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Need Inspiration for Your Blog or Social Media Page?  Here are 101 Pet Blogger Topic Ideas.

When it comes to raising our dogs, I’m not the only passionate pet parent out there who is inspired to share their story with others. It's FANTASTIC that there are so many of us out there who are sharing our stories because it helps so many people make better choices!  Whether you plan to write about raw feeding, home cooking, dog training, or just sharing your life with dogs, I’m dedicating this blog post to you!

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Kimberly Gauthier (go-tee-ay) and I’m the blogger behind Keep the Tail Wagging.  I started my blog initially to share my experience raising littermates and it evolved into a blog about raw feeding when transitioning my dogs to raw improved their health (something their first veterinarian couldn’t do).  I’m not saying that I’m better than a veterinarian, far from it; but I did want to share my experience feeding fresh food because, let’s face it, our dependence on processed foods is killing us and our pets.

Today, I have a blog, two books, a YouTube channel, and I’m planning an annual conference for pet parents who want to learn how to raise their dogs naturally.

I have five dogs and one cat:

  • Rodrigo – 9 years old
  • Sydney – 9 years old
  • Scout – almost 6 years old
  • Zoey – almost 6 years old
  • Apollo – 8 months old
  • Cosmo – my 13-year-old cat

Blogging About Pets

Starting a blog is easier than you think and it doesn’t have to cost money.  I’ve turned my blog into a business, so I do have overhead and I earn revenue to keep this business afloat.  However, this isn’t something that everyone needs to do.  You can start a free blog over on, scroll through their free designs, and start slowly from there. 

Want an easier way?  Start with a Facebook page and use the “Note” feature to write blog posts.  Can’t get any more free than that!

Check out my blogging resource page if you're a little more advanced.

101 Blog Topic Ideas

One concern many people new to blogging have is that they’ll run out of topic ideas.  I’ve been blogging since 2011 and I still haven’t run out of ideas.  But just in case you’re still not convinced, I came up with this list of ideas to get you started. 

If you post once a week, this will cover close to two years of blog topics!

I found these tips from blogs that I follow, blog posts that I’ve written in the past, and silly ideas that I came up with as I was writing.  Feel free to share more ideas in the comments below.

  1. Share your blog’s origin story. Why did you decide to start your blog (or vlog, Facebook page, etc.)?  What was your inspiration? What do you hope to accomplish?
  2. Confess your biggest pet parenting mistake.
  3. Share your biggest pet parenting WIN!
  4. What do you feed your pet and why?
  5. Have you received a negative comment on your blog or on social media (even in a group)? Turn that negative in a positive! What did you learn? How did you respond? How do you wish you would have responded?
  6. Write a counterpoint to a blog post you recently read.
  7. Share how you “treat” your self.
  8. Share your personal story of helping one of your pets through a challenging situation.
  9. Share your favorite picture of your pet and explain why it’s your favorite.
  10. Write a post from your dog or cat’s point of view.
  11. Record a video for YouTube and Facebook; embed it into a blog post.
  12. Create a wish list for your dog or cat.
  13. Create a top 10 list of products for dogs and/or cats.
  14. Is Christmas nearby? Create a holiday gift guide for pet parents.
  15. Share a list of 10 achievements as a pet parent.
  16. Post a favorite dog treat or food recipe.
  17. Write a review of your favorite rescue.
  18. Write a review of your favorite Facebook pet-focused group.
  19. Do you want another pet? Share why or why not.
  20. Share your writing process for other aspiring bloggers/content creators.
  21. Interview another pet parent.
  22. Share your dog or cat’s rescue story or Gotcha Day story.
  23. Describe your best day living with dogs.
  24. Describe your worst day living with dogs.
  25. Share a problem that you’re experiencing right now; or one that you resolved and share how you resolved it.
  26. Describe your first veterinarian visit with your pet.
  27. Share your thoughts on the most recent trending pet/animal news.
  28. Start a weekly feature, like Training Tuesday or Top Five Friday.
  29. Share tips on how to keep the house organized and clean with multiple pets.
  30. Who inspired you to start your blog? Write about that person.
  31. Do you have a pet inspired tattoo?  Show it off and explain the inspiration, the day you got it, all the fun and painful details.
  32. Share a DIY project.
  33. Review a pet product that you love.
  34. Review a pet product that you’re not a fan of.
  35. Have a mixed breed dog? Write a post about the breed mix and what your dog most resembles in looks and behavior.
  36. Review a dog DNA test.
  37. Post a funny picture once a week. Ask your followers to “caption this.”
  38. Write a blog post/news round-up once a week, sharing your favorite blogs, books, news, memes, videos, etc for the week.
  39. Share discounts, sales, and coupons for pet parents.
  40. Write a list of your favorite pet-focused Etsy stores.
  41. Explain how you use Instagram to connect with other pet parents.
  42. Share a Now and Then Picture of your dog/cat as a baby and today.
  43. Feature your best blog comments of the week.
  44. Talk about your blog design, why did you choose it?
  45. Write a tutorial.
  46. Make a list of pet-related holidays and write a blog post for the ones that resonate with you.
  47. Share tips on how to save money as a pet parent.
  48. Take a stance on a controversial topic (dog training, raw feeding, etc.).
  49. Host a giveaway or contest.
  50. Figure out your pet’s horoscope sign and write a post about the characteristics. Does it ring true for you? What about for your pet?
  51. Share your favorite memes; or your least favorite.
  52. Write a list of influencers that you’d love to meet.
  53. Is it New Year’s?  Write a bucket list for your pet; a list of things you’d like to accomplish over the year.
  54. Share your thoughts on different training styles and/or tools.
  55. Share your thoughts on different grooming tools.
  56. Review your favorite pet store(s).
  57. Review your favorite dog park.
  58. Share alternatives to dog parks.
  59. Create a quiz and post the answers at the end of the week, or create a Lie Day – post three things and ask your readers to guess which one is the lie.
  60. Write an open letter.
  61. Share 10 things that you’ve learned as a pet parent.
  62. Share 10 things that you’ve learned as a blogger.
  63. Share the difference between being a pet parent today and 30 years ago (or when you were a kid).  Interview people older than you to get more perspectives.
  64. Share your pet’s quirks and silly habits.
  65. Write a review of your pet’s favorite toy.
  66. Do you camp with your dog? Share a blog post with tips on how to have a successful camping trip.
  67. Post a before and after pic/blog post of having your dog groomed.
  68. Chronical a day in your life with dogs or cats; do it in pictures with captions.
  69. Write about a dog food or treat recipe that failed miserably.
  70. Do you include your pet in holiday traditions? How?
  71. Have you lost a pet? How did you get through it?
  72. Share the best moment of the week with your pet.
  73. Write about the worst moment of the week.
  74. Is your best friend a pet parent too? Interview him or her.
  75. Check out Facebook trending topics and write a blog post about what people are talking about.
  76. Create a Best of the Year List and share your favorite blog posts, memories, etc.
  77. Share tips for new pet parents.
  78. Check your spam email and share a crazy email that you received.
  79. Celebrate your blogasversary.
  80. Write your blog Bucket List.
  81. How do you think pet parenting will change over the next 5-10 years?
  82. Write a FAQ post about your or about how you raise your pets.
  83. Share 5 reasons why you’ll ignore a friendship request.
  84. Go through that “Other” email box on Facebook and share a strange message you received.
  85. Post your thoughts on a recent product recall.
  86. Do you have multiple pets? Share how you balance raising them.
  87. Write a list of your favorite brands.
  88. Start an award (you can create an image on Canva) and write a post nominating other bloggers.  Ask them to do the same and pay it forward.
  89. Write about your first pet. How old where you? What was the pet’s name?  What did you learn?
  90. How did you become a pet lover?
  91. Document a project, like helping your dog lose weight or helping your cat transition to a new food.
  92. Write a blog post to your ideal reader.
  93. Write a letter to a pet who has passed on.
  94. How would you change your house to be more pet friendly?
  95. Describe your dream, pet-friendly car?
  96. Share your thoughts on rescue, reputable breeding, backyard breeding, and puppy mills.
  97. Share your thoughts on off-leash dogs.
  98. Are you allergic to your pet? Share tips on how to make life easier when you’re allergic to the pet you love.
  99. Review one of those dating websites for pet parents.
  100. Post a picture of your dog’s toy box and list all of the toys.
  101. Explain the origin of your pet’s name.

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