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2018 Raw and Natural Dog Summit Recordings Giveaway

If you weren't able to attend this year's Raw and Natural Dog Summit (RNDS), you can still enjoy this amazing learning opportunity! I am blown away by the event, the speakers, and the networking. I loved it so much that I purchased a ticket to the 2019 event.

I thought about buying a ticket for the Raw and Natural Dog Summit in 2019 for one of my readers, however, I think hosting a giveaway for the recordings for RNDS 2018 will be better and this is why…

  1. Not everyone can afford airfare, hotel, and meals for a conference; for some people, this is a long trip.
  2. With the virtual recordings, more people are eligible to win, because we've taken the cost of travel off the table.
  3. The virtual recordings are currently $97, which means that I can choose two winners because I purchased two extra sets of recordings.

2018 Raw and Natural Dog Summit Sessions

This is what the recordings include, I put a * next to the sessions I attended:

  • Keynote – Our Right To Choose, Dana Scott – CEO & Founder Of Dogs Naturally Magazine*
  • Complementary Approaches To Inflammation And Degenerative Conditions, PJ Broadfoot – DVM
  • Homeopathic Remedies For Skin Disease And Allergies, Julie Anne Lee – DCH RCSHom*
  • Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), Katie Kangas – DVM CVA CVCP *
  • How Pets Are The Canary In the Coalmine, Doctor AMara – CiHom DVM
  • Lunch And Learn – Food Energetics – The Tao Of Food, Chris Bessent – DVM
  • Plant Stem Cells And Their Role In Liver Health, Rita Hogan – Canine Herbalist
  • Sales Tricks And Hacks, Dana Scott &  The Dogs Naturally Marketing Team
  • Turning Back Time For Senior Dogs,  Judy Morgan – DVM
  • Gut Health in Raw-Fed vs Kibble-Fed Dogs, Richard Patton – Ph.D.*
  • What's In A Vaccine?,  Dee Bianco – DVM
  • Understanding Fats and the Coconut Oil Hype – Is Coconut Oil Really Beneficial for Health?, Charisa Antigua and Carmina O’Connor – Cocotherapy*
  • Keynote – Canine Cancer Lessons, Thoughts And Tools, From Molecules To Multiverse,  Demian Dressler – DVM
  • A Homeopathic Approach To The Treatment Of Cancer In Animals,  Sue Armstrong – MA VetMB VetMFHom CertlAVH MRCVS RsHom
  • The Power Of The Healthy Skin Program, Natural Help For Allergies & Yeast Overgrowth
  • How I Feed My Dog: Methodology and Practical Applications Of The Raw Diet, Billy Hoekman – Answers Pet Food*
  • 5 Ways To Win Back Your Customers, Alex Seilis – Acquisition Manager – Dogs Naturally
  • Skin Issues: Holistic Medicine,  PJ Broadfoot – DVM
  • Exploring CBD The Endocannabinoid System And The Cell Health Of Your Pet, Ian Pedersen – Source CBD*
  • Lunch And Learn – Breaking News And Research On The Isolation Of The Only Canine Specific Probiotic, Julie Anne Lee – DCH RCSHom
  • Dirty Secrets Of The Pet Food Industry, Jean Hofve – PhD
  • Grow Your Business With Content,  Dana Scott – CEO & Founder Of Dogs Naturally Magazine
  • Re-Establishing And Preventing The Destruction Of Your Dog's Skin Microbiome, Julie Anne Lee – DCH RCSHom
  • Reduce Pain And Repair Tissue Naturally With Laser Therapy, Tracy Farley, CVT, BS / Veterinary Laser Specialist

5 Takeaways from the RNDS

1 – This is a valuable opportunity to be in the same room as the experts in raw feeding, dog health, and dog nutrition.  There is nothing like being able to get answers to your questions from the experts.

2 – What I learned in one weekend would have taken me a year or more to figure out on my own and because we're all in one place, attendees had an opportunity to continue the discussions with the speakers and each other between sessions and in the evening at dinner.

3 – The variety of information was outstanding – we learned about dog nutrition, dog health, vaccinations, pain relief, cancer, gut health, sales and marketing, and more.  Given the amount and value of the information and the qualifications of the speakers, this event is a great value.

4 – I spent the weekend learning how I can raise healthier dogs.  Every session taught me something that I can take home and immediately apply to how I feed my dogs and how I approach their health.

5 – The positive energy at the event was a welcome change to the competitiveness and negativity we occasionally experience on social media.  This event wasn't about being right or wrong; it was about sharing our knowledge and experience.  I witnessed many discussions where people disagreed respectfully, enjoying a healthy debate while learning and sharing.

This Giveaway is Over

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. Congratulations to the winners: Kim Wright and Cathi Osipov.

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