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Frustrated with graphic images of animal abuse in your Pinterest feed? Thanks to Pinterest support, I learned how to remove the images and return to a happy and fun feed.


I joined Pinterest for the recipes and DIY.  I love photography and Pinterest is a photographer's paradise at times.  I've expanded my Pinning to incorporate all things dogs, including a Dog Mom's Fashion Style.  I love Pinterest.  Or at least I did.

Graphic Images of Animal Abuse

This week, I went to Pinterest to have some fun and as I was scrolling through my feed, I saw an image of dogs that had been euthanized and tossed in the trash.  An image of a black lab that had been thrown in the dumpster (alive).  And lots of images of extreme animal abuse and neglect.

This is not why I joined Pinterest!

If you're like me, then images like these trigger a depression that can go very deep.  I hate the thought that we live in a world where this happens.  I know that I should focus on the positive, but it's hard when you're inundated with so much negative.

On Facebook, I unfriend people and unfollow pages that show these images. Now, my Facebook feed is 99% positive and happy and I love it.  But Pinterest is recommending these images to me and I can't turn off that feature.

Why Pinterest Recommends Images of Animal Abuse

In an email exchange with Pinterest, I learned why they believe these images are appropriate.

Screen shot of email exchange from Pinterest Help explaining why graphic images of animal abuse are appropriate for their Community.

Source: My Gmail Account

Of course, I disagree that these images are conducive to creating a “positive place,” but it's not all about me, so I asked if there was a way for me to opt out of the “Picked for You” pins, which are Pinterest's way of supplying pins that they think would be of interest to me.

There isn't a way for me to opt of “Picked for You” pins.

Screen shot of email exchange wth Pinterest with Pinterest support about opting out of Picked for You pins

Source: My Gmail Account

How to Remove Graphic Images from Your Pinterest Feed

When I see a graphic image in my Pinterest feed, I follow these steps:

  1. I scroll to the bottom of the pin where I'll see “picked for you.”
  2. I hover in that area and click the “x” that appears.  A window opens.
  3. I choose “Hide This Pin.”
  4. Then I choose “It's Not My Taste or Style.”

After two days of following these steps and doing the Picked for You pins survey, the images nearly stopped.  I went from seeing a screen full of images to seeing one or two.

Clearing Graphic Images of Animal Abuse from Your Pinterest Feed

Source: KeepTailWagging Pinterest

I didn't believe it at first and spent 5 minutes scrolling and I only saw what I wanted to see. I checked on Wednesday and Thursday and only saw two images.  TWO IMAGES!  I expect a few will slip in (that's what happens on Facebook and Twitter), but for the most part, the graphic images depicting animal abuse are gone.

If you're having this issue and it's ruining your Pinterest experience, follow the steps above and fill out THIS SURVEY to let Pinterest know that they're not getting the picks right for your feed.

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