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Open Farm Dry Dog Food

Source: Open Farm Pet

I was introduced to Open Farm dry dog food about six months ago, and I've been using their kibble as training treats with our dogs this summer.  In an attempt to sound like a broken record, I'll share why I like this brand…

  • The entire supply chain is certified ethical and humane by an independent third party; I have yet to find another dry dog food brand that celebrate this achievement.
  • The “catch of the day” concept of the fish kibble prevents overfishing by only sourcing fish currently in abundance.
  • The meat comes from animals fed a vegetarian diet with no added hormones of antibiotics while being raised in a place with plenty of room and shelter.
  • The ingredients are high quality and nutritious, which makes this the perfect food for dogs on a rotation diet.
  • Open Farm offers a dog food bag recycling program to keep their bags out of landfills.

They're an environmentalist/dog lovers dream brand.  And I bet Open Farm will warm the hearts of vegetarians too.

I'm Not Alone in Loving Open Farm Dog Food

The Ginger Sisters of Rubicon Days tried Open Farm dry dog food and here's what Lara shared on her blog:

“Taking a look at Open Farm's certified-humane, grain-free recipes, I am happy with what I see. From the book Dog Food Logic, I learned that the first five ingredients are the most important. The first five ingredients of Open Farm's Pork and Root Vegetables formula are:humanely raised pork, garbanzo beans, ocean-caught whitefish meal, field peas and green lentils. It also contains some of my other favorite things for my dogs: coconut oil, salmon oil and pumpkin. The protein content is 30%, the majority of which comes from animal sources. Open Farm states they do not use meat or poultry meals because they are mass-produced, but their fish meals are made in smaller batches and easier to regulate. I love for my dogs to eat a variety of proteins, so the fact that Open Farm's recipes contain multiple proteins is a big plus for me.” ~ Source: Rubicon Days


Using Dry Food as Training Treats

I prefer dry dog food as training treats, because we have four dogs, and traditional training treats can be expensive.  I can make the training treats, but that can be expensive too.  A bag of Open Farm dry dog food will last more than four months with our dogs.  I fill a sandwich bags with the food before going outside, and I suddenly have the most well-behaved dogs on the planet.

It's a miracle!

Because of Rodrigo's digestive issues, I've been hesitant about giving him dry dog food.  He does great on Open Farm.  It's not part of his daily diet; instead, he gets a little bit daily as we practice recall with all of the dogs.  Living on five acres of unfenced property requires us to keep practicing our dogs' recall.  Open Farm has been an amazing award.

Where You Can Buy Open Farm Pet Food

Someone recently asked where they can find Open Farm.  If you go to the site and click “find retailers” in the left sidebar menu, you'll be taken to a place to enter your zip code.  From there you'll be taken to a map with little green houses ala Monopoly that represent the locations carrying Open Farm dry dog food.

Pet Stores Carrying Open Farm Pet Dry Dog Food

I had a clever idea.  Why make people wade through a map to find a location.  I'll just create a list here.  I happen to know where many of my readers live (not specifically, I'm not creepy).  Originally, I planned to make a list of pet stores carrying Open Farm in the Top 10 Cities that send traffic to Keep the Tail Wagging.

Turns out I don't know the zip codes that make up New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Denver.

I do know the zip codes in Seattle.

Where to Buy Open Farm in and Near Seattle, WA

  • All the Best Pet Care (various locations)
  • Crown Hill Pet
  • Emerald City Pet Rescue
  • The Feed Bag
  • Julz Animal Houz
  • Nature’s Pet Shoreline
  • Scraps Dog Bakery
  • Smiley Dog
  • Whatcom Farmer’s Co-Op
  • The Whole Pet Shop

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day here.  Combine our love of animals with our love of the environment and you have the perfect market for Open Farm Pet Food.

Win a Bag of Open Farm Pet Food

Still can't find a location?  I'd love to treat you to a bag of Open Farm Pet Food.  I picked up a bag at my local pet store, Julz Animal Houz to donate to one of my readers.

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