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Every Saturday, I'll be sharing something personal about our life with dogs. J helped me come up with the title Serendipitous Saturday (hard to spell, by the way), because although we sought out dogs, we came across each of our dogs by chance.  I thought it would be fun to explore how each dog came into our life, but first, here's how J and I met.


Yes, J and I met on a dating site nearly 10 years ago.  I saw his profile a few times in the emails that we used to receive, but never reached out.  When he contacted me, I did a Yahoo search and didn't find much about him and nearly canceled our date.

We had our first date at TJI Friday's – remember that place?  I paid, because I thought it would be a boss move and I'd stand out.  I did.  We lived an hour apart at first and 2 years into our relationship, I moved closer, and a couple years after that, we moved in together.  And now we're living a life with dogs.

Dog Owners, Littermate Owners

Kimberly and J –  Our Life Before Dogs

We used to always go to Lake Chelan and would love to buy a house there someday.

An Animal Hoarding in Oregon

A couple in Oregon had a property with over 100 dogs – blue heelers, border collies and mixed breed dogs.  I won't go into details of what the rescue groups found when they descended upon the property, but it was heart breaking.  Rodrigo and Sydney's mom, Hanna, was pregnant when she was rescued by FurKidz 911 Connection.

We were at a point of going to a breeder for a puppy when J found an ad on PetFinder about a blue heeler mix adoption event at the Marysville Petco.  We decided to go to “ask a few questions,” we showed up so early that we were able to help the rescue group set up, and we adopted and named Rodrigo in the first 15 minutes.

A few days later, despite littermate syndrome and being told by many that it was a bad idea, I contacted Maria of FurKidz 911 Connection to adopt one of Rodrigo's siblings.  Sydney (originally named Ava – which J didn't like) was the only girl in the litter and quite shy and Maria thought she'd be perfect for me and she has been for nearly 5 years.

Playing with Littermates

J, Rodrigo and Sydney at Lake Wenatchee

A Foster Failure Leads to Our Heart Dog

Riley was our foster failure.  A sweet sweet puppy whom I fell in love with the moment I set eyes on her.  I can still remember what it felt like to hold her.   She passed away a week after we adopted her from canine parvovirus.  A few weeks later, searching online for a puppy to heal my broken heart, I saw the video of Blue and I knew.  J was convinced, but when he met Blue in person, he knew too.

We still celebrate Blue's birthday with a text to each other.  I miss him every single day and I'll be forever thankful to Riley for showing us that we could manage more than 2 dogs.

These 2 beauties left us too soon.

You Wanted 2 Puppies, Right?

I wish I would have taken a picture of the text J sent me when he went to Idaho to check out a litter of Catahoula, Aussie, Blue Heeler puppies.  On his way back to the airport, he texted “you wanted 2 puppies, right?”  Ummmmm.  No.

But I'll take 2 puppies!

Scout and Zoey (named for the dog treat company Scout and Zoes) were obviously attached to each other when J visited.  Scout immediately went to him, it was like he knew “this is my Daddy,” and Zoey watched from a distance, slowly coming closer until she was comfortable with meeting J.  At first, Zoey was a little distant, but food won her over.  Scout has always been affectionate and he's always been a Daddy's Boy.  At 6 weeks old, he kept trying to crawl into J's lap when we were driving back to Washington.

Littermates again?  Hell yes!

Zoey and Scout

Scout and Zoey at 8 weeks

And that's our story.  I would love to bring home more dogs, but 4 is enough for now.  I love our pack, I love their personalities, and I love our life.

But I'd also love a vacation.  Just a few days.

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