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Why Dehydrated Raw?

Convenience and assurance that your dog is getting a balanced, superior diet.

We feed our dogs a raw diet and source more than 95% of their diet from a local raw food co-op.  I go to a local farmer's market to pick up fruits and vegetables to mix into their meals.  But this isn't always cost efficient, and the shelf life is limited.

Buying a dehydrated brand that I trust awards us with healthy ingredients that have a long shelf life.  This is perfect for us, because our dogs don't get veggies daily.

My First Impressions of THK and Sojos

When we first tried The Honest Kitchen, I was not impressed, and neither were the dogs.  I didn’t like the price (I was looking at feeding dogs THK full time) and the dogs didn’t like the sticky texture (think instant oatmeal with not enough water).

I was excited to try Sojos and bought two huge bags at an annual BOGO sale last year.  I learned a lot about dehydrated raw and was able to do a better job preparing it for our dogs.  They loved it.  But the price was still out of our budget, and I didn’t like that it took so long to rehydrate.

My Comparison of THK and Sojos

PRICE – The Honest Kitchen is slightly more expensive than Sojos, but they're both too expensive for us to feed four dogs full time.

THK Preference 3# $28 Sojos Grain-Free 2# $17
THK Kindly 3# $28 Sojos Original Mix 2.5# $15
THK Hale 3# $29

What a dog owner can do to make The Honest Kitchen or Sojos affordable (when they have multiple dogs) is use it part time.  I buy the base formula of The Honest Kitchen (Sojos has one too) and mix in a lot of water to get the consistency our dogs prefer and mix it into their raw meals.  They love it.

VARIETY – The Honest Kitchen seems to have more varieties (even in their base mix) than Sojos.  I think it’s important to give our dogs multiple protein options.   As I understand it, each protein works their digestive system a little differently.  So shaking things up is good for their digestive tract, which is good for their immune system (the 2 are tied together).

PACKAGING – I prefer the packaging of The Honest Kitchen.  A bag that has an easily resealable top makes measuring and preparing food quick and seamless.  The box that the bag is in allows for easy storage in our pantry.

The Sojos bag isn’t bad, it seals and stores easily, but The Honest Kitchen packaging is preferred.

PREPARATION – It take about 15-20 minutes or more for Sojos to hydrate to the consistency our dogs prefer; The Honest Kitchen rehydrates in 5-10 minutes.

Both can be rehydrated overnight, which is something I started to do recently, and it saves a ton of time with meal prep.

The Honest Kitchen or Sojos Dehydrated Raw

Both brands are quality dehydrated raw food brands, and the differences that I found (my pros and cons) are small.  If I were forced to choose one over the other, I would go with The Honest Kitchen.  I mainly purchase their base formulas – they currently have 3 (Preference, Kindly, and Hale), while Sojos has 2.

  • The Honest Kitchen Preference: grain free / gluten free, with fruits and vegetables.
  • The Honest Kitchen Kindly: grain free / potato free, with fruits and vegetables.
  • The Honest Kitchen Hale: whole grain mix, with fruits and vegetables.
  • Sojos Grain-Free Dog Food Mix: grain free / gluten free, with fruits and vegetables.
  • Sojos Original Dog Food Mix: grains (rolled oats, rye flakes, barley flakes), fruits and vegetables

Dogs with Grain Allergies

One of the things that hold dog owners back from trying The Honest Kitchen or Sojos are the grains.  What I appreciate is that both brands offer a grain free option.  If you choose to try either of these brands, I recommend that you start with the grain-free unless you're certain that your dog doesn't have trouble with grains.

Save Money with Frequent Buyer Programs

The Honest Kitchen

The  Honest Kitchen offers a loyalty program.  You can join at participating pet stores where you sign up for a small box or large box program, and the store (or The Honest Kitchen) will provide you an envelope to store your receipts.  Some stores keep the envelopes while others will ask you to keep your envelopes.  When you buy 12 boxes of The Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw, you'll receive the 13th box for free.

The Honest Kitchen also offers an online program; buy online and earn points.  You can redeem those points for dehydrated raw, supplements or treats.  I belong to this program, and when THK has discounts on products, I buy online.

Read more about their programs here.


Sojos has a buy 12, get the 13th for free program.  Simply collect the UPC on each bag of Sojos dehydrated raw; collect 12 UPCs (and save your receipts) and you are eligible for a 13th bag for free.  Check with your pet store and request a Frequent Buyer Card, which is available at all stores that participate in this program.


Update: July 2015 – The Honest Kitchen offers members of my raw food co-op an amazing deal on their base mixes and I now use them exclusively when making raw dog food.

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