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Wagging Tail Raw Duck Recipe for Dogs, Keep the Tail Wagging®

Wagging Tail Raw Duck Recipe for Dogs


Recipe by: Kimberly Gauthier

This recipe is great for dogs that have a chicken or turkey intolerance, includes a blend of ground and whole duck, along with a nutritious vegetable blend to balance the diet.  The below recipe is a bulk recipe and makes 9 days of raw for my four large dogs.

Veggie Mix Recipe for Dogs 2017

Ingredients are optional. I change it up each time.


  • 40 pounds of duck wings
  • 5 pounds of duck gizzards
  • 5 pounds of duck hearts
  • 18-20 duck necks
  • 2 chubs (4 pounds) of the organ blend by (this is beef, not duck)
  • Pureed vegetable mix (optional)



  • Prep time: 1-1/2 hours
  • 54 pounds (not including duck necks and vegetable mix) of raw dog food

Grind duck wings when partially frozen (makes it easier and faster). My dogs don't chew the drummette of the wing enough for my comfort, so I grind the duck wings and leave the other parts whole.

Evenly distribute the ground duck wings into the mixing bowls; add whole duck hearts and whole duck gizzards, blending evenly.

Evenly distribute the organ blend and vegetable mix between the mixing bowls.

Once everything is mixed to your satisfaction, transfer the raw dog food to the Rubbermaid containers and freeze until you're ready to feed to the dogs.  When feeding my dogs, I add 1 duck neck to their morning meals.

Raw Dog Food Serving Amounts

Use a raw food calculator to determine how much you should feed to your dog and then adjust based on your dog's individual needs (which you'll learn over time).  My dogs are fed twice daily and eat the following amounts; the weight is based on the new dog scale we purchased for Christmas:

  • Rodrigo (65 lbs): 1.15 lbs per meal (3% of his body weight)
  • Sydney (80 lbs): 9.65 oz per meal* (1.5% of her body weight)
  • Scout (82 lbs): 1.025 lbs per meal (2.5% of his body weight)
  • Zoey (72 lbs): 8.65 oz per meal* (1.5% of her body weight)

*Sydney and Zoey are on a diet and I add green beans to make my girls feel full.

Supplements for Raw Fed Dogs

The following supplements and whole foods are added to my dogs' meals each week.  Read my 2018 Supplements Post to learn more about what I add to my dogs' raw diet and why.

This week I added the following supplements to my dogs' meals:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday:

Tuesday – Thursday


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Disclosure: This is not a balanced raw diet; I choose to balance my dogs' raw food diet over time instead of per meal because what may be “balanced” for one dog may not be balanced for another, and I have four dogs.  I find that this is a more natural way for my dogs to eat, it's easier for me to manage, and it's more forgiving when I forget to thaw their food.


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