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Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday where I'll be sharing recipes of what I feed to my dogs; except this week, I'm going to be writing about what I feed my cat.

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This Week is About the Cat – Cosmo – Again!

Every week, I receive an email from someone who wants me to give them a balanced raw food recipe.  I've attempted to do this many times in the past, and I found that I didn't have the experience; especially back when all of my raw meals were made with a base mix.  Today, I make raw meals on the fly daily, and my dogs are thriving, and I'm excited to share those meals with others who need inspiration.

I no longer focus on balance per meal. Instead, I balance over time which allows me more flexibility.  If I'm running low on an ingredient, I don't panic because my dogs' raw meals will be out of balance.  Instead, I add something else and adjust their diet later in the week or the following week.

Ask yourself – do you eat a balanced diet each meal or per day?

But for my cat, I do feed him a balanced meal daily because he eats premade raw from Rad Cat and I mix in one or two spoonfuls of Weruva BFF (his favorite).  But this week, Rad Cat announced that it would not be providing balanced cat food for our feline family members.  WHAT THE WHAT?  If you're like me, then you may be wondering “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO FEED TO MY CAT???”  Cosmo has very particular tastes, and I'm not sure if he'll like Rad Cat.  I've tried a couple of other raw brands with him, and he tried it and then said “nahhhh.”

Rad Cat Raw Cat Food - What Will My Picky Cat Eat Now


Easy Raw Cat Food Recipe

So this isn't technically a recipe, because I rarely feed my cat DIY raw.  But now that I'm going to run out of Rad Cat, I'm exploring other options.

Stock Up on Rad Cat Raw Cat Food

Don't throw in the towel yet! Head to your local, independent pet store and buy up some Rad Cat.  I only have one cat, and I have enough Rad Cat to last me through the end of the year, possibly longer.

Feed Your Cat a Hybrid Diet

Cosmo prefers that I add a couple of tablespoons of his soft food (Weruva BFF in the pouch) to his meals, so I'll continue feeding him a hybrid diet because this will make the Rad Cat we have on hand last longer.

Reach Out to the Cat Lover Community

The moment I read the news that Rad Cat was closing their doors, I asked other raw feeders what brands worked with their cats.  I had a similar discussion at our local, independent pet store.  Here are a few recommendations:

I'm going to start with Darwin's Pet because we already have an account with them and it'll be easy to add Cosmo's order.  I'm crossing my fingers that he likes it.  If you have food recommendations, please leave them in the comments.  Thank you.

Follow The Two Crazy Cat Ladies

And, finally, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies have become my resource for all things cat, and I'll be following them to gain tips on what I can feed Cosmo as well as how to tempt him to try new things.  Maybe I'll also learn how to convince him that eating an entire dish of food and THEN determining that he didn't like it isn't acceptable.

I'll also be joining The Two Crazy Cat Ladies on their Facebook page to learn more about our options.  I want to continue feeding my cat a species appropriate diet, and I want to do it right.  Join us on Saturday 10/20 at 12:30 pm PST.  I'll embed the video in this blog post once it publishes on Facebook (added above).


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