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Raw Feeder's Tuesday Top Five


Raw Feeders Top Five is a new feature of Keep the Tail Wagging® that will give me a platform to share cool things I discover for my dogs.  There is a ton of stuff that I want to share, but I run out of time because there are only so many days in a week, month, and year and I get easily distracted.

This week’s Tuesday Top Five includes the top five natural dog products that I use too.

Raw Feeders Top Five Tuesday - Dog Things that I Use for Myself - Darwin's Pet Venison Jerky



1 – Darwin's Pet Venison Jerky

I need to place an order for these jerky treats because they are so good.  Like really good.  The dogs love them, and because it's important that I occasionally sample their treats to make sure that they're quality, healthy, and delicious, I tried these, and they are delicious.

Like really good.

I'm not sneaking a package in my purse before I head to work or anything.  But I have taken a teeny bite, or five, of the jerky when I'm passing it around to the dogs.


Raw Feeders Top Five Tuesday - Dog Things that I Use for Myself: Eau de Bedtime



2 – Eau de Bedtime, Calming Mist for Canine

Sometimes I have the worst time falling asleep at night.  The problem is that I'm working too many hours – I have a full-time job, this blog is a second full-time job, and I have four dogs to take care of, a house to keep clean (J has us on a great routine), and I try to maintain a social life.

So when 9 o'clock pm comes around, I'm either dead on my feet or I'm wired and ready to take on the world.  The later energy level kind of blows when you have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning.

So I started spraying Eau de Bedtime on my pillows.  It was a gift to me by the owner and creator, and it's supposed to help dogs fall asleep.  But my dogs aren't fans of strong scents.  Eau de Bedtime isn't strong to me, but to the dogs, it's just a bit too much; especially for Zoey.  Fine by me, this little gem has helped me get a great night's sleep.

  • CLICK HERE to order Eau de Bedtime on


Raw Feeders Top Five Tuesday - Dog Things that I Use for Myself: Wondercide Repellents



3 – Wondercide Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Repellent

We now have four ponds on our property and with the pond comes frogs, fish, and mosquitoes.  Luckily, the frogs and fish eat most of the mosquito larvae and mosquitoes, but not all.  One evening last summer, I was outside with the dogs when I realized that I had turned into a buffet for those horrible flying bugs.  I didn't have bug repellent; wait, yeah I did – I had Wondercide.

I started spraying Wondercide and massaging it on my exposed skin before going outside with the dogs, and it worked! IT WORKED!!!

Wondercide is all natural, it smells great, and now we're all protected from bugs.

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Serenity Acres Farm Goat's Milk for humans and dogs; available in several scents and there's an unscented bar, which is perfect for dogs that are sensitive to scents.

Source: Serenity Acres Farm


4 – Serenity Farms Goat Milk Shampoo Bars

One thing that sucks about being a raw feeder is that you start paying attention to the ingredients in everything.  I've started buying all natural beauty products (and sometimes making my own), and one soap that I found was through a review of dog shampoo bars.

Serenity Farms makes shampoo bars from goat milk, and they are so mild and leave my skin feeling so soft.  I'm almost finished with my last bar and will have to place an order soon.  These bars are amazing.

People are always surprised that I'm nearly 46 years old.  It's a combination of good DNA, drinking tons of water, and taking care of my skin.

  • 100% Pure & Clean Scented Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bar for daily dog baths
  • Gently cleansing and moisturizing with glycerin
  • No preservatives, phthalate free and nutrient rich with fresh goat's milk from our goats.
  • High-quality food grade ingredients that are good for your body and good For the planet
  • Animal Welfare Approved Certified
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about Serenity Goat Farm and the products they offer.


Raw Feeders Top Five Tuesday - Dog Things that I Use for Myself: Sweet Lilly's Dog Treats



5 – Sweet Lilly's All Natural Dog Treats

Sweet Lilly's is a local dog treat brand that I discovered at last year's Seattle Pet Expo.  Lilly is a gorgeous Great Dane, and the treats that bear her name are DELICIOUS.  I know it's weird that I taste my dogs' jerky treats, but I do, and I have taste tested a ton of these jerky treats.

They come in circles that are the perfect size for a dog bite.  You can truly taste the chicken when you eat them, and the dogs go nuts when I open a bag.  Which is a reminder that I need to order more.

Sweet Lilly's treats are all natural with no added ingredients.  My favorites are the Chicken Only Droodles.

  • CLICK HERE to learn more about Sweet Lilly's All Natural Dog Treats.
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