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Workshop: Learn How to Make Raw Dog Food

Fall Raw Feeding Workshops Starting Soon!

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Learn How to Make Raw Dog Food with Keep the Tail Wagging®


Raw Dog Food Workshops

Location: Rotary Ranch


Workshop: Learn How to Make Raw Dog Food


What this Workshop Will Cover

  • Rodrigo's story and why I make my dog's food.
  • The role kibble plays in canine allergies, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.
  • The benefits of making dog food.
  • The pros and cons of commercial raw dog food and homemade dog food.
  • Demonstration of making a raw meal for my dogs.
  • Free copy of my ebook – A Quick Start Guide to Raw Feeding.
  • A goody bag of natural treats to take home to your dog.

I would love to bring a meat grinder, blender, and mixer to the class, but that's a lot of heavy equipment that I don't want to lug back and forth from home. So I will pre-prep everything and bring it with me to show you what I do twice a month when I make raw meals for our four dogs.


Raw Feeding for Dogs and Dog Nutrition


What You Should Bring to the Workshop

  • Questions!
  • Bring tons of questions!


Natural, Safe Dog Treats


Reserve Your Spot Today!

  • The workshop is only $25 for three hours of information.
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There will not be a live webinar of this event.

Sponsorship Opportunity for Pet Related Brands

I will be creating goody bags for attendees (30 total) filled with natural treats, supplements, and for people to take home to their dogs.  This is an excellent opportunity for a pet-related business to get their branded, natural (dog safe) products in the hands of dog lovers.

The class will have 25 participants.  For those of you who cannot attend the Marysville event, I will be hosting a webinar the following day (same time).

Products only (not marketing materials or coupons).

Contact me privately to discuss what you would like to contribute. Thanks!!!


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