in anticipation of the weather.  When J is working on a project, using the air compressor, I just bring Rodrigo in the house and diffuse essential oils that promote calming – easy peasy.

However, fireworks and the air compressor require something different.

Fireworks and Dogs

Fireworks are illegal here, finally, but that doesn't stop people from lighting them off the week before the Fourth and then all night long on the Fourth of July.  I started taking Rodrigo for walks daily so that he could get used to the noise and this has made it possible for me to play with the dogs outside without worrying about him getting afraid and bolting into the woods.  But the night of the Fourth of July is a nightmare.

I hydrate and add Ewegurt to Rodrigo's meals all week and the night of the Fourth of July, around 10 pm, I take the following steps:

These steps help him get through the night with less stress.

Naturally Treating My Dog's Phobias

I gave Rodrigo a medication prescribed by his vet once and it took away all of his fear and sent my dog running off into the woods at night.  Do you know how hard it is to find a black puppy in the dark?  Thankfully we found him quickly, but I decided then that I would never give him a prescription medication again. I know that not everyone has this option because their dog only responds to medication; I'm fortunate because my dogs all respond well to training, essential oils, and natural supplementation.

If you're interested in trying natural options for your dog, I highly recommend the following because they are working so great for Rodrigo.

Essential Oils – I diffuse lavender or other combinations that promote calm.  I see a visible change in my dogs within 20 minutes of starting the diffuser.  Plus it smells nice.

Ewegurt – I add Ewegurt to my dogs' meals on days when we're going to have storms; it's an all-natural supplement made from sheep's milk that promotes calm in dogs. It is so effective that it's helping dogs with separation anxiety, socialization issues, and fears of storms.

CBD oil – I give Rodrigo CBD oil when storms knock out the power and we're depending on the generator (loud noise) and when the fireworks at their worst (despite the fact that they're illegal).  CBD oil is pretty expensive to give to my dogs on a daily basis; I prefer to use it along with Ewegurt during big events because it helps Rodrigo calm and get some rest so that I can get some rest.



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