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Why Are Dogs Getting Sick from Jerky Treats


I usually don't share infographics anymore, because I find most of them to be self serving and add zero value to my blog.  Today, I'm making an exception, because this is important.

I've written about chicken jerky treats in the past when I shared Why I Won't Promote Purina Waggin' Train Jerky Treats.  This is a confusing and confounding topic, because we still don't have any clear answers.

Why are dogs getting sick from chicken jerky treats?

I don't know why dog are getting sick, but I've met many dog owners over the past few years who have either lost a dog after they ate tainted jerky treats (and it doesn't take much) or who nursed a dog back to healthy (spending thousands on vet care).

  • Is it the protein content?  Our dogs are on a raw diet that is 80% muscle meat, they aren't getting sick.
  • Is it the sourcing?  Many of the chicken jerky treats named in warnings source their meat from China.
  • Is it the chickens?  After attending this year's Raw Round Up, the question that comes to mind is “what are the chickens being fed?”  Could the problem be in the feed?  Are they being given hormones and antibiotics that are having an adverse affect on the dogs that are eating the chicken jerky treats?

I thought our dogs were safe as long as we avoided dog treats that were sourced from China.  The latest concern is with a US brand that makes chicken jerky treats from chickens born and raised on a US farm; Spot Farms, which is owned by Purdue Farms.  Read More Here.

Choose single ingredient chicken jerky like Scout and Zoes

Although our dogs have chicken allergies, I still give them chicken jerky on occasion and the only brand that I will buy for our dogs is Scout and Zoes.  This is a dog treat business started by a dog mom who was addressing allergies in her own dogs and she learned that if a pet treat brand coats the chicken with citric acid, ascorbic acid or anything else, that additional ingredient could have been sourced and produced outside of the US. And that is a big problem.

This is why Scout and Zoes chicken jerky treats are made with one ingredient; chicken. The chicken processing plant is 0.5 miles from where the raw ingredient, chicken, is dehydrated into Scout and Zoes jerky product. The owner of Scout and Zoes only sources from a humane farmer and personally knows where the chickens are raised, processed, and where the raw meat is placed in the dehydrator.

I’ve recently learned that although a chicken is raised in the US, the carcasses may still still be sent to China for processing.

Scout and Zoes also makes venison jerky and duck dog treat, which do additional ingredients, but thse are all human grade and can be eaten by dogs AND their humans safely.

Visit Scout and Zoes.  I do not get a commission for this recommendation.

Understanding jerky treats and related illnesses in our dogs…

The below infographic from Pawcurious explains more about the tainted chicken jerky treat: the history, pets effected, and the nature of the illness.  Visit Pawcurious for a video on how to make your own jerky dog treats at home.

Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats and Dogs

Source: Pawcurious


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