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When it Comes to Dog Food, I Judge


Today was our garage sale.  The first in this house.  There has been non-stop traffic all day long.

For some stupid reason I decided to bring out some canned dog food from PetKind – their bison green tripe.  This is the stuff that doesn't have carrageenan gum.  My original thought was that I could strike up a conversation and maybe convert a few people to feeding their dog a better diet.  I put out 2 cases (12 cans per case) for $10.  It's about $35 per case online.

I found myself talking people out of buying the dog food all day.  My plan to gently enlighten people backfired and my dog food snobbery was revealed.  Not one person seemed open to a discussion about dog food – not everyone is as nutty as I am on the topic.  People expected the cases to be $5 (I guess nothing at a garage sale should be more than $15), they didn't know what tripe was, and no one had heard of PetKind.

I took the food back into the house.

Benefits of Canned Green Tripe by PetKind

The green tripe that's produced by PetKind is good dog food, but I use it as a supplement for 3 reasons…

UPSET TUMMY  – When one of our dogs has an upset tummy or sketchy poop, green tripe clears them right up.  The fresh stuff is better, but if there isn't time to thaw it out, I grab a can of PetKind and mix it into their raw meals.

I FORGOT TO THAW – When there isn't enough raw thawed out for the dogs, I supplement their meals with canned green tripe.

PICKY EATER – Each of our dogs (except Zoey) has been a picky eater a few times and  3 things get them eating again are canned sardines, fish sprinkles by Bahia-Blue, or canned green tripe.

This is a frickin' quality product and not something I'm willing to sell someone who isn't going to elevate their dogs' nutrition.

Dogs are a Lifetime Commitment and So are Their Tummies

Several times today I passed on the opportunity to share what I've learned about dog nutrition while selling this dog food to interested buyers, because I didn't think they would feed this to their dogs more than once.  Once they got a whiff, they'd toss it out or bring it back.

Fresh and canned green tripe stinks and in my experience, only raw feeders are willing to deal with the stench of tripe, because we understand the benefits.  We see them every day with our dogs.

And in my snobbish opinion if you're going to elevate your dog's nutrition, make it a permanent move.  Don't do it, because you picked up some dog food for cheap at a garage sale.

And while I'm at it, don't buy dog food at a garage sale.  That's kind of creepy and gross.

If You Feed Purina, I Judge You, I'm Sorry

I know that I shouldn't, because I'm not a veterinarian or a dog nutritionist.  “Judge Not Lest Yea Be Judged.”  I think that's how it goes.  Anyway, I was taught that only God judges, the rest of us need to shut the hell up.  But that's not reality.  It's like America's Got Talent over here – I've been judging people all day long.  But I keep my judgments to myself.

So if you feed Purina, Pedigree, Iams, Science Diet, or similar brands that think dogs need corn despite how comment allergies are in dogs, well, I judge you.  I don't think you're a bad dog owner, just a misinformed one.  Is that fair?  Absolutely not.  I don't know your story.  But I judge none the less.

I'm an asshat.  I know.

I see so many dogs that can't find homes, because they're existing on a crappy diet that makes them look sickly.  I hear about dogs daily that have any number of allergies or ailments that can be eliminated with an improved diet.  I know plenty of people believe that these are excellent brands for their dogs.  I know that I have no RIGHT to judge, because I don't have the education or experience, but I judge none the less.

I will no longer use garage sales as an opportunity to push higher quality dog food on to strangers.  Instead, I'll do it at the Seattle Pet Expo on June 20th!  I hope you come out and see me.   I'll be sharing a booth with the gals of Vitality Science (awesome dog supplements).

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