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Raw Feeder's Tuesday Top Five



This is a new feature of Keep the Tail Wagging® that will give me a platform to share cool things I discover for my dogs.  There is a ton of stuff that I want to share, but I run out of time because there are only so many days in a week, month, and year and I get easily distracted.

This week’s Tuesday Top Five includes the top five (in my opinion) cookbooks for dogs (and one dog treat site).

More dog parents are looking to make food for their dogs, especially after news of what is found in dog food.  Although I feed raw dog food, I understand that raw feeding isn't for everyone.  Even I sometimes like to cook meals for my dogs.  The Internet is full of great recipes, but the more I learn about dog nutrition, the more hesitant I am to try unproven recipes on my dogs.  I put together this list of great books (and one website) that contain easy recipes to follow that my dogs love.

1 – The Canine Chef Cookbook, by Debby Martin

I'm going to set aside my jealousy that Debby completed an amazing cookbook – AMAZING.  I would love to be petty and not mention it because I'm wallowing in envy, but then I couldn't scream about what a great cookbook she created and the recipes aren't the best part (although they're great!).  The best part of The Canine Chef Cookbook are the sections at the beginning that list healthy and unhealthy ingredients, safe herbs and spices, safe flours, and a ton of other tips.  This is one of the few cookbooks I've found that discusses raw bones without demonizing raw feeders.

I ordered it on Kindle and now plan to buy a hardcopy because this is one of those books that you'll bookmark, highlight, and make notes in for years.

2 – Feed Your Best Friend Better, by Rick Woodford

This is a book I've recommended many times on my blog.  I love it because it was the book that came through many many times when I was trying to figure out how to improve my dogs' diet.  Rick Woodford has a way of writing that made his book informational and compelling. The book is organized and easy to follow and I can quickly find recipes for meals my dogs will love.  I pull out Feed Your Best Friend Better when I want to treat my dogs to a home cooked meal and when I run out of raw and freeze-dried raw.

3 – Dinner Pawsible, by Dr. Cathy Alinovi & Susan Thixton

I love this book because it's co-authored by two women I respect.  Dr. Cathy Alinovi is the holistic veterinarian who helped me transition my dogs to raw and helped me again when I began making raw at home for my four dogs.  I'm always astounded by people who take to raw feeding like a fish to water.  It was not that easy for me, and I often felt overwhelmed and confused.  Dr. Alinovi helped to keep me on the right path.

Susan Thixton is the woman behind the world renowned blog, Truth About Pet Food.  She's fighting the good fight for all of us – demanding more transparency in the pet food industry, better definitions, better ingredients, and better food.

Together, they created a cookbook filled with meals that I trust.

4 – What's For Dinner, Dexter?: Cooking For Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory

Dr. Judy Morgan is a leader in the dog nutrition community, she fights the good fight alongside Susan Thixton and others against AAFCO, and she has taught me a lot about raw feeding, dog nutrition, and more.  I would be remiss if I didn't add her book to this list because it's one of the best books about cooking for dogs because she uses her recipes to treat ailments in dogs, not just meet their nutritional needs.


Duck Liver Turkey and Cheddar Dog Treats

Source: My Kitchen


5 – Kol's Notes, a blog by Jodi Chick

I'm waiting for Jodi to write a book.  Her blog, Kol's Notes, is filled with healthy recipes and DIY projects for dogs and their humans.  I'm not a cook, I'm a raw feeder – ha ha ha – but this year, I decided to start eating healthier after seeing what a fresh food diet has done for my dogs.  I now have a pressure cooker, two slow cookers, and I'm putting the stove and over to good use, and it's fun.

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to pull a recipe from Kol's Notes and give it a try.  The last time I tried one of her recipes, it didn't turn out so well.  The dogs loved the liver treats, my boyfriend opened all the windows in the house and told me that I was going to have to start cooking outside.

There's no oven outside! And how was I supposed to know that baking tons of liver and cheddar treats would make the house smell like dirty feet?

The reason I added Kol's Notes to the list is that no matter how much I screw up one of her recipes, Jodi keeps cheering me on.  I will not give up!


I began making dog food because Rodrigo had so many health issues that were getting worse with a commercial kibble diet.  Taking control of his diet and understanding what he eats from day to day cured his allergies, digestive issues, joint issues, and more.

With the growing number of pet parents questioning what goes into dog food, I'm seeing more people who are interested in cooking for their dogs or transitioning to raw feeding.  Adding a few fresh meals a week is a great way to get started and these resources will help get you started.

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