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OMG, this was an amazing week!

My week started off pretty crappy.  It never feels good to have a misunderstanding with someone, and it feels even worse when it escalates, but that's life.  We're not always going to see eye to eye on everything – that's what makes life interesting.

My experience this week was a wake-up call.  It didn't just offend me, it reminded me of times when I've used social media to make a point when I should have either walked away or reached out to the person privately.

And You Thought Your Monday Was Bad

Source: I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Being Called Out

When I first started this blog, my skin was so thin that it would break in a mild breeze.  Over the years, I've toughened up and realized that…

  1. it's not really about me – anyone who uses social media to be mean has some sucky personal things happening in their life
  2. it's something that I've attracted – I believe that each of my experiences come about to teach me something that will help me reach my goals

This week, I was reminded that it's not cool to use social media as a weapon to make a point.  I have done this many times in the past – specifically here…

Although I stand by those posts, I should have walked away rather than engage.  I have few regrets (except promoting crappy dry dog food in the past) and I have learned a lot over the years and I'm happy that I no longer jump feet first into conflict today.

Kick Some Dirt Over That Shit and Move On


So I followed the advice of my therapist and let it go and moved on.

Images of Animal Abuse

I also left two groups recently, because an individual shared a horrible image of animal abuse to raise awareness of an atrocious act.  Images like this give me nightmares; I spend days obsessing about how someone can be so horrible to a dog.

But, I get it.  When we all come together against a terrible act, we affect change.  Just look what's happening to the dentist who shot a lion for sport (he's gone into hiding, and Zimbabwe wants to extradite him for trial).  I think we've made our opinion of his actions very clear.  I believe that we should strive for the same effect with Animal Rescue?

I just wish it could be done without sharing the horrible images.

Confessing My Narcissism (a new book)

The misunderstanding that launched my week was sparked by my announcement that blogging couldn't be a business on its own.  I am officially throwing in the towel on trying to build Keep the Tail Wagging into a full-time business simply by writing blog posts.  It's not enough.

So I'm writing another book!  Confessions of a Narcissistic Pet Blogger.  Chapter 1 is nearly in the can, and I'll be publishing chapters regularly until the book about my journey as a pet blogger is complete.  It'll be funny, and I think people will enjoy it.  I also plan to seek out a few friends to pull into the book too.

Stay tuned!

Rodney Habib with a Cherry On Top

Nope.  That's macaroni and cheese on the floor.

If you follow me online or have been reading my blog, you may know that I have a blogger crush on Rodney Habib.  The highlight of SuperZoo was meeting him and Dr. Karen Becker.  I still have all of the pictures in my phone like a crazed stalker.

This week, Rodney did me this solid…he posted a picture of himself wearing my t-shirt design on Instagram and Facebook!

Rodney Habib purchased my t-shirt - My Dogs Eat Better Than I Do

CLICK Image to Order

I always know when Rodney says something nice about me, because I get a lot of new friends.  And because it's Rodney, I know all my new friends love their dogs to distraction like I do.

Narcissistic.  Maybe.

Zoey Stopped Jumping

Zoey is our jumper, and recently she started jumping less.  I noticed it when I got home from Vegas, and I'm stunned that this seems to be lasting.  And I have a feeling I know what I did to make her stop, and I'm working every day to make it right.  I'll be posting about how I just may be the worst dog mom EVER on Tuesday.

Zoey - Natural Flea and Tick

Going natural isn't always easy, but when I see this face, I know it's worth it to try.

Now how's THAT for a teaser?!

Rambling About Raw Feeding on a Podcast

And the week wrapped up with an interview with Fernando Camacho for The Great Dog Adventure podcast.  Does the name sound familiar?  Fernando took the time to share his thoughts with me about training littermates.   This week, he had me on his podcast and allowed me to ramble on about raw feeding for nearly an hour.

Me talking + about raw feeding + for an hour = D R E A M Y!

I'll publish the interview for everyone to listen too once it goes live.  And subscribe to Fernando's podcast and listen to his great content about raising dogs.


So that's my week.  Ultimately, there were way more highs than lows, and I'm thankful.  One thing I always remind myself is that on my very worst day, there are millions of people who would gladly trade places with me even if they're having their very best day.


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