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Raw Feeding and Diabetes in Dogs


Does raw feeding protect our dogs from diabetes?

Diabetes in dogs is an area that I'm completely lost on.  I do know several people raising diabetic dogs and think this is an important subject to broach.

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes is when a dog's pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin naturally or their body is over producing glucagon, which is the hormone that releases glucose.  Source:

Diabetes and Dog Nutrition

I was reading an article by Dr. Peter Dobias and one point hit home:

“[D]iabetes is very rare or virtually absent in dogs who eat a non-processed, grain-free diet of cooked or raw meat, raw bones, organs, and vegetables.  It appears that processed food companies either have not done their homework, or they are not being honest with us when they claim that kibble is better than wholesome food. In essence, they are saying that nature is wrong.  Based on my experience, providing a balanced, wholesome diet and essential natural supplements eliminates the chances of diabetes almost entirely.” Source:

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

  • Change in appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive thirst/increase in water consumption
  • Increased urination
  • Lethargy
  • Unusually sweet-smelling or fruity breath
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Weight loss

Raw Feeding, Our Dogs, and Diabetes

None of our dogs have been diagnosed with diabetes, but I understand that it's important that I remain vigilant about their health.  Feeding our dogs a raw food diet doesn't make them bullet proof.  Diabetes can be hereditary and it can develop through nutrition.  I would love for every risk to be managed through their diet, but instead, I've found that their diet has inspired me to learn more to make sure that I'm doing my best to manage the risks.

Read more about diabetes in dogs…Dr. Tobias, Diabetes in Dogs, Treatment and Prevention, Holistic Approach

More Articles about Dogs and Diabetes

Because it's not always easy to find articles that address health issues from a holistic or natural point of view, I've put together the following list of sources I trust that discuss dogs and diabetes.

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