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A lot of people don't realize that I have a cat.  Yep.  His name is Cosmo.

Rodrigo is classified as a "hot' dog - learn what what means for his diet on KeepTheTailWagging.com


I used to get a lot of flack because I fed my cats kibble and after we lost Jaffrey in 2015 (not kibble related), I decided to try to change Cosmo's diet.  Again.

If you have a cat, you may have experienced how challenging it is to get them to change their diet.  They seem to imprint on one kind of food and when you change it, they respond with a hunger strike.  Dogs may go on a fast for a few days, cats will fast until their organs start shutting down.

Last summer, with the help of a pet store employee, I decided to help Cosmo kick his addiction to kibble; it took a lot of patience, creativity, and a few cans of Purina canned food (yep, I went there), but I got him off of kibble and today he eats a diet of…

  • Weruva BFF (pouch only; he rejects the can every time)
  • Vital Essentials Raw Nibblets
  • Vital Essentials Raw Minnows
  • Canned Plain Pumpkin
  • Wholistic Pet Organics Spirulina
  • In Clover Flow for urinary tract support
  • In Clover Sleek for skin and coat health
  • In Clover Smile for dental health
  • In Clover Spry for respiratory and ocular support.

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What is Raw Feeding Caterday?

I do not consider myself a cat person although I have a cool kitty in the house.  I'm all dog through and through and this will remain a dog blog.  However, I know that many homes with dogs also have cats and I wanted to provide you with a few resources to improve your cat's diet as well.

Once or twice a month, I will post a Caterday post that will feature cat people I follow on social media, including:

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Although I write mostly about dogs, I thought I would add information about cat nutrition as well.  This summer, I met Jae and Adrienne (The Two Crazy Cat Ladies) and they blew my mind.  These ladies are amazing and their knowledge is phenomenal.

They were feeding their cats a raw diet and have recently decided to go DIY and I thought it would be fun to share their journey with you…

Homemade Cat Food Recipe with Chicken

Homemade Cat Food Recipe with Chicken

  • 4 lbs (60 oz) of boneless ground chicken
  • 4 oz chicken liver
  • 4 oz of beef heart or chicken heart (whichever is available)
  • 2 large eggs (rinse and dry eggshells)
  • 2 tsp (2 eggshells) eggshell powder
  • 600-1000 mg krill oil or quality fish oil
  • 400 iu Vitamin E
  • 2 B-Complex capsules

Homemade Cat Food Recipe with Pork

Homemade Cat Food Recipe with Pork

  • 6.75 lbs of boneless ground pork
  • 4 oz beef heart (total 7 lbs of muscle meat)
  • 8 oz beef kidneys
  • 8 oz beef liver
  • 4 large eggs (rinse and dry eggshells)
  • 4 tsp (4 eggshells) eggshell powder
  • 1200 mg krill oil or quality fish oil
  • 800 iu Vitamin E
  • 3 B-Complex capsules


Be sure to follow The Two Crazy Cat Ladies on Facebook and YouTube and check out their online store for their inventory of amazing, natural products for your cat.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • The Two Crazy Cat Ladies Blog
  • The Two Crazy Cat Ladies Store

Jae and Adrienne sent me some great supplements for Cosmo, I'll be writing about those in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned!

Why Kibble is Terrible for Cats

I've had so many people lecture me about feeding my cats kibble.  I hate when someone stumbles across an old blog post that may hint at kibble because I know they're going to lose it in the comments.  But I get it.  Kibble isn't great for dogs, it's terrible for cats.

INGREDIENTS:  The ingredients in kibble aren't biologically appropriate for dogs or cats.  And any feline kibble brand that boasts about grains, vegetables, and fruits have it all wrong because cats are obligate carnivores, which means they don't need carbs and vegetation.  On top of that, we can never be certain of sourcing, the complete ingredients panel, and the existence of toxins (if corn or wheat is used).

LACK OF MOISTURE:  The processing of kibble makes it more difficult to digest by removing every ounce of water while baking the food to death.  Yes, brands remind us to keep plenty of water at hand and while my dogs will drink when they're thirsty, my cat can go days without drinking because they get their moisture primarily from their food.

The lack of moisture leads to urinary tract and other health issues commonly seen in cats today.

Benefits of Raw Feeding for Cats

Cats experience the same benefits as dogs when it comes to raw feeding:

  • Better Digestion
  • Improved Immune System
  • Healthier Urinary Tract System
  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Smaller, Less Smelly Poop
  • Healthier Weight
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