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I recently received an email from a dog lover who was concerned that a bottle of Bonnie & Clyde fish oil would last too longer for her small dog.  I can't tell you how long a bottle will last for your dog, but you may be able to get an idea by learning about my experience.

How Long Does a Bottle of Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil Last?

I've been adding Bonnie & Clyde fish oil to our dogs' meals for six months.  I switched to Bonnie & Clyde after speaking with the owner and learning about the benefits of using a natural fish oil using human-grade ingredients.  I was a little worried about the cost.  We have four dogs, and I wasn't sure if I could afford to keep them on a premium-grade fish oil.

I was wrong.

Why I Chose Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil for Dogs

Before switching to Bonnie & Clyde fish oil, I was using a couple of well-known salmon and pollock oils that I ordered through our local raw food co-op.  I switched to Bonnie & Clyde, because instead of using the fish oil sourced for pets, it uses the fish oil that's human-grade.  It includes a natural source of vitamin E, instead of synthetic (which is harder to absorb in my dogs' systems).  And it doesn't have a strong fishy smell, which surprised me, because Bonnie & Clyde fish oil is more concentrated than salmon, pollock, krill, and cod liver oil.

What Makes Bonnie & Clyde a Premium Fish Oil

  • Made in Iceland from wild-caught ocean fish
  • Full of powerful antioxidant: natural vitamin E from sunflowers
  • Human grade, non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Free from soy, wheat, corn, artificial flavors, and preservatives
  • Convenient to serve; comes with a pump and pouring cap
  • A portion of profits donated to animal causes
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Source: Bonnie & Clyde Pet Goods

How Long Does Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil Last

We're raising four dogs that range in weight between 60 pounds and 80 pounds.

Bonnie & Clyde fish oil lasts longer than other fish oils we've tried because it's so concentrated.  I add 2-3 pumps of Bonnie & Clyde fish oil into our dogs' morning meals at least five days a week for four dogs.  A 16-ounce bottle of fish oil lasts more than one month (5-6 weeks) when fed to four dogs at least five days a week (I alternate with wild Alaskan salmon oil).

I store unopened bottles of fish oil in the cupboard; opened bottles are stored in the fridge.

Don't want to do the math?  Here's a guide from Bonnie & Clyde:

  • 40lbs of combined pet bodyweight: 120 days
  • 80lbs of combined pet bodyweight: 60 days
  • 120lbs of combined pet bodyweight: 40 days

Tips for Feeding Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil

Bonnie & Clyde fish oil is concentrated and a little goes a long way.  I started our dogs off with one pump of fish oil and gradually increased the amount I gave them, paying attention to their poop.  Above, I stated that I give the dogs 2-3 pumps of fish oil, here is what each dog receives in their meal:

  • Rodrigo – 63 pounds – 2 pumps
  • Sydney – 80 pounds – 3 pumps
  • Scout – 70 pounds – 2 pumps
  • Zoey – 60 pounds – 3 pumps

Although their weight states that they should be consuming three pumps per day, Rodrigo and Scout can only tolerate two pumps; more than that leads to loose stool.  Since I alternate with wild Alaskan salmon oil and canned sardines (fresh sardines if I can get them), I believe our dogs are getting a sufficient amount of Omegas in their diet.

Every dog is different, so don't let this be your guide; instead, use my experience as informational only.

How long will a bottle of Bonnie and Clyde fish oil last for dogs?

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