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Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales for raw feeders. This posts lists all of the 2019 discounts for pet parents this holiday season. What's on your holiday list?
I'm 99.9% positive that these are Tiffany's Diamond Dogs.

I don't care what anyone says, feeding a raw food diet isn't cheap. I have five big dogs and it takes some smart planning to keep my budget below $300 per month, but I'm doing it by switching to DIY raw.

Not everyone has five big dogs and not everyone is interested (or has the resources) for DIY raw feeding, which is why I like to build relationships with brands that are a great fit for everyone, not just my five dogs (and one kitty).

I reached out to several brands to inquire about Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for pet parents. I will continue updating this post, so be sure to bookmark it to return before the big weekend.

Keep the Tail Wagging Gear!


For fun, I create t-shirts and hoodies that reflect my love of dogs and obsession with their diet. This week only, you can save 20% of everything in my store when you use HOLIDAY20 at check out.

  • Definition of a Raw Feeder
  • Live Love Raw
  • My Dogs Eat Better Than I Do
  • and more (t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, totes, mugs…)

Sale ends Tuesday, December 2.


If you love t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that show off your love of your pooch, then Dog is Good is the brand that you want to check out and they have a GREAT Cyber Monday sale going on this year!

Dog is Good


All Dog is Good apparel items are Buy Two, Get One Free PLUS you get a free gift with every $15 (or more) purchase!

Dog is Good is one of my favorite apparel brands for dog lovers and I have a ton of their shirts PLUS I plan to buy a few more on Cyber Monday!



Learn how to feed raw from the comfort of your home in an online course taught by someone with nearly 10 years of experience. The course comes with coaching, meal formulation, and more.

Raw Feeding 101


If you're looking to learn how to feed a raw food diet and you don't have time to read a ton of books and Facebook groups and YouTube videos aren't enough – consider the course Raw Feeding 101. This year, the deals are the best I've seen and come with meal formulations as well.

  • Raw Feeding 101 Course
    • Normal Price: $79
    • Deal = 75% OFF with code: BFCOURSE
  • Raw Feeding 101 Advice & Consultations
    • Normal Price: $97
    • Deal = 75% OFF with code: BFCONSULT
  • Raw Feeding 101 Group Boot Camps
    • Normal Price: $250
    • Deal = 25% OFF with code: BFGROUPCAMP
  • Raw Feeding 101 1 ON 1 6-Week Boot Camp
    • Normal Price: $497
    • Deal = 50% OFF with code: BFBOOTCAMP


ParsleyPet Nutritional Blueprint

I ordered a Nutritional Blueprint for each of my dogs to see how I was doing feeding them a raw food diet and they all got As – which means that I'm kicking BUTT! ParsleyPet gave me peace of mind and the confidence that I'm feeding my dogs a nutritious diet. This test along with annual wellness checks with our veterinarian has made raw feeding easier.

If you've ever wondered if Dog DNA tests are worth the money, then check out my review of Embark Vet. People tried to tell me that the tests were worth the investment and I didn't believe them until now.

Embark Vet


Save $70 on Embark Vet has discounted their breed identification/health kits!!! I can't say enough great things about Embark Vet. The reason I recommend this test over others is because…

  • Test for 250 breeds
  • Screen for 170+ health conditions
  • Reveal family tree and ancestry
Bully sticks can be so expensive, which is why I love shopping PawStruck. offers great discounts on quality chews, making them affordable for any budget. Check out PawStruck's Black Friday deals today!
Happiness is watching your dog enjoy their bully stick on a comfy bed.


Everything at is 15% – stock up today! Items I recommend most are the Monster Braided Bully Stick and Monster Himalayan Chews. You can see a full list of products I recommend here: Natural Chews for Raw Fed Dogs. In that post, I also share how long each chew I recommend lasts; from less than 5 minutes to over 10 minutes.

Use Code: MondayMadness15


Is your dog slowing down with age or due to injury? This happened with two of my dogs and adding Canine System Saver to their diet made all the difference.
When dogs are getting older, they start slowing down – but it doesn't have to be this way!

WINPRO Mobility


I was introduced to WINPRO and their products last year and saw an immediate improvement. WINPRO Mobility gave Sydney her spunk back and WINPRO Allergy stopped the obsessive paw licking Rodrigo did during allergy season.

WINPRO is offering 30% sitewide on their supplements when you use the code BFCM30.

The code is active Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2.


If you miss the sale, you can use code KTTW15 to save 15% on your first purchase.

Canine System Saver


I started giving my senior dogs Canine System Saver when Sydney had a partial cruciate tear. Adding Canine System Saver to Sydney's diet made a huge difference in her recovery. Today, I give it to Rodrigo and Sydney and believe that this is an important part of their wellness as senior dogs.

I believe in it so much that I take the human version and it's helped with:

  • anxiety
  • balancing hormones
  • muscle pain and faster recovery from injury
  • and more

For Black Friday, you can try Canine System Saver for 15% off using the code KTTW15.

SHOP CANINE SYSTEM SAVER HERE,, and other pet sites are offering fantastic Black Friday deals, including BOGO deals, 25% off, and more.
It's that time of year. Grab your Santa hat and notebook, and settle in with your dog to start your holiday shopping.

Save 50% on Your First Autoship Order at Chewy! Available NOW! wasn't on my radar because I always saw this as a kibble site and I feed raw. But I took a deeper look at their site and found Dr. Mercola pet supplements and more. There are tons of things that I get on Chewy for a lower price than Amazon (in some cases).'s Black Friday sale starts Wednesday, November 27 and extends through Tuesday, December 3.

Stock Up or Welcome a New Dog to the Family

Satisfy Your Dog's Chew Drive with These Great Gifts!

Find Out What Your Dog Does When You're Away

Spy on your dog with cameras (I do it all the time) with the Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera, which is only $89 (save $160!!!)

Animal Diet Formulator is offering recipes for pet parents who cook and those who feed raw. The more recipes you buy, the more you save.
Wooden kitchen utensils and an inscription in chalk recipe – ready to cook for your dog?

Animal Diet Formulator


Tired of trying to figure out what to feed your dog? Stressed and overwhelmed with trying to balance your dog's meals? Would you like a few easy to follow recipes formulated by experts?

Read my Animal Diet Formulator software review.

Animal Diet Formulator is the program I use to practice formulating diets for my dogs and the folks behind ADF are offering ready-made pet food recipes at a great price.

The regular price is $5.99/recipe, for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you can get these recipes for less by bundling:

  • 1 recipe for $4.99
  • 2 recipes for $5.99
  • 3 recipes for $7.99
  • 4 recipes for $9.99

ADF will be publishing recipes for both dogs and cats, the recipes will be for people who feed raw and people who cook for their pets, and the recipes will cover different life stages, allowing us to use both whole foods and supplements, and feed supportive diets as well.

Special Discount

For Keep the Tail Wagging readers, use code KEEPTHETAILWAGGING at check out and you'll receive 4 recipes for $9.99. That's 50% off!


Do you love essential oils as much as I do? Plant Therapy is offering some amazing holiday deals starting November 1st through New Years. Don't miss out. This is the best time of year to stock up on what you need.
A collage of amazing things we can do with essential oils. Who couldn't use a spa day?

Plant Therapy Essential Oils


I'm ADDICTED (in a good way) to essential oils! I love them and use them every day. They have been a beneficial part of my self-care regime, I use them to freshen and clean our home, and to help relax and get a good night's sleep. There truly seems to be an oil for everyone.

Plant Therapy is offering several specials today and they'll be offering specials daily for several weeks in December.  This is when I stock up on my collection of oils, supplies, and more.


Raw feeding isn't cheap for everyone and Raw Paws Pet Food makes it affordable by offering bundle deals, specials, and Black Friday sales!
Pure joy is a Jack Russell Terrier happily chewing down on a beef knuckle bone.

Raw Paws Pet Food


Raw Paws Pet Food lands on my annual Top Raw Food Brands List every year because they are focused on good customer service, quality products, great sourcing, and they have regular sales. I find that Raw Paws Pet Food is a great place to pick up items that I'm unable to get elsewhere. They have great green tripe, I love their goat's bones, and they offer bundled products at a discounted price.

Read my review of the goat bones by Raw Paws Pet Food.

The following are their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

Raw Paws Pet Thanksgiving Sales All Month Long

Raw Paws Pet Black Friday Best Deals Ever

Thursday, November 28th – Monday, December 2nd

  • 15% Off your order-no minimum- Use Code: Black
  • 18% Off $459+ Use Code: Black18
  • 20% Off $499+ Use Code:  Black20
  • 22% Off $569+ Use Code: Black22

Cyber Monday Online Exclusive

Monday, December 2nd

  • 15% Off your order no minimum- Use Code: Monday
  • 18% Off $469+ Use Code: Monday18
  • 22% Off $559+ Use Code: Monday22

And to celebrate NATIONAL MUTT DAY, Raw Paws has reduced tons of products to 50% off. Shop their 50% off deals now!


4-Legger dog shampoo and grooming products are cruelty free, non-toxic, organic, natural, and safe for our pets.
The only thing better than an adorable terrier taking a bubble bath; is when those bubbles come from the most natural, organic, and safe dog shampoo on the market – 4-Legger!

4-Legger Dog Shampoo

4-Legger dog shampoo is amazing. When you learn about the ingredients that are allowed in grooming products, you'll understand why I love 4-Legger so much. A business started by two women who are passionate about creating shampoo and other grooming products that are truly organic, all-natural, and toxic-free.

They aren't about marketing gimmicks. They're about improving the the lives of our dogs.

For Black Friday, 4-Legger is offering a free foamer bottle when you buy any 8-oz or 16-oz shampoo product.

Because their shampoo lacks all of the toxic ingredients, it's like water and you can end up over using it; so I use the foamer bottle to keep from being heavy handed when bathing the dogs. A bottle of shampoo will last me a year with five big dogs. No joke!

  • You must add the foamer bottle to your cart for the discount to apply.
  • One free foamer per order
  • Discount code: ThankfulFriday2019

Additionally, 4-Legger will be donating 10% of all sales during the promotion to the National Canine Cancer Foundation allowing us to support the mission to give our beloved dogs a healthy and happy life!

Promotion beings Friday 11/29/19 at midnight and ends Monday night 12/2/2019 at 11:59 pm (Eastern time)


Save money on natural supplements for the kitty in your life by shopping the Two Crazy Cat Ladies Cyber Monday sales.

Two Crazy Cat Ladies


Save 25% off all online orders for Cyber Monday.

Pet parents who belong to the TCCL Membership Program will save 45% off this weekend!  Want to join? Save $1.99 for the first month and $3.99/month thereafter. JOIN HERE.


My Favorite Products:

There is a full store of amazing products to promote wellness in your kitty.


Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales for raw feeders. This posts lists all of the 2019 discounts for pet parents this holiday season. What's on your holiday list?

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