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Yesterday, Facebook was all a-buzz with the news that two states, New Jersey had banned the sale of raw milk for pets!!! As the day progressed, I learned that this isn't a new law. New Jersey and other states had always had this law on the books, they're just starting to enforce the law and pet stores are taking raw goat's milk out of their freezers.

I live in Washington State where the clouds rain raw goat's milk (not really) and it flows in abundance down the street (I'm being poetic). Basically, I have a freezer full of raw goat's milk and an alternative source. Of course, all this goat's milk means squat if the state decides NO MORE GOAT'S MILK FOR YOU!!!

Benefits of Raw Goat's Milk for Dogs

There was a lot of outrage, some tears, and even the middle finger flying through my Facebook feed yesterday. This is serious business for many people because raw goat's milk is literally improving the health of many dogs. Although my dogs don't have serious health issues (kidney disease, yeast overgrowth, etc.), they still enjoy raw goat's milk several days a week because this whole food is a SUPERFOOD and brings many benefits to the bowl:

  • Raw goat's milk improves digestive health by adding beneficial bacteria to the gut.
  • By improving the gut, raw goat's milk also makes the immune system stronger; healthy gut, healthy dog.
  • Raw goat's milk is loaded with nutrients, including Vitamins, A, B-complex, C, healthy amino acids, beneficial fatty acids, calcium, and zinc.
  • Raw goat's milk has less lactose, making it easier to digestive for dogs and cats.
  • Raw goat's milk is a great meal when fasting my dogs, when one of my dogs isn't feeling great, or as a treat.

So, you get the message, right? Raw goat's milk is KICK ASS and all dogs should enjoy the benefits (and the yummy meal).

Where I Buy Raw Goat's Milk

As I stated above, raw goat's milk is everywhere and I don't lack sources. My three main sources for raw goat's milk are:

  • Answers Pet Food – I love all of their products.
  • A local creamery that offers raw goat's milk for people and pets.
  • A local farm that offers raw goat's milk for pets.

Although my blog says “DIY Raw Feeding for Dogs in Seattle,” I actually live 45 minutes north of Seattle in a rural city, surrounded by farms. The above list is what I can secure today; give me a couple of days and I can triple this list as I connect with farmers in the area. Lucky me, right? But what about people in other states who are faced with the lack of raw goat's milk for their dogs? Don't worry, I got you!

Okay, so this blog post is going to suggest something that might be illegal, so tread carefully. It's sad that it's come to this, but here we are.

Road Trip for Raw Goat's Milk

This seems like the most logical step, right? Well, not exactly. Some states not only ban the sale of raw goat's milk, they also ban the transport of raw goat's milk across state lines. We don't have border patrol checking vehicles between state lines, so I doubt that this would be an issue unless you're driving across state lines at 100 mph, while smoking crack, and tossing beer cans out the window.

Order Raw Goat's Milk Online

Based on the little bit that I've read, the “crossing state lines” rule may not apply to online retailers. Raw Paws Pet sales raw goat's milk and they offer free shipping across the United States. They always have specials going on and currently, they're offering 10% off your order through March 4, 2019, when you use the code WINTER. And, if you buy in bulk with a Bundle Deal, you may save an additional 25%.

Create or Join a Raw Food Co-Op

I belong to a local raw food co-op and we're able to save on raw by buying in bulk. I immediately thought of this when I saw the concerned people posting about not being able to get raw goat's milk. A group of pet parents can come together and agree to buy _____ gallons of raw goat's milk and then one or two can collect the money (don't hire a thief) and drive to the farm in a state that allows the sale of raw goat's milk and then bring it back in coolers. Again, don't speed, smoke crack, or toss beer cans out the window.

Join a Herd Share [Great Idea]

Over on Facebook, Jennifer C suggested a herd share as a temporary option. I think this is a fantastic idea!!! A herd share is when a group of people enter into an agreement to buy a goat together, share the cost of raising and milking the animal (by paying the farmer). The beauty of this option is that no one is selling raw milk! Instead, the owners are sharing milk from their own goat.

Feed not Food, Raw Goat's Milk May Return

If you live in a state that doesn't permit the sale of raw goat's milk for pets, fret not. There are people who are working on changing this for pet parents across the country. As I understand it, many states have laws in place to protect humans from the risk of food poisoning caused by consuming raw milk. Their laws protect human food. Pet food doesn't fall under this umbrella; instead, pet food is treated as feed. Therefore, by telling pet stores that they can no longer sell raw goat's milk, these state officials may be breaking their own law.

Stay tuned.

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